English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 569


Vaddehans mehalaa 3 |
Sathguru Maharaj, Guru Amardaasjee Maharaj is blessing us today in Vaddehans raag. Sathguru Maharaj jee begins the shabad,

Man maeriaa thoo sadhaa sach samaal jeeo |
Look at the greatness of the Guru, the Guru is speaking to us yet Maharaj Sahibjee has phrased it to man maeriaa - O my mind, as if they are talking to their mind. Maharaj Sahibjee is showing the greatest humility. They are the form of the Almighty - the form of the Formless! Yet they are talking to their mind as if they are instructing themselves. In fact by doing this they are instructing us; their children. So every time man maeriaa - O my mind is coming to us, remember the humility of Guru Amardaasjee Maharaj. Sathguru Patshahjee is instructing their mind but really they are instructing us. Guru Sahibjee says man maeriaa - O my mind thoo sadhaa sach samaal jeo - sadhaa - forever samaal - contemplate, meditate upon, focus yourself, center yourself upon sach - that which is Eternal.

Aapanai ghar thoo sukh vasehi pohi n sakai jamakaal jeeo |
If you find that Eternal Waheguru then you'll return to aapanai ghar - to your true home. You will go into that Eternal home of sachkhand - the realm of Truth of the Eternal. Thoo sukh vasehi - you will abide your whole life in that state of mukhti - in that state of liberation and you will be in complete sukh - in that painless state; that state beyond all pain, that state beyond all sorrow, the painless state, the true sukh where there is no pain, that Bhagat Ravidaasjee explains: baegam puraa sehar ko naao | dhookh andhohu nehee thihi thaao - where there is no pain, no sorrow. Pohi n sakai jamakaal jeeo - the jam - the messengers of kaal - of death cannot even pohi - cannot even touch you. what does it mean that death cannot kill you at that point? If you merge in the Immortal Lord that immortality will remain forever and even physically we see in our history the great stories of Baba Deep Singh Jee Shaheed, of how Baba Deep Singh Jee Shaheed's head was cut off in battle yet Baba jee put his head on the palm of his hand and carried on fighting. That is what Guru Sahibjee is saying here. Guru Sahibjee is saying that even death cannot truly kill them because they have the name of the Lord within them.

Kaal jaal jam johi n saakai saachai sabadh liv laaeae |
The jam - the messengers of kaal - of death they have a jaal - they have a net, jaal literally means an entrapment, an ensnarement, a net. That net of death cannot johi - cannot surround you, cannot be thrown over you, you cannot get stuck in it, Guru Sahibjee is telling us. Once you've merged into that Eternal Akaal Purakh Waheguru then you realize there is forever life, there is Eternal life. At that point death of the body means nothing, so you go beyond an entrapment of death, why? - Because you die such a death that you will not have to die again. You die such a death that you will not have to go through life and death again. That is what it means to go through, to cut through the entrapments, to be freed from them. How does that happen? Saachai sabadh liv laaeae - if you attach your consciousness to the true shabad, to the shabad of the Eternal Lord, to the Word of God, to the Word of Waheguru, to the Guru's bani.

Sadhaa sach rathaa man niramal aavan jaan rehaaeae |
That man - that mind which is sadhaa - forever rathaa - completely colored in the sach - the true Lord, completely colored in God's love becomes niramal - becomes pure. Avan jaan rehaaeae - rehaaeae means to be ended. What is ended? - the avan jaan - the coming and going on this earth, being born and dying again and again, the cycle of reincarnation is cut.

Dhoojai bhaae bharam viguthee manamukh mohee jamakaal |
But those people whose mind is viguthee - is ruined by this bharam - these doubts and this bhaae - this love of duality, this attachment to material gain forever, this attachment to the physical, this attachment which never goes anywhere near the spiritual which is always focused upon the physical gains, upon desires. Sathguru jee says that that person is manamukh - is mind centered and is mohee - is taken away by the jamakaal - the messengers of death.

Kehai naanak sun man maerae thoo sadhaa sach samaal |1|
Sathiguru Amardaasjee says sun man maerae - O my mind listen, thoo sadhaa sach samaal. Gurujee is telling us another great thing when He says man maerae: sometimes we say oh you do this, you do that, Guru Sahibjee is saying first sit down and talk to your mind. Thoo sadhaa sach samaal - forever and forever contemplate that Eternal Waheguru.

Man maeriaa anthar thaerai nidhaan hai baahar vasath n bhaal |
O my mind anthar thaerai nidhaan hai - within you there is a treasure: a treasure beyond all treasures. Baahar vasath n bhaal - do not look outside for that vasath - for any object, for any pleasure.

