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Vaddehans mehalaa 1 |
Sathiguru Guru Nanak Devjee Maharaj is blessing us in the Vaddehans raag today. Guru Piareo shabad today is from the bania which is given the title alahania by Guru Nanak Devjee Maharaj. Bhai Sahib Veer Singh Jee writes that the word Alaahania comes from the Sanskrit language and that it means alaapana - which means to sing in various tunes and various scales. Guru piareo Bhai Sahibjee writes that this topic, this type of singing of the alaahania was associated especially with a time when someone in the family would pass away and the women of the household and of that village, city or town would gather together and they would cry and almost with a tune. In India even in some places today you can see it where the women gather together and they cry almost in tune with each other. Guru Piareo Bhai Sahibjee writes that the Guru Nanak Devjee Maharaj took this way of singing which increased the pain when someone dies, there would already be pain that someone has left this world but on top of that when the women would cry and they would sing out they would increase the pain that was being felt, more people would be crying. Bhai Sahib Veer Singh Jee writes that these songs were making the wounds even deeper. The wounds of that time that people were feeling emotionally, they would make them deeper. But Guru Naanak Devjee took that style, that alaahania, Bhai Sahibjee writes that Guru Sahibjee has healed those wounds. Guru Sahibjee's alaahania heal the wounds which are upon our soul, which are made by attachment, anger, ego, greed, hatred. All of those wounds by those five thieves within us; kaam, krodh, lobh, moh, ahnkaar: desire, anger, attachment, greed and ego. All of those wounds are being healed by Guru Naanak Devjee Maharaj. Instead of pining for a human being who has become dust instead in Alaahania Guru Naanak Devjee pines for Akaal Purakh, for Waheguru and urges the soulbride to follow the will, the hukam - the command of God. Guru Maharaj jee beings today's mukhvaak, Guru Sahibjee says,

Jin jag siraj samaaeiaa so saahib kudharath jaanovaa |
Jin jag siraj samaaeiaa - Guru piareo in Sikhi there is this concept that that Waheguru who has created this jag - this world, Waheguru has not created this world and left for another heaven, no guru piareo! Wahegurujee has created this world and Guru Naanak Devjee Maharaj says samaaeiaa - means to be permeating through this world. Not only has God made this world, but God lives in this world. Just as Guru Angad Devjee tells us in these words:
Eihu jag sachai kee hai kotharree sachae kaa vich vaas |
This world is the dwelling place of the Lord, Guru Angad Devjee tells us. In the same way Guru Naanak Devjee is explaining to us today, O people of the Waheguru has created this world but is also samaaeiaa - permeating through all. So saahib kudharath jaanovaa - Guru piareo these lines here, these tuka of Gurbani have been translated and interpreted in many ways. Some have translated this to mean So sahib - that Lord God master Waheguru alone jaanovaa - knows the extent of His kudharath - of His creative power. Others have translated, as Prof Sahib Singh jee has, that the creative power of God, that Shakti - that energy of God is under God's power. He alone has power over that. Bhai Sahib Veer Singh Jee writes that jaanovaa - O human being, O soul jaanovaa - come to know, come to experience God through His kudharath - through His nature, through his beauty around us.

Sacharraa dhoor n bhaaleeai ghatt ghatt sabadh pashaanovaa |
Sacharraa - that one true Akaal Purakh - dhoor n bhaaleeai - do not look, do not search for that Waheguru to be dhoor - to be far away. Ghatt ghatt sabadh pashaanovaa - recognise, pashaanovaa means to realise, realise that each heart, ghatt ghatt - means in each and every heart that beats upon this earth, in each place, in all places, at all times the rhythm of God's shabad, of that unending rhythm of God's name is beating through every single being on this earth and through every single place on this earth. Those people who meditate upon the Guru's Naam, upon the Guru's mantar they will come to understand this, pashaanovaa - they will come to see that Waheguru jee is in ghatt ghatt - in each and every heart and soul.

Sach sabadh pashaanahu dhoor n jaanahu jin eaeh rachanaa raachee |
That one Waheguru, Akaal Purakh who is the eternal truth pashaanahu - come to realise that Waheguru jee, Akaal Purakh through the Guru's shabad - through the Guru's baani - through the Guru's words, through meditating upon the Naam, the gurmantar given to us by the Guru. Dhoor n jaanahu - do not think and do not know that God is far away. God is with you at all times, jin eaeh rachanaa raachee - the one who created this rachanaa - this world.

Naam dhiaaeae thaa sukh paaeae bin naavai pirr kaachee |
Those who have meditated upon the Naam thaa sukh paaeae - they will recieve true peace, true happiness. Bin naavai pirr kaachee - without the name of God this pirr - this game that we play we will lose. Kaachee literally means that which easily breaks, in this case what it comes to mean is that this pirr - this game of the life that we are playing, Guru Naaank Devjee Maharaj in this small tukk is drawing a very big picture of human being's life as being a game which we have come to win.
Gobindh milan kee eih thaeree bareeaa |
Guru Arjan Devjee says, this is your chance to meet God. Bin naavai pirr kaachee - without the name of the God you'll lose this game Guru Naanak Devjee says.

