English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 575

Vaddehans mehalaa 4 ghorreeaa 

The hukamnama today is in the raag vaddehans. The raag vaddehans conveys the feelings of the soul bride on her wedding day so there is a mixture of emotions. There is longing for the future, there are aspirations, there is looking back to the past, many feelings are contained within this raag. Guru Raamdaasjee has blessed us with the ghorreeaa. The way this shabad is written is in the style of ghorreeaa. Gghorreeaa were songs which were sung during the wedding procession. So Gurujee is talking to the soul bride as we go along the wedding procession of the world. Firstly Guru Raamdaasjee says,

Ik oankaar sathigur prasaadh |
There is One universal, creative Being Who is found through the grace of the true Guru.

Dhaeh thaejan jee raam oupaaeeaa raam |
Dheae - this body, thaejan means horse, raam means God, oupaaeeaa means to be created. The soul bride, the horse which the soul bride is to mount, is to ride is the body. Gurujee is saying that this body, this horse of the body was created by Lord God. Then Guru Raamdaasjee says,

Dhann maanas janam punn paaeeaa raam |
Dhann means blessed, janam means life, manas means life, Gurujee says blessed is this human life. Why is it blessed? Because in this human life you can find the Lord, in this life you can realize that God is within in. Then Gurujee says, pun paaeeaa raam - pun means good actions, paaeeaa means to be found, Gurujee says blessed is this human life which is only found through virtuous actions, through good actions, through good deeds. Then Gurujee says,

Maanas janam vadd punnae paaeiaa dhaeh s kanchan changarreeaa |
Maanas janam means this human life, punnae means virtuous, vadd means great, paaeiaa means to be found. This human life is only found through great actions. It is only through great actions in our past lives that we have blessed by God with this human life, to get a chance to become merged into the great creative being. Dhaeh s kanchan changarreeaa - this body, this dhaeh, Gurujee says is kanchan - is like gold, changarreeaa - means beautiful, radiant. This body is radiant, beautiful; look after this body. Guru Granth Sahibjee says Naanak eis dehi ko paal - look after this body because it is this body with which you are going to find the Lord. Then Guru Raamdaasjee goes,

Guramukh rang chaloolaa paavai har har har nav rangarreeaa |
The Guramukh - the one who follows the Guru, who loves the Guru, rang chaloolaa - rang means color, chaloolaa means crimson, deep, dark red color of poppy plant, paavai - finds. What is this deep red color? Gurujee goes onto tell us that this deep red color that the Guramukh has found is har har har nav rangarreeaa - it is the color of the name of the Lord, or God, of Hari - of the nourisher - that is the deep crimson color, that name of the Lord, that naam of Waheguru which dyes the dress of the Gurmukh.

Eaeh dhaeh s baakee jith har jaapee har har naam suhaaveeaa |
Eaeh dhaeh - this body, s baakee - means beautiful, enchanting; this body is beautiful, this body is enchanting, jith - by which har jaapee - har means the nourisher Lord, jaapee means to meditate upon. This body is beautiful if you use it to chant upon, to meditate upon the name of Lord. Har har naam suhaaveeaa - the name of the Lord makes this body beautiful, it adorns the body. Then Gurujee says,

Vaddabhaagee paaee naam sakhaaee jan naanak raam oupaaeeaa |1|
Gurujee reminds us again vaddabhaagee paaee - by great fortune you've found this body, you've paaee - you've been blessed with this human body now what you have to do is naam sakhaaee - make the naam your friend, make the name of the lord your support. Jan naanak raam oupaaeeaa - Guru Nanak Devjee says god has created this body for you to merge into the ultimate Creator.

Dhaeh paavo jeen bujh changaa raam |
Dhaeh paavo - upon this body, upon this body horse, paavo means to put, place, jeen means saddle, bujh means understanding, changaa means good, divine. Upon this body of horse what do i put? I put the saddle of divine realization, divine understanding.

