English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 549


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru ji Ki Fateh.

Hukamnama Sahib today is on Ang 549 of Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. In Bihaagra Raag by Satgur Amardaas Ji.

llSalok: Mahala 3ll

Man parteet na aaeeaa, sahaj na lago bhaao.
Satgur Paatshaah ji is blessing us with a shabad today. Man parteet na aaeeaa--in the mann, in the mind, parteet means to have faith, na aaeeaameans to not dwell within, to not come within. Within his mind there is no faith Guruji says. Sahaj na lago bhaaoand because there is no faith, there's no shardha, there's no devotion for the Guru, there's no faith in what the Guru says, there's no sahaj, no inner peace. And, there's no bhaao-, no love. Without faith there can be neither peace nor love.

Sabdai saad na paaio, manhatth kiaa gun gaa-ay.
And because of this, the being who is centred upon his own mind, he or she doesn't paaiodoes not find saad-, the essence, the taste of sabdai-, of Guru Shabad, of Guru's words, of meditation upon the Waheguru mantar. They do not do this meditation therefore they never taste the divine essence of this meditation. Manhatth kiaa gun gaa-ay. manhatth-, in your stubborn mindedness, means, out of the will of your own mind, kiaa gun gaa-ay-, kiaahow are you going to sing the praises, the gunof Waheguru. There's no way you can-only through the Guru's teachings can you do this.

Nanak aaiaa so parvaan hai, je gurmukh sach samaa-ay.
Satgur ji says that aaiaathe coming onto this earth, of that person, the birth of that person is parvaan-, is blessed, is accepted and fruitful, je gurmukh sach samaa-ay-, who is gurmukh, who is centred upon the Guru, follows what the Guru says and through the Guru's teachings, the mind merges with Sach-, with Satnaam Waheguru, with Akaal Purakh, with God, with the ultimate Truth.

llMahala 3ll

Aaapnaa aap na pacchhaanai moorraa, avraa aakh dukhaa-ay.
Guru sahib ji goes on to say aapnaa aap na pacchhnai moorraa. Moorraa- the foolish being does not recognise his true inner-self, his true identity, aapnaa aap. What is that? Mann tu jot saroop haiGuru Granth Sahib Ji tells us. That Sabh meh jot, jot hai soe- that within all there is a Light that is Waheguru, the Light is God. Your true identity is that you are part of that Divine Ocean. And what does the foolish person do? Avraa aakh dukhaa-ay- he dukhaa-ay-, he gives pain to others, aakh-, with his words, to avraa-, to others. And by not recognising that there is that one Jot, that One Light pervading through all, he says, the others are not the same as me, and these differences are what give you the pain - that sense of difference. Guru Sahib Ji is saying that through the Guru's shabad you must understand that there is that one light pervading through all and he will not give anyone pain.

Munddhhai dee khaslat na gaeeaa andhay, vicchurr chotaa khaa-ay.
That andhay-, those blinded souls who are blinded through spiritual ignorance, munddhhai dee khaslat- munddhhaimeans beforehand, lifting from the roots, the khaslat-, the nature, and what nature are we talking about here? Of many past lifetimes, the bad habits of many past lifetimes. The bad habits of a dog - biting and snarling at other dogs, the bad habits of a cow - hitting the other cows with its horn. All of these bad habits are built up within the human being and in this human life, sometimes we see people these characteristics and these underlying natures, which are still there. And we are separated from Waheguru and that is why we are chotaa khaay-, that is why we are receiving chotaa-, punishment wherever we go. What is this punishment? It is pain that we're feeling. If we were to be untied with Waheguru, then we wouldn't be feeling the pains and anxieties upon us.

Satgur kai bhai bhann na gharrio rahai ank samaa-ay.
The mind-centred being has not enshrined the bhai-, the fear, the love of the Guru, within his heart. And therefore hasn't bhann-, hasn't broken away his or her vices, or sins, which were meant to be broken through the Guru's shabad. The Guru's shabad breaks them away. The inside of the being was meant to be moulded through the Guru's words but he or she hasn't followed this up, because they are mind-centred. Rahai ank samaa-ay- and this is the way, by breaking away all of your sins, by breaking and destroying them and by moulding your insides upon what your Guru says, that is the way of merging into the very inner part of God. That is the way of merging in with the Akaal Purakh, Lord God.

Andin sahsaa kaday na chookai, bin sabdai dukh paa-ay.
Andin-, day and night, the sahsaa-, the doubts of the mind, kaday na chookai-, at any point are not removed. Bin sabdai dukh paa-ay- without the Guru's shabad, all we find is dukh-, all we find is pain-, without the Guru's Words.

Kaam krodh lobh antar sablaa nit dhandha karat vihaa-ay.
Antar-, inside that mind-centred being, that manmukh, there is kaam- desires, krodh- anger, lobh- greed and they are sablaa. Sablaais made out of two words, sahatmeans withand balmeans power. They are all powerful each of them have a power, have control over the being. Nit dhandha karat vihaa-ay- and when he's not being controlled by these, then he's vihaa-ay-, he's passing his life simply in dhandaa-, in different affairs. He's doing different things, worldly things: getting together money, getting together other such things

Charan kar daykhat sun thakay dayh mukay nayrrai aa-ay.
Charan-, the feet, karthe hands, daykhatthe eyes, sun-, the ears, thakay-, they are all tired. Dayh mukay-, the days of this human being are mukay; they're ending, running out. Nayrrai aa-ay- and the day he needs to leave this earth, is coming closer and closer.