Jin thaapee bidh jaanai soee kiaa ko kehai vakhaano |
The one who thaapee - the one who created this world bidh jaanai soee - only He knows the the extent of His power, the extent of His creation - only Waheguru knows. Kiaa ko kehai vakhaanoo - what can anyone speak of, what can anyone describe? We can only describe what we see, what is within our grasp. Wahegurujee's creation is limitless.

Jin jag thaap vathaaeiaa jaaluo so saahib paravaano |1|
That Akaal Purakh who has created this jag - this world, vathaaeiaa jaaluo - jaaluo means the net, and who has cast over the world this net of attachment, so saahib paravaano - accept and worship that Akaal Purakh as your saahib, as your master.

Now what is Guru Naanak Devjee Patshah saying in this first part of the shabad. Guru

Naanak Devjee Maharaj is saying this to us, O human being do not try and find the end of God, do not try and find the limits of God. Many people say we will find out how this is done, we will find out how things will end or how things were created. Gurmukh piareo Guru Naanak Devjee Maharaj says instead of falling into these questions instead meditate upon that one Akaal Purakh. Know this - only He knows the extents of His creation. He is beant, He is limitless, we will never be able to find His creation's limits.

Baabaa aaeiaa hai outh chalanaa adh pandhai hai sansaarovaa |
O human being, baabaa - that's the way of calling out to us. O being! aaeiaa hai - you've come into this earth only to outh chalanaa - only to get up and depart. Adh pandhai hai sanaarovaa - this world is adh pandhai means do not think this is your destination - this is just a part of the path, this is like a half way point. This is not your destination, this earth, your destination is Sachkhand, the abode of the formless God. That is your destination. This world is just a path, it is just part of the journey.

Sir sir sacharrai likhiaa dhukh sukh purab veechaarovaa |
Upon each and every person's head that sacharrai - that one Akaal Purakh, the true Lord had likhiaa - has written the destiny. Dhukh sukh - pain and happiness, purab veechaarova - Guru Naanak Devjee Maharaj says that eternal Akaal Purakh has written their destiny according to purab - according to the actions of their past lives. The pain and the happiness we are receiving is as a result of those good and bad actions.

Dhukh sukh dheeaa jaehaa keeaa so nibehai jeea naalae |
Yes we get pain and we get happiness - jaehaa keeaa - they are the results of our actions. So nibehai jeea naalae - Guru Naanak Devjee Maharaj says, remember this whatever you do, your actions will remain with you. Whether your actions are good or bad they will remain with you even when you leave this earth because you will have to live out the fruit of your actions.

Jaehae karam karaaeae karathaa dhoojee kaar n bhaalae |
Guru piareo those people who come to understand this jaehae karam karaaeae karathaa - those actions which Waheguru wants us to do, those Gursikhs, those followers of the Guru, they follow those actions. Dhoojee kaar n bhaalae they do not look around, they do no search around for any other actions, for any other thing to do. Instead they follow what the Guru says, the Guru's hukam, the Guru's will.

Aap niraalam dhandhai baadhee kar hukam shaddaavanehaaro |
Guru Sahibjee says whilst all of this is going on do not think that God is getting caught up in any of this, aap niraalam - Waheguru is detached from everything Himself, dhandhai baadhee - but this whole world is bound down and is entangled in all of these various affairs and conflicts going on. Kar hukam shaddavanehaaro - but through His hukam, through His command - He is the one who can liberate us.

Aj kal karadhiaa kaal biaapai dhoojai bhaae vikaaro |2|
Whilst Guru Naanak Devjee Maharaj is explaining to us, our mind what is it thinking? O I'll do simran today then, Oh I will do simran tomorrow, I'll doing path and reading gurbani tomorrow or the day after. Aj kal karadhiaa kaal biaapai - if you leave something to kal - to tomorrow that kal will ultimately become kaal - which means death. If you keep putting off doing simran one day we are going to die Guru sahibjee says. Aj kal karadhiaa kaal biaapai - if we keep on saying Oh we will do it later, we will do it tomorrow one day death will engulf us. Dhoojai bhaae vikaaro - Guru piaareo why are we putting off doing simran? Because we have dhoojai bhaae - we have this love inside us of vikaar, of greed, of anger, of attachment, of lust, of all of these desired. They are what we are attached to, entangled with.

Jam maarag panth n sujhee oujharr andh gubaarovaa |
Those people who die and who are engulfed in the love of the world, in worldly attachments, jam maarag path n sujhee - on the path of death they will not be able to see the pathway. Path n sujhee - they will not know where to go. Oujharr andh gubaarovaa - it is oujharr - it is compeltely ruined - that path. Andh gubaarovaa - the deepest, darkest most dismal of places..