Charr langhaa jee bikham bhueiangaa raam |
Charr langhaa jee - when my soul rides this horse on the saddle of realization, charr means to ride, langaa means to go through, to cross through, riding this horse I cross through bikham - the terrifying bhueiangaa - means snake, but in this context it means poison, poisoned mind, poisoned thoughts, poisoned deeds. Guru jee is saying that by riding on this saddle of realization I cross through this terrifying poisoned world ocean.

Bikham bhueiangaa anath tharangaa guramukh paar langhaaeae |
In this terrifying world ocean anath tharangaa - anath means countless, many thousands, there are many waves, the wave of anger comes hits us, the wave of lust, the wave of pain. Guramukh paar langhaaeae - only those people who love the Guru, who follow the Guru, who face towards the Guru through thick and thin are paar langhaaeae - are carried across.

Har bohith charr vaddabhaagee langhai gur khaevatt sabadh tharaaeae |
Har bohith - the boat of the Lord, charr - to ride upon, to embark upon; those who ride upon the boat of the name of the Lord they have great fortune, they are blessed. Langhai gur khaevatt sabadh tharaaeae - those people cross across this ocean. Why? Because the Guru khaevatt sabadh tharaaeae - the Guru gives them the shabad, the name of Lord which means that they are carried across.

Anadhin har rang har gun gaavai har rangee har rangaa |
What do they do? Anadhin dar rang - day and night they are colored in the color of God's love, God's name, har gun gaavai - they sing the praises of Hari, of the Lord 24/7, day and night, har rangee har rangaa - the one who is colored in the name of the Lord loves this beautiful color, this beautiful love of the Lord.

Jan naanak nirabaan padh paaeiaa har outham har padh changaa |2|
Jan naanak - Guru Nanak Devejee has been blessed with nirabaan padh - padh means level, state, consciousness, nirban means of nirvana, of complete peace, of ultimate peace, of merging in with that Ultimate Being - I've been blessed with that state. Har outham har padh changaa - har outham - the state of complete greateness, this state of consciousness is changaa - is the best state to be. Then Guru Raamdaasjee blesses us with more love,

Karreeaal mukhae gur giaan dhrirraaeiaa raam |
Karreeaal means bridal, the bridal in the mukhae - in the mouth of this body horse, what is the karreeaal? - the gur giaan - giaan means wisdom, gur means of the Guru. The Guru's spiritual knowledge is the bridal which sways this body horse. Dhrirraaeiaa means to be implanted. The Guru has implanted this bridal of spiritual knowledge into the mouth of the body horse to direct the direction which the body horse goes in. Guru jee is telling us through the metaphors how we are to control this mind to bring the soul into the mind.

Than praem har chaabak laaeiaa raam |
Than pream har chaabak - chaabak means whip, or stick, than praem means on the body, on the body horse, Guru jee is saying, Lord sways me with the whip of love, with the stick of love.

Than praem har har laae chaabak man jinai guramukh jeethiaa |
Applying the whip, the stick of love to this body again and again, what does the Guramukh do? Man jinai - the Gurmukh conquers his mind and jeethiaa - in the end he wins the whole world. Man jeethai jag jeeth - the one who conquers the mind, conquers the whole universe, for all the universes dwell within yourself. Jo brahamanday soe pinday - what is in the universe is within the body. Many may ask why is it the whip of love, the stick of love? Because love creates pain in the soul it's that pain which directs us toward the Lord. Dukh daaroo sukh rog bhaeaa. Then Gurujee says,

Agharro gharraavai sabadh paavai apio har ras peethiaa |
The mind which is agharro - which is untrained, is dharraavai - is trained. Then what happens when the mind is trained? - sabadh paavai - the mind is trained through the Word of the Lord. Apio har ras peethiaa - only when the mind is trained through the shabad can we drink the har ras - ras means essence, har means the Lord, only then can you enjoy the essence of the Lord. Until the mind keeps bugging you you can't enjoy that essence. When you train the mind from ruining that experience then you can truly enjoy the essence of naam. The Guru Raamdaasjee tells us,

