English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 557


Vaddeha(n)s mehalaa 1 ghar 2 ||
Sathiguru Nanak Dev Jee Maharaj is blessing us in vaddeha(n)s raag today in ghar 2, in second house of rhythm and beat. Sathiguru Jee says -

Moree run jhun laaeiaa bhainae saavan aaeiaa ||
The moree, the peacocks are doing run jhun, means they are singing. The peacocks are singing beautifully. What does this mean? Bhainae - O my sister, this means that saavan aaeiaa, that the rainy season is coming. What does this mean internally? Moree - my senses on this human body, the senses are like peacocks, run jhun, they are tingling. They are crying out in anticipation of something. What is this anticipation of? O my sister, O my soul bride, my senses are tingling and crying out for union with God, waiting for that rainy season when the grace of God will rain down upon me.

Thaerae mu(n)dhh kattaarae jaevaddaa thin lobhee lobh lubhaaeiaa ||
Sathiguru Sahib Jee says O Waheguru, I am mu(n)dhh, I am an unaware soul bride, your eyes, kattaarae meaning eyes jaevaddaa, Your beauteous eyes O Waheguru, O Sathiguru Jee, O Guru Nanak Dev Jee Maharaj. Thin lobhee lobh lubhaaeiaa - Waheguru Jee, Your beauteous nature, Your wondrous forms that You have made all around us, these beautiful forms in nature are kattaarae jaevaddaa. Kattaar actually meaning a sword, that is cutting me through. With what? With love, with anticipation of that formless Lord. Looking at all the forms, balihaaree kudharath vasiaa. I am a sacrifice to You, Who is pervading through all Your creation. I have lobh, lobh in this case doesn't mean greed. It means that I am pining this nature has planted inside of me the seed for longing with You, for union with You, with God. Your kattaarae jaevaddaa looking back at me in all the forms, they've planted inside me the desire to meet you, to have union with you.

Thaerae dharasan vittahu kha(n)neeai va(n)n(j)aa thaerae naam vittahu kurabaano ||
I am kha(n)neeai va(n)n(j)aa - means I am forever a sacrifice again and again to your dharasan, to your blessed vision. Thaerae naam vittahu kurabaano - I am a sacrifice to Your NameI would cut myself into many pieces to do Your dharasan, to have union with You O God.

Jaa thoo thaa mai maan keeaa hai thudhh bin kaehaa maeraa maano ||
O Waheguru, jaa thoo - when You are with me, to have union with You, thaa mai maan keeaa hai, that's my only maan, that's my only pride. Thudhh bin kaehaa maeraa maano, without You Waheguru what type of maano, what type of pride can I have? There's nothing else to be proud of. Because I am full of vices, I am full of sins. The only pride I can take is in You O Waheguru.

Choorraa bha(n)n pala(n)gh sio mu(n)dhhae san baahee san baahaa ||
O mu(n)dhhae , O soul bride, bha(n)n means break, choorraa means bracelets pala(n)gh sio, and the bed, san baahee - and your arms, san baahaa meaning legs, baahi meaning legs of the bed. Now what does this mean? Guru Sahib Jee says, and they are speaking here form the point of view of a soul bride Who is giving advice to another. Guru Sahib Jee says O soul bride, break up the bracelets you are wearing. What are the bracelets? Sakaam karam, what does that mean? Actions behind which we have desires. O i'll do this much paath, I'll do this much prayers if I get this much. I'll go to gurudwara today if God gives me this or God gives me that. Bargaining. Break away all of this Guru Jee is saying. Pala(n)gh sio, what is the pala(n)gh, what is the bed? Our inner spiritual body, our antishkaran. Mu(n)dhhae - O soul bride do this, san baahee, break open the legs of this bed, what are the legs of this bed? The antishkaran, the inner spiritual body has four legs - man, budhh, chitth, ahangkaar. Man - your mind, all of these thoughts going in and out, budhh - the conscience which weighs up things, chitth - the focus, the concentration, and ahangkaar - that sense of ego. You must break all of these open in front of The Guru. Man baechai sathigur kai paas. Give your mind to The Guru. San baahaa - along with your arms, of trying out these many methods of getting to The Lord. Give up all of your ego, give up all of your own clever tricks.

