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English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 594


Salok ma 1 ||
Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee is blessing us today. In the Salok ma 1 parts of the shabad, Guru Sahib Jee paints a picture for us. In the first tukk, Guru Nanak Dev Jee says -

Ghar hee mu(n)dhh vidhaes pir nith jhoorae sa(n)mhaalae ||
Ghar - meaning home, house. What home, what house are we talking about here? The inner self, inside us, inside the spiritual body. Within this spiritual body, there is a mu(n)dhh. Mu(n)dhh means a bride. Which bride is that? Our soul. Inside us, there's this bride, there's this soul. Inside us there is also pir. Pir meaning The husband Lord. Who is that? Akaal Purakh, Waheguru, Lord, God. Guru Sahib Jee says ghar hee, inside this home, inside this spiritual body of yours, deep within you O being there is this soul bride and there is your husband Lord God. God is within you, God is inside you. The sihaari on the dhadha of the word mu(n)dhh here is explaining to us that this soul bride has thought something. That she believes something. What does she believe? Vidhaes. Vidhaes means to be in a foreign land, in a foreign country. Even though her husband Lord, even though Akaal Purakh is with you at all times, O being, you think that God is far away. O being, you've imagined God to be in a foreign country. You've imagined your husband Lord to be far away from you. Guru Sahib Jee is saying that with this thought in mind, the soul bride always thinks her husband Lord is far away.

She sa(n)mhaalae - remembers Him and she jhoorae - cries. She cries out in remembrance of this Lord God Waheguru Who she believes to be far away. Gurmukh piaareyo, we hear the words of Guru Teg Bahardur Sahib Jee in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee. Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib Jee says - kaahae rae ban khojan jaaee ||sarab nivaasee sadhaa alaepaa thohee sa(n)g samaaee ||1|| Kaahae rae, why O human being, ban khojan jaaee, are you searching the forest? Why are you searching outside? That Waheguru Who is sarab nivaasee, lives in all hearts, sadhaa alaepaa, Who is immaculate and pure, Who is unattached from all, thohee sa(n)g samaaee That Waheguru lives inside you. When we ask Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib Jee Paatshah, how is Waheguru inside me? How does this game work? Guru Teg Bahardur Sahib Jee says - puhap madhh jio baas basath hai mukar maahi jaisae shhaaee. Just like the fragrance is in the flower, just like the reflection is in the mirror, thaisae hee har basae nira(n)thar ghatt hee khojahu bhaaee. That is how God lives inside you. Find God inside your own heart. That is what Guru Teg Bahardur Jee is saying, that is what Guru Nanak Dev Jee is saying today. Guru Nanak Paatshah is talking about the inner spiritual state in that seeker, that disciple of The Guru who knows and has faith that Waheguru Jee exists. Guru Sahib Jee is not talking today about someone who doesn't believe in the existence of God. Guru Sahib is saying that this soul bride has faith in the existence of her husband Lord, but her problem is that she thinks that He is far away. She thinks that He's not with her, she thinks that He is in a foreign place, in a foreign land. What does that mean? That means that she thinks he is not seeing what she is doing. That He's not there to see all of her actions. He's not there watching all of her thoughts. Nith - everyday she sa(n)mhaalae, she remembers Him but she jhoorae, she cries out, she is still afflicted with this pain, this pain of separation.

Miladhiaa dtil n hovee jae neeath raas karae ||1||
Miladhiaa, your union with Waheguru, with God, dtil n hovee, there will not be any type of dtil, any type of delay, jae - if you do something. What is that? Guru Jee says jae neeath raas karae. Your neeath means your thoughts, your perception. Neeath can mean your inner nature. Neeath has a very deep meaning and to convey it in English is very hard. Put it down as neeath means your inner belief, your inner thoughts. Raas karae - this has been translated by Bhai Veer Singh Jee as meaning to straighten. If you straighten out your crooked thoughts inside. Sampardaayak scholars have translated it to mean purify. If you purify your thoughts inside, if you straighten out your thoughts, then you will find Waheguru. Sheikh Fareed Jee says in Gurbani, aaj milaavaa saekh fareedh - you can meet Waheguru today; ttaakim koo(n)jarreeaa manahu machi(n)dharreeaa - if you can restrain your bird-like desires which are flaring up the flames in your mind. That is what it means. Neeath raas karae. To win over your mind, to win over your emotions, to win over your thoughts. Gurmukh piaareyo, as we go further into this shabad, we'll understand what this neeath is. Where is our neeath now? Where are our thoughts now? Where is our mentality now? What are we thinking about now? Guru Nanak Paatshah goes on to bless us -