Naa jal laef thulaaeeaa naa bhojan parakaarovaa |
When you die there will be no water for you, there will be no quilts, no mattresses, no pillows - laef thulaaeaa. Naa bhojan parakaarovaa - there will not be food of various types.

Bhojan bhaao n thantaa paanee naa kaaparr seegaaro |
There will be no food, no people to honour you, bhaao n thantaa paanee - no cool, thirst quenching water. Naa kaaparr seegaaro - none of these clothes and decorations will go with you.

Gal sangal sir maarae oobha naa dheesai ghar baaro |
Instead the messengers of death will be standing there with the chains of attachment which you've bound yourself in whilst being alive and the messengers of death will stand there sir oobha - above your head. Naa dheesai ghar baaro - you will not see any homes or places of residence where you can hide on this path.

Eib kae raahae janman naahee pashuthaanae sir bhaaro |
On that path if you try and plant any seeds of good actions, of bhagathee - of devotional worship, of seva - selfless service, janman naahee - they will not sprout. Pashuthaanae sir bhaaro - instead you will regret about the weight which you have to carry upon your head, the weight of all of our evil actions, the weight of all of the slander of other people that we have done. Eib kae raahae janman naahee means that you cannot plant those seeds of seva - selfless service, of simran - meditation, you cannot do that once you leave that world. This world, the breath you have in your lungs now, that is the chance to meditate upon God.

Bin saachae ko baelee naahee saachaa eaehu beechaaro |3|
Without that eternal One true Waheguru there is no baelee - there is no other friend. Saachaa eaehu beechaaro - Guru Naanak Devjee says this is the truth you must hang on to, this is the beecharoo - this knowledge is the truth.

Baabaa rovehi ravehi s jaaneeahi mil rovai gun saaraevaa |
Siri Guru Naanak Devjee Maharaj is talking about two types of crime here. In this first tuk Guru Naanak Devjee Maharaj says, Baabaa rovehi ravehi s jaaneeahi - those souls, Maharaj jee says that the true wails and the true crying is of those people who ravehi - who meditate upon Akaal Purakh, s jaaneeahi - those people who cry out of that separation from God, who cry out in true bairaag - bairaag means to have understanding of that separation, who feel that separation from God, who cry out and who do simran, who do meditation and they cry out yearning for that union with Akaal Purakh - s jaaneeahi - those souls are honoured in this world and the next. Mil rovai gun saaraevaa - they join together and they cry out God's name, they sing God's name. Gun saaraevaa - they sing the praises of Akaal Purakh.

Rovai maaeiaa mutharree dhandharraa rovanehaaraevaa |
On the other hand the human being who hasn't done simran he cries out for maya - for worldly goods, for worldly material goods. Dhandharraa rovanehaaraevaa - entangled in these conflicts and affairs and actions in this world he cries out. Dhandhaa rovai mail n dhovai supananthar sansaaro |
He cries out for these worldly things mail n dhovai - this way the mail - the dirt of many past lives which is built up on the soul cannot be dhovai - cannot be washed. Supananthar sansaaro - Guru Naanak Devjee says this world is only a supananthar - is only a dream.

Jio baajeegar bharamai bhoolai jhooth muthee ahankaaro |
Just like someone watching the show of a baajeegar. Baajeegars were people who you could equate with travel circus type people, they put on a drama, they put on a play and in that play they pretend to be various people. Now if I sat there watching the drama and I thought that this drama is it and this is life. In modern context you could say that people who are watching soaps on tv they get so addicted and so stuck up in these people's lives, so engrossed they forget the real world. Just like Guru Naanak Devjee says this world is like a drama being put on by those circus people. But this soul is bharmehi bhoolai - is deluded by doubt and this soul thinks that this drama is going to go on forever and what happens? Jhooth muthee ahankaaro - we are deceived by this falsehood of the world and by ahankaaro - by our own ego.

Aapae maarag paavanehaaraa aapae karam kamaaeae |
Guru Naanak Devjee Maharaj tells us Waheguru Himself is the one who have paavanehaaraa - who can place us on the maarag - on the path. Aapae karam kamaaeae - Waheguru Himself is the doer of all deeds.

Naam rathae gur poorai raakhae naanak sehaj subhaaeae |4|4|
Those people who colour themselves in the name of God, the perfect Guru, the eternal Guru rakhai - saves them. Nanank sehaj subaaeae - Guru Nanak Devjee Maharaj tells us that this is the effortless - subhaaeae nature of God. That those who meditate upon God Wahegurujee saves them.

So Guru piareo even though Guru jee is talking about leaving this world, even though Guru jee is talking about all of those ways in which we are deluded by doubt, Guru jee gives us His guiding light and says, O Human being instead of looking at this world and falling into false attachments, look at this world and remember Akaal Purakh, remember that sacha - that One eternal Truth who will go with You beyond the grave.

Aapae maarag paavanehaaraa aapae karam kamaaeae |
Naam rathae gur poorai raakhae naanak sehaj subhaaeae |4|4|

Waheguru jee ka Khalsa, Waheguru jee ki Fateh!


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