Sachaa Naam na lago meethaa jit Naam nav nidh paa-ay.
The true name, the Satnaam, the true name of God does not seem sweet to this person. jit naam nav nidh paa-ay- Guru Ji says it is only through this Naam, the Name of the Lord, that you can find nav nidh-, the nine treasures of the world.

Jeevat marai marai fun jeevai taa(n) mokhantar paa-ay.
Whilst being alive you must maraiyou must die, what does this mean? It means to kill and to stop the eyes when they go to look in an evil way, when your eyes are looking at others with lust or envy or anger. At that moment, kill off those thoughts, at that moment that your ears start hearing slander, kill off your ears, kill off the sound and kill of thought which are in your mind at the moment where your tongue is asking for those things which would destroy your body and soul - kill off those thoughts. That is what it means, to die whilst being alive. Marai fun jeevaiand then through this death, you receive a new life, in the Guru's Naam, the Guru's Amrit, the Guru's rehat, the Guru's code of conduct, in the Guru's baptism. We receive a new life through the Naam, through the Name of God. Taa(n) mokhantar paa-ay- this is the way of finding the path of liberation.

Dhur karam na paaio paraanee vin karma kiaa paa-ay.
But that mind-centred being isn't blessed with that pre-ordained destiny. Vin karma- and without karma, karam also means good actions, without good actions, kiaa paa-ay-, what can you find? Without self-less service, what can be found? Nothing.

Gur ka shabad samaal too(n) moorray, gat mat sabday paa-ay.
O moorray-, even now you foolish being, remember, meditate upon the Guru's shabad, Guru's Words. Gat mat sabday paa-ay- you can find gat-, liberation and mat-, all spiritual wisdom, through the shabad, through the Guru's Words.

Nanak Satgur tad hee paa-ay, jaa(n) vichhu aap gavaa-ay.
Satguru Maharaj Sahib Ji says that you will only paa-ay-, find the True Guru, jaa vichhu aap gavaa-ay-, when you lose your sense of ego.


Jis dai chit vasiaa mayraa swaamee, tis no kio andaysaa kisai galai daa lorreeai.
In whose chit-, in whose consciousness-, vasiaa-, abide, mayraa swamee-, my Lord God? Tis no kio andaysaa kisai galai da lorreeai - and this is a rhetorical question - why would that person have any andaysaa-any anxieties, kiseh galaa. That person in whose heart and soul abides my Waheguru, has no anxieties Guruji is telling us, through this rhetorical question.

Har Sukhdaataa sabhnaa galaa ka tis no dhiaaidaa kiv nimakh gharree muhu morreeai.
Waheguru, Hari is the sukhdaataa, is the Giver of Peace, sabhnaa galaa kaa--in any galaa-, in any way, shape or form, He is the One who gives all happiness and peace. Tis no dhiaaidaa kiv nimakh gharree muhu morreeai-, how can we even for a nimakhturn away our face, our muhu. How can we turn ourselves away from Waheguru even for a second, an instant?

Jin Har dhiaaia tis no sarab kalian ho-ay nit sant janaa kee Sangat jaa-ay baheeai muhu jorreeai.
Jin Har dhiaaia-- those who have meditated upon the Hari, Waheguru, tis no sarab kalian ho-ay-- they have received all types of liberation. They have been liberated from all anxiety; they've been liberated from all pain and diseases. Nit sant jana kee Sangat jaa-ay baheeai muhu jorreeai-- nitevery day go in to the Sangat, into the congregation of the Saints and baheeai--sit down and muhu jorreeai-- and jorreeeai--attune your conscious your muhu-- your muhuin this case means your inner soul, your heart and soul. Attune your heart and soul to what the Saints are saying, to the Gurbani they are singing.

Sabh dukh bhukh rog ga-ay Har sayvak kay sabh jan kay bandhan torreeai.
Sabh dukh bhukh rog ga-ay Har sayvak kay those sayvaks -, those servants of God, their dukh-, their pains, bhukh--their hungers, their rog--their diseases, ga-ay-- they have all gone, sabh means they have all gone. Sabh jan kay bandhan torreeai - all the bandhan, all of the bonds all of the cages and shackles which are trying to hold down, the jan--the humble servants of the Lord, torreeai--they are all broken.

Har Kirpaa tay hoaa Har bhagat Har bhagat janai kai muhi ditthai jagat tariaa sabh lorreeai.
Har kirpaa tay hoaa Har Bhagat-- only through Waheguru Ji's grace can one become a devotee of Waheguru. Har Bhagat jana kay muhi ditthai-- and when we ditthai-- when we are blessed with the vision of those devotees of Waheguru, those humble servants, jagat tariaa sabh lorreeai-- that is the way of tariaa--the whole world, the jagat, being tariaa-- being liberated sabh lorreeai-- Guru Sahib ji says that we should all ask for this, sabh-, all of us should be lorreeai-- should be asking for this gift of meeting those Gurmukh piaaray, those beloved beings who can remind us of Satnaam Sri Waheguru, can remind us of the Naam, and that is the path of liberation.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Kee Fateh.

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