English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 554

Hukamnama is on Ang 754 from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji by Sri Guru Amar Daas Ji Maharaj.

salok mehlaa 3||
Satgur Guru Amar Daas Ji is blessing us with the Hukamnama today. Satgur Ji Maharaj is telling us the greatness, the glory of meeting the true Guru and how the true Guru Graces us within our lives and saves us, liberates us and uplifts us. SatGuru Ji begins:

naanak bin satgur bhaytay jag anDh hai anDhay karam kamaa-ay ||
Guru Amar Daas JI Maharaj says bin satgur bhaytay, without meeting, and without merging in with the satgur, the true Guru, Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj, jag anDh hai, this whole jag, this whole world is engulfed by theanDh, by the darkness of the spiritual ignorance. anDhay karam kamaa-ay, and Maharaj Ji says that with this veil of spiritual ignorance over their eyes, with this darkness of spiritual ignorance, anDhay karam kamaa-ay, in this blindness they carry out blindkaram, blind actions. Everything that person does, when he or she cannot see, Maharaj Ji says about that person who does not have that spiritual wisdom, that everything that person does is tainted by the ignorance. In the darkness what good can come out with what that person does. Maharaj Sahib Ji is saying every action is tainted by that darkness, by that complete darkness around of spiritual ignorance. And Maharaj Ji says what does the being do in this spiritual ignorance:

sabdai si-o chit na laav-ee jit sukh vasai man aa-ay ||
The being does not attach laav-ee, his chit, his consciousness, to the sabdai - shabad, to the Guru's words. to the Guru's mantar. jit sukh vasai man aa-ay And Maharaj Ji says in this darkness, you are establishing yourself in all four corners the Naam is where you are going to get sukh. And Maharaj Ji says the being does not focus himself on the name of the Lord, jit sukh vasai man aa-ay and from where he can obtain the sukh; vasai- to abide in his man - mind. And Maharaj Ji says what does the being do:

taamas lagaa sadaa firai ahinis jalat bihaa-ay ||
taamas - completely in anger, in those lowly emotions. Remember there are threegun - qualities - the humble saintly qualities -satogun; the rajo - the political, the kingly, princely qualities; and the tamo- the dark, the lowly qualities. And Maharaj Sahib Ji says, taamas lagaa sadaa firai he firai - walks, wonders around, sadaa - forever and forever;lagaa- attached to the thoughts oftaamas- lowly thoughts - falsehood, anger. ahinis jalat bihaa-ay, ahinis - day and night; bihaa-ay- he passes his days,jalat - burning away. Day and night that fire is added more and more.

jo tis bhaavai so thee-ai kahnaa kichhoo na jaa-ay. ||1||/span>
But Maharaj Sahib Ji tells us jo tis bhaavai, whatever pleases the Lord God, Waheguru, so thee-ai, that is what happens.kahnaa kichhoo na jaa-ay, No one else has any say, no one can say O Waheguru Ji don't do this or do it like that. What Waheguru Ji is going to do happens through their command and no one can say anything about it. And Maharaj Sahib Ji goes on to says:

satguroo furmaa-i-aa kaaree ayh karayhu ||
Satguru Angad Dev Ji Maharaj satguroo furmaa-i-aa, told me this thatkaaree ayh karayhu, do this job, do these things, these actions. And what actions are they?

guroo du-aarai ho-ay kai saahib sammaalayhu ||
du-aarai- Through the Guru's wisdom, ho-ay kai - at the Guru's door, from which we get the word Gurudwaara, through the Guru's wisdom and at the Guru's door, what we are meant to do: saahib sammaalayhu, meditate forever and forever. sammaalayhu means to meditate upon saahib - upon the Lord, the master. Through the Guru's wisdom and at the Guru's gate - this is what is meant to be happening in our Gurdwara, Maharaj Ji is telling us.

saahib sadaa hajoor hai bharmai kay chha-urh kat kai antar jot Dharayhu ||
Do not think that your Lord, your Master is far away he issadaa- forever hajoor with you and ever present at all times. bharmai kay chha-urh kat kai And though the Guru's Grace, Grace of the Satguru, Maharaj Sahib Ji says the Gurukat - chops the chha-urh- the veils ofbharam. We have talked about the bharam in previous Kathaas, bharam means believing that something which is not. In the darkness looking at rope and thinking it is a snake, that is bharam. When the morning comes the sun rises we realize it is just a rope. In the same way Maharaj Sahib Ji says all thebharam - all the doubts that this world will remain forever, is eternal. Maharaj Sahib Ji, theough the Guru, the Amrit Banee, through their immortal words cuts through all of these doubts. antar jot Dharayhu And what does the Guru do? antar - within us; Dharayhu - Maharaj Sahib Ji instills this jot - the understanding that this jot is within us, the understanding that this light of God dwells in each one of us.

har kaa naam amrit hai daaroo ayhu laa-ayhu.||
The name of the Lord, Waheguru Hari, who is nourisher of all isamrit, is immortal nectar, is the elixir of the immortality.daaroo ayhu laa-ayhu The Guru is the true doctor and what does he treat us with? The daaru- medicine of the Amrit Naam, the medicine of the immortal nectar of God's name. That is the medicine which the Guru blesses us with. And Maharaj Ji Sahib tells us ayhu laa-ayhu, take this medicine and alongside with this, meditating upon the Naam.