Sun sravan baanee gur vakhaanee har rang thuree charraaeiaa |
With your ears, with your sravan listen to baanee - listen to the Word of the Guru. Gur vakhaanee - whatever the Guru says, whatever has been uttered by the guru, vakhaanee means to utter, whatever the Guru says, whatever the Guru utters listen to that. Har rang means the color of Lord's love, thuree means the body horse, charraaeiaa means to cover. Cover your body horse, the horse of your soul, the horse of your body in the love of the Lord's and listen to the baanee. When you are listening to the baanee it is very important that you color yourself in that love, that's what Guru Raamdaasjee is telling us. When you sit down and listen to baanee, don't just listen to baanee mechanically, color yourself in the Lord's love. Then Guru jee says,

Mehaa maarag panth bikharraa jan naanak paar langhaaeiaa |3|
Guru Nanak Devjee says paar langhaaeiaa - what has Guru Nanak Devjee crossed over? Mehaa maarag - meaning the greatest, the longest path. What is the greatest path, the longest path - the panth bikharra. Bikharra means difficult, panth means path, the most long and treacherous path. What is that for us? It is our life. Gurujee is saying I've crossed across that by tuning myself with the Lord's Love. Then Gurujee says,

Ghorree thaejan dhaeh raam oupaaeeaa raam |
This body horse which we've been blessed with, that was made, that was created by the Lord - raam oupaaeeaa raam.

Jith har prabh jaapai saa dhan dhann thukhaaeeaa raam |
Jith har prabh jaapai - that body horse, that person who meditates upon the Lord, jaapai, saa dhan dhann thukhaaeeaa raam - that person is blessed, blessed. That body horse, that person who has used this body to meditate upon the lord is blessed.

Jith har prabh jaapai saa dhann saabaasai dhur paaeiaa kirath jurrandhaa |
That body horse by which we meditate upon the Lord - jith har prabh jaapai saa dhann saabaasai - that body horse is to be praised and is blessed. dhur paaeiaa kirath jurrandhaa - but you only find this through dhur kirath - through merits of past actions, through good deeds in past lives, through great fortunes, through great blessing, it is a great blessing Guru jee is telling us again and again in this shabad that we've been blessed with this body.

Charr dhaeharr ghorree bikham laghaaeae mil guramukh paramaanandhaa |
Riding the body horse, charr means to ride, dhaeharr means the body horse, riding this body horse you have the potential to come across this terrifying world ocean and fall (merge) into the Creative Being. Mil guramukh paramaanandhaa - meet with the Gurmukhs and then what will happen? As you meet with the Guramukh, the guramukhs will meet with the Lord and as the guramukhs meet with the Lord after crossing the world ocean, what happens is that they go into paramaanandhaa - they go into Supreme Bliss.

Har har kaaj rachaaeiaa poorai mil santh janaa jannj aaee |
Har har kaaj - this wedding of the soul to God has been organized by the poorai - by the perfect Lord. The jannj - the marriage party, who is it made of? - the saints. The saints are the marriage party who witness this marriage of the soul to the Lord.

Jan naanak har var paaeiaa mangal mil santh janaa vaadhaaee |4|1|5|
In this last line, Guru Raamdaasjee says, jan naanak has found har var - the spouse of the lord paaeiaa - has found. Mangal mil santh janaa vaadhaaee - now there is mangal - songs of happiness being played with santh janaa - the saints get together and they mil - they meet together and they sing songs of happiness, of joy.
Today's hukamnama has been talking about the body as a horse, it has also been talking about the soul bride. The body is the horse we've been blessed with and the soul is the being who rides upon this body. Gurujee has said to us through these methaphors and through this beautiful poetry of Gurbanee, Gurujee has told us how we are to reach that Supreme Being. May we be blessed by Guru Raamdaas jee that we realize that the Creative Being is within us and we meditate upon the Creative Being today.

Dhaeh thaejan jee raam oupaaeeaa raam |
Dhann maanas janam punn paaeeaa raam |

Waheguru jee ka Khalsa, Waheguru jee ki Fateh!


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