Eaethae vaes karaedheeeae mu(n)dhhae sahu raatho avaraahaa ||
You do many vaes, you put on many decorations sahu raatho avaraahaa. But even then, your husband Lord is raatho avaraahaa - avaraahaa means others, raatho means to be in union with. Others are in union with Waheguru, and why are you not? Because your actions that you are carrying out, because the thoughts that you are thinking within yourself, the actions which you are doing are full of desires, are full of your own ego. Guru Sahib Jee says that is what is separating you form The Lord.

Naa maneeaar n choorreeaa naa sae va(n)gurreeaahaa ||
Naa maneeaar, you haven't met the true maneeaar, the true jeweller, who is the true jeweller? The Guru. The Guru gives you the true jewels, the true decorations to wear. We decorate ourselves in all different many ways, but The Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Jee Maharaj, what decorations have they given us? The Panj Kakaar, the five Ks. Internally, Guru Sahib Jee has given us the decorations of daya - kindness, dharam - righteousness, himmat - courage and energy, mohkam - unattachment and contentment within, and sahib - mastery over ourself. The true jeweller, the True Guru, we have't met. N choorreeaa - we haven't put on the true bracelets of selfless service. Naa sae va(n)gurreeaahaa, we haven't got the true va(n)gaa, the true hand bracelets of daya - kindness, sharam - righteousness The Guru has given us.

Jo seh ka(n)t(h) n lageeaa jalan s baaharreeaahaa ||
Guru Sahib Jee says Jo seh ka(n)t(h) n lageeaa jalan s baaharreeaahaa. Those arms which haven't lageeaa, which haven't been attached to the ka(n)t(h), to the neck of The Husband Lord, jalan, they burn. Guru Sahib Jee says that those soul brides who haven't experienced union with their Lord Husband, they're burning day in and day out with wordly desires, and ego and all of these things.

Sabh seheeaa sahu raavan geeaa ho dhaadhhee kai dhar jaavaa ||
All of the seheeaa, all of the companions, all of the soul brides who have followed the instructions of the true Guru, the jeweller, sahu raavan geeaa - they've all gone to enjoy their Husband Lord, to enjoy union with their Lord Waheguru. If we follow what The Guru says, we will have that union. Ho dhaadhhee kai dhar jaavaa. From the point of the unaware ignorant soul bride, Guru Sahib Jee says ho, I am dhaadhhee, I am burned up with my worldly desires. Kai dhar jaavaa - which door can I go to?

A(n)maalee ho kharee suchajee thai seh eaek n bhaavaa ||
A(m)maalee - O my friend, a(n)maa meaning friend. O older soul bride, O more experienced soul bride, O soul bride who has had union with The Guru, and through The Guru with Waheguru, ho kharee suchajee. I thought I was kharee - I was great, I was suchajee - I was really intelligent, thai seh eaek n bhaavaa. However, none of these things that I've done, not even one, not even eaek, bhaavaa - pleases my Lord. I thought I'd read up so much, I thought I was so intelligent, I thought I knew so much, but all of these things done out of ego do not please Waheguru.