satgur kaa bhaanaa chit rakhahu sanjam sachaa nayhu.||
At all times in your chit, mind, rakhahu- focus upon, in your consciousness the bhaanaa- the commands of the Guru, what the Guru wants us to do not what your mind wants you to do. Maharaj Ji says remember and think about what the Guru wants us to do. sanjam sachaa nayhu and when a doctor gives you a medicine he says eat this medicine three times a day and stay away from this food or that food and make sure you don't do this or that. And that is calledsanjam, that is the discipline which the doctor gives you, don't do this or don't do that alongside giving you the medicine. The doctor gives you the medicine as well alongside says do this and don't do this. Maharaj Sahib Ji says that list of what to do and what not to do is the whole command of the Guru and sachaa nayhu and the true love for this. And this will be the discipline alongside the medicine.

naanak aithai sukhai andar rakhsee agai har si-o kayl karayhu. ||2||
Satguru Guru Amar Daas Ji says aithai sukhai andar rakhsee, rakhsee - will keep you in sukhai - complete peace. agai har si-o kayl karayhu - and forever and forever you willkayl karayhu, you will be blessed with the merging with that Hari, Waheguru who is the creator of all.

Satgur Maharaj Ji goes on to say:

aapay bhaar athaarah banaspat aapay hee fal laa-ay.||
Waheguru Ji is pervading through all of the banaspat - through all of the vast variety of the nature, through every plant, through every being. aapay hee fal laa-ay Maharaj Sahib Ji is the one who makes them all bear fruit. And if we look at this in another way, Maharaj Sahib Ji is the one who pervades through all of the plants which are like human beings and human beings are like plants but without seeds. Maharaj Sahib Ji is the one who pervades through all of them. aapay hee fal laa-ay And Maharaj Ji is the one who blesses us withfal, with the fruit of BrahamGi-aan, of the complete consciousness of the spiritual knowledge of the Lord.

aapay maalee aap sabh sinchai aapay hee muhi paa-ay ||
aapay maalee - Waheguru Ji is the gardener who looks after all the gardens of the world and all of the people who are like God's garden. Maharaj is the one who looks after them. aap sabh sinchai Maharaj Ji himself waters all of these plants and through the Guru's Grace and Guru's command brings the minds of the Gurmukhs to life with the water of theupdaysh - command of the Lord. aapay hee muhi paa-ay Waheguru Sahib Ji is the one who enjoys all of the fruits of these plants himself. Sitting within the BrahmGi-aani, sitting within the God-conscious being, tasting the essence of Brahm-Gi-aan, tasting the essence of complete spiritual knowledge, of complete unity with the Lord.

aapay kartaa aapay bhugtaa aapay day-ay divaa-ay ||
aapay kartaa - Waheguru is the creator, aapay bhugtaa Waheguru is the who enjoys, Waheguru is the who created all, Waheguru is the one who sits in the Brahm-Gi-aani, sits in the God-conscious being and enjoys this ras, the essence of the spiritual knowledge. aapay day-ay divaa-ay Waheguru is the one who blesses us with this gift of spiritual knowledge, Waheguru is the one who sits in the Guru and divaa-ay, and the one who gives us, brings us to meditate upon and receive this spiritual knowledge.

aapay saahib aapay hai raakhaa aapay rahi-aa samaa-ay.||
aapay saahib Waheguru himself is the Lord, aapay hai raakhaa Wahe guru is the true protector. aapay rahi-aa samaa-ay Waheguru himself is pervading through all, samaa-ay - through all places.

jan naanak vadi-aa-ee aakhai har kartay kee jis no til na tamaa-ay. ||15||
Satgur Maharaj Sahib Ji says that I aakhai speak, I praise the glory, thevadi-aa-ee, of har kartay kee the creator of all jis no til na tamaa-ay - who does not even havetil, who does not even have one smallest, tiniest one of any greed, tamaa-ay within of any tamogun - within of any lowly virtues, any of those lowly qualities. Maharaj Ji says Waheguru is beyond of all of that. If we were to believe Waheguru Ji the enjoyer and the enjoyer must get greedy, but No Maharaj Sahib Ji takes it out in this last line jis no til na tamaa-ay There is not even atil, a small amount of any greed, of any of these lowly qualities in the Lord, in Waheguru. Satgur Ji Maharaj tells us that Waheguru is beyond all of them. So in the Shabad today Maharaj Sahib Ji is telling us the glory of falling to the feet of the Guru and meditating upon what the Guru says, the Guru's Hukams, the Guru's commands, the Guru's Bhanaa. Take the medicine of the name of the Lord and keep the self-discipline of following the words of the Guru and Maharaj Sahib Ji says that the God will bless you.

aapay saahib aapay hai raakhaa aapay rahi-aa samaa-ay ||
jan naanak vadi-aa-ee aakhai har kartay kee jis no til na tamaa-ay. ||

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !


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