Jo bhaavai so bhunch thoo guramukh nadhar nihaal |
Whatever bhaavai - whatever pleases the Lord so bhunch - enjoy that pleasure. Bhunch means to enjoy, to eat. Eat that naam ras - enjoy that essence of God's name which bhaavai - which pleases the Lord and Guru Sahibjee says guramukh nadhar nihaal - become a Guru-centered being and through this way you will be blessed with nadhar - the Grace of the Guru and you will become nihaal - haal means pain, ni means without, you become without pain, without sorrow.

Guramukh nadhar nihaal man maerae anthar har naam sakhaaee |
Guru Sahibjee says, Guramukh nadhar nihaal - when you get the nadhar - the glance of Grace of the Guramukh - the mukhi Guru: meaning the primal Guru - Siri Guru Naanak Devjee Maharaj, Siri Guru Granth Sahib Jee Maharaj - the True Guru, when you get the glance of Grace of the True Guru you become nihaal - you will become beyond sorrow, beyond pain man maerae - O my mind. Anthar har nam sakhaaee - inside you there is your true sakhaaee - your true friend which is the har naam - the name of the Lord. That friend which will not leave when you have no money in your pocket, that friend which will not leave you when you are down and out, that friend will always be with you.

Manamukh andhulae giaan vihoonae dhoojai bhaae khuaaee |
Guru Sahibjee says people who center upon their mind are andhulae - are blind, why? - Because they are giaan vihoonae - because they do not have spiritual knowledge. Dhoojai bhaae khuaaee - in this attachment to dhoojai - to all these material gains, desires of the earth they are khuaaee - they are ruined.

Bin naavai ko shoottai naahee sabh baadhee jamakaal |
Guru Sahibjee says that without the name of the Lord ko - no one can be shoottai - can be liberated sabh baadhee jamakaal - without the name of the Lord sabh - all are baadhee - are tied up by the jamakaal - by the messengers of death.

Naanak anthar thaerai nidhaan hai thoo baahar vasath n bhaal |2|
Guru Amardaasjee Maharaj says anthar thaerai nidhaan hai - inside you there is a great treasure. Thoo baahar vasath n bhaal - do not look for this vasath - this object of peace outside, you will not find it. Sit down and meditate, say Waheguru! Waheguru!! Waheguru!!! - that is the way of going deep inside and looking for this treasure.

Man maeriaa janam padhaarath paae kai eik sach lagae vaapaaraa |
O my mind janam padhaarath paae kai - you've been blessed with the treasure of this human life eik sach lagae vaapaaraa - Sathiguru Maharaj jee tells us that there are those types of people who are lagae - who are attached in the vaapaaraa - in the trade of Truth. What is the trade of Truth? Sitting down and meditating Waheguru! Waheguru!! - gathering together the profit of Waheguru jee's name. Guru Amardaasjee goes on to explain,

Sathigur saevan aapanaa anthar sabadh apaaraa |
They saevan - meaning to serve, they serve their Sathiguru - their True Guru. What do they think when they are serving the Guru. They think that Guru is the only aapanaa - meaning my own. Normally we think that our family, our friends are own, No! Guramukh piaarey know that in the time of pain, in the deepest darkest hour only the True Guru is within us and they have this thought with them that only the True Guru is aapanaa - the Guru is my own, the Guru is my father, the Guru is my mother and that is the way that they serve the Guru. Anthar sabadh apaaraa - within them through serving the Guru, they find the apaaraa - the infinite sabadh - the infinite word of Waheguru, of God within them.

Anthar sabadh apaaraa har naam piaaraa naamae no nidh paaee |
This name of the Lord is within them, it is beyond any end, there is no end to its' infinity. Har naam piaaraa - this name of the Lord is piaaraa - is loved by the Guru-centered being. Naamae no nidh paaee - through the name of the Lord the no nidh - nine treasures of this world can be obtained. All treasures of this world, Maharaj jee says, can be obtained.

Manamukh maaeiaa moh viaapae dhookh santhaapae dhoojai path gavaaee |
But those who are centered upon their minds they are always viaapae - are attacked by, engrossed by the attachment - the moh of maya - this illusion of the world, of material gain, of the physical world. Dhookh santhaapae - it's because of this they are attacked by dhookh - by pain again and again, they are afflicted by pain. Dhoojai path gavaaee - in this love of duality, in this love of the world, of the material gain, of desires their path - their honor is lost. We think honor is lost if someone loses money, if someone loses social status, Guru jee says No! Those who are attached to the desires of the world they've truly lost their honor.

