English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 560


Vaddehans mehalaa 3 |
Sathiguru Amardaasjee Maharaj is blessing us today. Sathiguru Patshah jee begins the shabad,

Rasanaa har saadh lagee sehaj subhaae |
My rasanaa - my tongue is lagee - is attached to, is attracted to saadh - the taste of Hari, the essence of God. What is the essence of God? - The essence the God's name, that I am feeling the sweetness of God's name. Every time I say Waheguru, I feel like saying it again and again, again and again. Sehaj subhaae - this has taken me into a state of sehaj - a state of complete poise and balance. Meditating upon God's name has taken me into a stage where I am not affected by happiness and sadness.

Man thripathiaa har naam dhiaae |1|
My man - my mind has been thripathiaa - has been completely satisfied. All of my mind's desires have been quenched by har naam dhiaae - by meditating upon the God's name.

Sadhaa sukh saachai sabadh veechaaree |
I have found sadhaa - everlasting eternal sukh - peace. Saachai sabadh veechaaree - When I veechaaree - when I understood, when I contemplated, when I read, when I chanted day in and day out saachai sabadh - the True Words of the True Guru, of True God then I realized eternal peace within me.

Aapanae sathagur vittahu sadhaa balihaaree |1| rehaao |
That eternal Guru, that true Guru, Sathiguru Siri Guru Granth Sahib jee, my Guru - aapanae Sathagur vittahu - meaning upon them, sadhaa - forever balihaaree - eternally I am a sacrifice. Gurujee is saying I've been blessed with the naam. Who blessed me with the Naam? - Sathiguru - the true Guru, the eternal Guru, Siri Guru Granth Sahib jee Maharaj blessed me with the name of God. The name of God has extinguished all of the fires of desire from my mind. My mind is at peace. I am forever a sacrifice to that Guru who blessed me with the Naam. Rehaao - Guru jee says pause and think about this.

Akhee santhokheeaa eaek liv laae |
My eyes, they were constantly looking around in greed, in anger and they've been santhokheeaa - they've found true contentment when eaek liv laae - when I attached my consciousness to eaek - to that One God. Now where ever I look I only see that one Lord Waheguru.

Man santhokhiaa dhoojaa bhaao gavaae |2|
My mind has completely gone quiet, my mind is completely satisfied now because dhoojaa bhaao gavaae - because I've given up on the dhoojaa bhaao - the love of duality, the love of illusion of material goods.

Dhaeh sareer sukh hovai sabadh har naae |
This physical body and the sareer - the spiritual body, the internal and the external body sukh hovai - they are both in peace, they are both in happiness. Why? Because when we are angry you can see the anger upon our forehead, the lines buildup upon our forehead, our eyes go red. In the same way a person who is content inside you will see a smile upon their face, a glow upon their face, sabadh har naae - through the Guru's shabad, the name of Hari, the name of Lord.

Naam paramal hiradhai rehiaa samaae |3|
The paramal - the fragrance of God samaae - pervades through their hiradhai - their hearts. But that fragrance - just like the smell of God, you can smell that fragrance when you walk past the rose garden. So when you walk past, when you meet someone who is imbued with the God's name you can feel that glory, that greatness, that fragrance emanating from them.

Naanak masathak jis vaddabhaag |
Sathiguru Amardaasjee says that person who has great vaddabhaag - who has great fortune written upon their forehead, who has this blessed destiny,

Gur kee baanee sehaj bairaag |4|7|
Through the Guru's baanee - through chanting the Guru's words sehaj bairaag - intuitively with peace, balance and poise they achieve the state of sehaj - the state of being beyond happiness and sadness and they have true bairaag - true un-attachment to the world.
Sathiguru Patshah jee in today's shabad is talking about the glory of the shabad, the glory of the Guru who blessed us with the Name and the glory of the Name which has taken away all of our desires and joined our consciousness with that of the Almighty.

Naanak masathak jis vaddabhaag |
Gur kee baanee sehaj bairaag |4|7|

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh!

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