Maat(h) gu(n)dhaaea(n)aee patteeaa bhareeai maag sa(n)dhhoorae ||
I have gu(n)dhaaea(n)aee, I have woven up my hair. My patteeaa into braids. Bhareeai maag sa(n)dhhoorae. In the parting of my hair, I have sa(n)dhhoorae. Sa(n)dhhoorae culturally used to mean what brides wear in the middle of their hair to show that they were married. Guru Sahib Jee is saying here from the point of view of a soul bride who hasn't had union with The Lord, that I've woven up my hair. What does woven up mean? It means externally I look very pretty, I've done all these decorations, I look outwardly like I am joint to The Lord, but -

Agai gee n ma(n)neeaa maro visoor visoorae ||
Agai gee - when I go in front of my husband, n ma(n)neeaa - I am not accepted. I maro - I die in this separation. All these things that I've done externally are just to make myself look good externally. I haven't taken any of these things inside.

Mai rova(n)dhee sabh jag runaa ru(n)narrae vanahu pa(n)khaeroo ||
Mai rova(n)dhee, I cry out, sabh jag runaa - for me the whole world looks full of darkness. Ru(n)narrae vanahu pa(n)khaeroo - even the pa(n)khaeroo, the birds in the jungle, even they look to me like they're crying out of my separation.

Eik n runaa maerae than kaa birehaa jin ho pirahu vishhorree ||
The only thing who is not crying out is maerae than kaa birehaa - the reason why I am separated from Waheguru. Jin ho pirahu vishhorree. That thing, that homai - that ego which is vishhorree, which is separating me from God, from my husband Lord -

Supanai aaeiaa bhee gaeiaa mai jal bhariaa roe ||
Supanai - dream, what dream is Guru Jee talking about? Guru Jee is talking about the dream of samaadhee, samadhee means to focus your attention on God. When I focussed my attention completely on The Lord, then aaeiaa, I had the feeling of seeing that Lord. Bhee gaeiaa, but as soon as I had this feeling that I'm getting somewhere, ego comes and the feeling of union left straight away. Guru Jee is telling us sometimes we start doing the right things but then ego comes. I'm the best, I've met God, I'm all this. Ego is come. There's no one as great as me. Bhee gaeiaa - in that moment we lose everything. All we are left with is to cry away jal, the water coming out of our eyes, our tears.

Aae n sakaa thujh kan piaarae bhaej n sakaa koe ||
I cannot go, thujh kan - to the place where You are O piaarae, O beloved God. Bhaej n sakaa koe - I cannot send anyone to You. You are formless.

Aao sabhaagee needharreeeae math sahu dhaekhaa soe ||
Please give me that blessed sleep, please give me that blessed understanding that blessed wisdom where I am not afflicted by my ego. Math sahu dhaekhaa soe, so maybe I can have union with my Husband Lord, see my Husband Lord.

Thai saahib kee baath j aakhai kahu naanak kiaa dheejai ||
If someone tells you the path, the message of God, kahu naanak kiaa dheejai - Sathiguru Jee says what would you give? Guru Jee answers the question -

Sees vadtae kar baisan dheejai vin sir saev kareejai ||
Sees vadtae - cut off your ego, the head. what does the cutting off of the head means? It means cut off your ego, kar baisan dheejai vin sir saev kareejai. Cut off your ego and make it into a seat for that person to sit upon. Cut off your ego and instead of your manmath, your mind's clever tricks, have gurmat, The Guru's wisdom. Vin sir - without this head of ego, with complete humility, saev kareejai - this is the way of serving The Lord.

Kio n mareejai jeearraa n dheejai jaa sahu bhaeiaa viddaanaa ||1||3||
Kio n mareejai - Why am I not dying through separation? Jeearraa n dheejai - why am I not giving over my soul to Waheguru Jee. Jaa sahu bhaeiaa viddaanaa - when I am a stranger to Waheguru. Guru Sahib Jee is telling us guramukh piaareyo, that the only way of having union with Akal Purakh is by giving up your ego. There is no other way.

Thai saahib kee baath j aakhai kahu naanak kiaa dheejai ||
Sees vadtae kar baisan dheejai vin sir saev kareejai ||
Kio n mareejai jeearraa n dheejai jaa sahu bhaeiaa viddaanaa ||1||3||

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Waheguru Jee Ki fateh.


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