Ma 1 ||

Naanak gaalee koorreeaa baajh pareeth karaee ||
Those gaalee, those words which are spoken baajh, without pareeth, without love are koorreeaa, are false. All of these words which you are saying outside, without that true love of God inside, everything is false Guru Sahib Jee says. These words count for nothing. We find this in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee Maharaj again and again. Even in our daily nitnem, Guru Amar Das Jee Maharaj Jee blesses us -eik firehi ghanaerae karehi galaa galee kinai n paaeiaa. Guru Jee says that some people wander around, talking lofty things about love, talking lofty things about God, high things, about high spiritual levels, but galee kinai n paaeiaa. No one has found God through just speaking words. Bhagat Namdev Jee tells us - koee bolai niravaa koee bolai dhoor I jal kee maashhulee charai khajoor. When people are talking about God being far away and close by, it's like a fish has got up and started climbing a tree. What does this mean? This means you're talking of the impossible, things you haven't experienced. Bhagat Namdev Jee says don't talk about these things when you haven't experienced them. Guru Sahib Jee is saying to us, naanak gaalee koorreeaa baajh pareeth karaee, Maharaj Jee is saying that those words that are spoken without love are all koorreeaa, are false. Some scholars have also translated this as speaking words of falsehood will make you baajh, will make you barren of pareeth, of love. If you keep speaking useless words, your love will fall away.

Thichar jaanai bhalaa kar jichar laevai dhaee ||2||
Guru Jee now explains about the neeath, about the mentality of the human being. We know it to be bhalaa, we are happy, thichar, for that long, jichar - for that amount of time, laevai dhaee that amount of time that we beg from God, we take from God. All these gifts we take from God, we beg for them, we receive them, and we get happy with these daataan, these gifts and we forget The Dataar. We know that line of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee, Guru Sahib Jee says - dhaath piaaree visariaa dhaathaaraa. We fall in love with the gift, we fall in love with the creation, and we've forgotten The Creator. That is the neeath, that is the mentality of the human being. Guru Sahib Jee is saying to us, O human being, instead of falling in love with the creation, fall in love with The Creator. Instead of falling in love with the gifts, fall in love with That Lord God Waheguru Who has given you all these gifts. If you are jhoorae, if you are crying out, if you feel that separation from Him, then truly join with Him, truly call out for Him, truly call out for union with Him.

Pourree ||
In the pourree, Sathiguru Ram Das jee blesses us -

Jin oupaaeae jeea thin har raakhiaa ||
That Akaal Purakh Waheguru Who has oupaaeae, Who has created all these jeea, all of these beings, all of the creatures, all of the beings; thin har raakhiaa - That same Akaal Purakh Waheguru is The One Who protects them. He has protected some and blessed them with what?

A(n)mrith sachaa naao bhojan chaakhiaa ||
Those Who He has protected, those who He has blessed, they have chaakhiaa, they have tasted the bhojan, they have tasted the food, the immortal food, the food that has the taste of immortality, a(n)mrith, sachaa naao of God, of God's Name, of God's true Name, The eternal Name of God. Those who have been protected and blessed by Waheguru have tasted the nectar of God's Name, the immortal nectar of God's Name. What happens?

Thipath rehae aaghaae mittee bhabhaakhiaa ||
Thipath rehae, they are completely thipath. Thipath means they are completely full, they have no hungers. All of their hungers of the world are gone. Aahghaae - completely they are satisfied. Bhabhaakhiaa has been translated by sampardaayak scholars as relating to abhilaakhaa. Abhilaakhaa meaning trishnaa, trishnaa meaning greed. All of their greed is gone, all of their hunger is gone, all of their desires are gone. Why? Because they have tasted the ultimate, ultimate essence. They have That Name of God, above which there is nothing else.

Sabh a(n)dhar eik varathai kinai viralai laakhiaa ||
Those who have tasted this ras, this essence, they know that That same eik Waheguru, That eik oangkaar One Lord Waheguru, That One being, is varathai, is pervading throughout all. But Guru Nanak Dev Jee Maharaj Paatshah has told us in Vaaraan te vadheek, hain viralae naahee ghanae. Guru Jee says that these people are viralae, they are few and far between, naahee ghanae, there's not many of them. Sathiguru Sachhae Paathshah is blessing us in the same way, kinai viralai laakhiaa, only that viralai, only that rare blessed few have laakhiaa, have realised, have been blessed by Akaal Purakh Jee with this realisation.

Jan naanak bheae nihaal prabh kee paakhiaa ||20||
Sathiguru Jee says that those servants have become nihaal. Nihaal means exalted, nihaal means beyond pain. Haal meaning pain, ni meaning without. They have gone into complete never-ending eternal ecstasy. Who? Prabh kee paakhiaa. Paakhiaa is close to a modern Punjabi word we use now, which is pakh, which is side, to take the side of someone. Prabh kee means of God. How can we take the side of God? Go into the protection of God. Walk in the will. Hukam rajaaee chalanaa naanak likhiaa naal. As Guru Nanak Dev Jee says, walk in God's will, and you are walking in the shade of that tree of God. If you go into the shade of that tree of God, then the heat of worldy pain cannot burn you, cannot touch you.

Sabh a(n)dhar eik varathai kinai viralai laakhiaa ||
Jan naanak bheae nihaal prabh kee paakhiaa ||20||

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh.


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