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English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 588


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji Ki Fateh.

The Hukamnama today is on Ang 588 from Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in Wadhans Raag.

l Salok Mahala 3 l

Kal mai jam jandaar hai hukmai kaar kamaay.
Satgur Amardaas Maharaj ji is blessing us today with Kal mai jam jandaar hai. Within this age of Kaljug, this Dark Age, jam the angel of death, the messenger of death are jandaarthe enemies of life, the ones who take away life, who destroy life. But Guru Ji says remember, hukmai kaar kamaay-ay-they carry out this kaar -this job, in hukmai- in the command of God. It is through Gods command that all is created, nourished and destroyed.

Gur raakhay say ubray, manmukhaa day sajaay.
But Guruji says Gur raakhay say ubray-those who have been raakhai-who have been protected, who have been saved by the Guru, are ubray-are liberated. Even though the Gurmukhs physically die, spiritually, their souls merge with the Akaal Purakh- the Guru centred beings. Manmukhaa day sajaay-ay- the Manmukhaa, those who follow their mind, those who are centred upon their mind, they receive sajaay-ay-punishment.

Jamkaalai vas jag baandhiaa, tis daa pharoo na ko-ay.
The whole jag- the whole world is baandhiaa- is tied down in the vas- in the power of jamkaalai- of the angels of death, the messengers of death. Tis da pharoo na ko-ay -na koay means there is no other, there is none who can pharoo who can capture death in this world. Everybody is controlled, everybody is in the power of death but there is none who can capture death.

Jin jam keetaa so sayveeai, Gurmukh dukh na ho-ay.
Guru Sahib Ji says, serve that Waheguru, who created the messengers of Death. If you are connected to the creator Lord, gurmukh, and you centre yourself upon the Guru; dukh na ho-ay, then you will not receive any pain.

Nanak Gurmukh jam sayvaa karay, jin man sachaa ho-ay.
Satguru Sahib Ji says those who are centred upon the Guru, even the angels of death, even the messengers of death, do their seva, serve them. Even though Baba Deep Singh Jis head was severed, was completely cut off, he picked up his head in his left palm, the right hand the khanda and fought on all the way to Sachkhand Sri Darbaar Sahib, to Harimandar Sahib. This is because Baba Ji had connected to the Creator, Akaal Purakh Waheguru, Lord God. Jin man sachaa ho-ay - and in their minds they have the Eternal Truth of God

l Mahala 3 l

Ayhaa kaiaa rog bharee bin sabdai dukh haumai rog na ja-ay.
Satguru Sahib Ji says this kaiaa, this body is bharee, is overflowing with rog - diseases, physical diseases, mental diseases and spiritual diseases, such as ego, anger, greed, hatred and envy. Without the shabad, without the Gurus Words, without the Gurus mantra and Divine advice, the pains and diseases cannot be taken away. It is this pain of ego which brings us back into the pain of reincarnation, re-birth.

Satgur milai ta nirmal hovai Har Naamo mann vasaa-ay.
But if we are milai, if we are united with the Satgur, the Eternal Guru, then this whole body is purified, spiritually, mentally and physically. The Guru gets the Name of the Lord to vasaa-ay within our mann, within our minds.

Nanak Naam dhiaa-aa sukhdaataa, dukh visarayaa sahaj subhaa-ay.
Satguru Sahib Ji says those who have meditated upon the Naam, the Daataa who is the Giver of all happiness, peace, joy and grace, pain has been removed from their lives and they have gone into a state of complete balance, of poise, where pain and happiness, neither effects them.

l Pauree l

Jin jagjeevan updaysiaa tis Gur kao hao sadaa ghumaa-yaa.
That Guru who has told me the path to the Light, the life of the world, the Akaal-Purakh, I am forever a sacrifice to Him. I am forever devoted to that Guru, who taught me the path to God.

Tis Gur kao hao khanneeai, jin madh soodan Har Naam sunaa-i-aa.
I cut myself into bits, I humbly offer myself up, my mind body and soul to that Guru, who has shown me the Name of that Destroyer of all inner-demons, Akaal-Purakh, who has shown me His Name, repeated the Name of the Lord to me.

Tis Gur kao hao vaarnai jin haumai bikh sabh rog gavaa-i-aa.
I am forever a sacrifice to that Guru, who has removed the ego from within me, the poisons of greed, anger, desire, hatred, envy , all of my diseases; mental, spiritual and physical. The virtues, the Grace of the Guru is beyond this entire world.

Tis Satgur kao vad pun hai, jin avgan kat gunee samjhaa-i-aa.
Of that Eternal Guru, who has removed avgan, cut and has revealed has made me understand, blessed me with virtues.

So Satgur tin kao bhayt-i-aa jin kai mukh mastak bhaag likh paa-i-aa.
Those who have bhayt-i-aa, they have merged in with the Satguru, with the Eternal Guru, upon whose mukh, upon whose mastak foreheads they have got such bhaags, such pre-ordained destiny written, who are blessed in such a way.


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