Houmai maar sach sabadh samaanae sach rathae adhikaaee |
On the other hand Gurujee is talking of the Guramukh: humai maar - those who have conquered their ego, who have removed their sense of ego, their sense of I, how? - Sach sabadh samaanae - because they've merged into the sach sabadh - into the Eternal sabadh - the Eternal word of the Guru. Sach rathae adhikaaee - they are colored with that Eternal Truth adhikaaee - more and more everyday.

Naanak maanas janam dhulanbh hai sathigur boojh bujhaaee |3|
Guru Sahibjee says manas janam dhulanbh hai - O human being this human life is dhulanbh - is priceless sathiguru bhoojh bujhaaee - the True Guru gave me this understanding.

Man maerae sathigur saevan aapanaa sae jan vaddabhaagee raam |
O my mind Sathigur saevan aapanaa - those who serve the Guru as their own, what do I mean by that? - when you bring up your kids do you say oh I am going to drop you off at your school that would be a fiver! Or I've made breakfast for you that would be a tenner, no! - Because they are aapanaa - you think they are your own, you have that link with them. But when we go to the Guru what do we say? - Oh Guru I'll do this seva but I need this back. Oh Guru I'll do this seva but I need this, that. Guru Sahibjee says if you want to build true love for the Guru then serve the Guru as if the Guru is your own, your mother, your father, your best friend. Have that happiness whilst doing that seva. Sae jan vaddabhaagee raam - those people who have that type of thought they are vaddabhaagee - they have great fortunes.

Jo man maarehi aapanaa sae purakh bairaagee raam |
Those who have destroyed the negative qualities within their mind, within their spiritual bodies sae purakh bairaagee raam - they become bairaagee - they become unattached, they become detached and they become imbued completely in the love for God.

Sae jan bairaagee sach liv laagee aapanaa aap pashaaniaa |
They are the true bairaagees - the true renunciates, they are the true detached ones, they are the true ones who are colored in God's love sach liv laagee - whose consciousness is laagee - is attached to the sach naam. Aapanaa aap pashaaniaa - they've truly understood their own self, that they are not simply bones, muscles and blood but there is more to them.

Math nihachal ath goorree guramukh sehajae naam vakhaaniaa |
When this understanding comes then their math - their understanding becomes nihachal - completely stable. Even when Bhai Mani Singh Jee was being cut into bit he was not afraid, they are not flinching. Even when Bhai Taru Sing's scalp is being removed they are not moving, there is no fear because they know that, as we've said earlier in this veechar, they cannot be entangled by the noose of death so they become stable. Ath goorree - the most deep, the most profound, it's like one person has dipped their feet into the ocean and that's all they can go, one person is paddling about, another person has a diving kit and they are going so deep and that is what it's like. Some people come to the Gurdwara and that is all that they ask about: material things, barely skimming the surface. There are others who have taken it upon themselves to imbue themselves with the Guru, with the Guru's Grace, imbue themselves with the Guru's Love and they are going so deep, the deepest anyone can go and they are the true Guramukh - the Guru-centered being. Sehajae naam vakhaaniaa - with peace, poise naturally they vakhaaniaa - they meditate upon the Lord, naturally each part of the body is saying Waheguru! Waheguru!! Waheguru!!!

Eik kaaman hithakaaree maaeiaa mohi piaaree manamukh soe rehae abhaagae |
But Maharaj Sahibjee says eik kiaaman hithakaaree - there are those who are attached-to kaaman - partners, who are attached to young women, who are attached to young men. Maaeiaa mohi piaaree - they are enticed by the mohi - the attachment to this maya, to this illusion of the world. Manamukh soe rehae abhaagae - they are manamukhs - mind centered beings soe rehae abhaagae - they are forever asleep - in the sleep of attachment, abhaagae - they are unfortunate. But Guru Sahibjee leaves us with this last line,

Naanak sehajae saevehi gur apanaa sae poorae vaddabhaagae |4|3|
Those who sehajae - who with peace and poise, who naturally look at the Guru as their apanaa - as their own, serve the Guru as their own sae poorae vaddabhaagae - they are the ones who have true, perfect blessed fortunes.

May Guru Sahibjee bless us that we gain that state of looking at the Guru as apanaa and that we can serve the Guru in that way, the way that Guru Amardaas Jee Maharaj served Guru Angad Devjee Maharaj. They are putting it down for us in these words: that state, that love which can never end.

Eik kaaman hithakaaree maaeiaa mohi piaaree manamukh soe rehae abhaagae | Naanak sehajae saevehi gur apanaa sae poorae vaddabhaagae |4|3|

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh!


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