English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 547


Bihaagarraa mehalaa 5 shanth |
Guru Maharaj is blessing us today, Maharaj sahib sache patshahjee sings this shabad in shanths - in the musical measure of a shant. Satguru Arjan Devjee Maharaj, is talking in the four part shabad; the first three are bentis - supplication in front of the lord god Waheguru and the last is talking about being united with the master. There is a story which is related to this shabad. It is said that a Sikh of the guru Bhai Kalyaanaa went into foreign lands and in those foreign lands he happen to go to a country, to a kingdom where the king worshipped Krishanjee. The king said to Bhai Klyaanaa that tomorrow you'll have to worship the idle of Krishanjee as well and take charan amrit - which means washing the feet of the idol and you'll have to drink that as well. Bhai Kalyaanaa jee said that I've already taken charan-amrit of Siri Guru Arjan Devjee and I will take no other amrit. In those days the initiation ceremony was through charan amrit - where the guru would bless the jal - the water with their lotus feet - their charan. So they said that if Bhai Kalyaanaa jee would not bend his faith then they would unleash some sort of torture, some sort of torment upon him the next day. All night Bhai Kalyaanaa jee remembered Satguru Arjan Devjee and Sathguru sahibjee assured Bhai Kalyaanaa jee that they would protect him. In the morning when the king told Bhai Kalyaanaa jee that he must worship the idol Bhai Kalyaanaa jee refused, king said cut off his legs and when the executioner was about to go and do this the king fell down unconscious. At this point the prime minister of the country said stop! Do not cut off this man's legs. He is obviously a man of great spiritual mastery; great spiritual knowledge and the king fell to the feet of Bhai Kalayaanaa jee. Bhai Sahib jee said don't fall to my feet, my guru is Siri Guru Arjan Devjee, I'll take you there. This shabad was sung by Siri Guru Arjan Devjee in front of the king. The first three parts of the shabad are teaching the king that this is the way of sikhi - the path of humility, the path of love. In the last part of the shabad gurujee talks directly to the king. Although this story may be from four hundred years ago but we must look how gurujee is talking to us in this shabad today. So Sathguru Arjan Devjee Maharaj begins:

Sunahu baenantheeaa suaamee maerae raam |
O Waheguru jee, suaamee maerae raam - O my Waheguru, O my lord, O my master please listen to my baenantheeaa - to my prayers.

Kott apraadh bharae bhee thaerae chaerae raam |
Even though I may be full of kott - millions of apraadh - sins, but bhee - even then thaerae chaerae raam - we are Your slaves, Wahegurujee, I am Your slave even then.

Dhukh haran kirapaa karan mohan kal kalaeseh bhanjanaa |
Waheguru jee dhukh haran - You are the One who destroys all pain, kirapaa karan - You are the one who bestows mercy and grace. You are the One who bestows grace. Mohan - You are the most beautiful, kal kalaesheh bhanjanaa - You are the One who destroys all arguments and strife. You are the one who removes all arguments, removes all doubt and confusion from our life.

Saran thaeree rakh laehu maeree sarab mai niranjanaa |
I have come into Your saran - into Your protection, rakh laehu maeree - please protect me, please save me, please protect my honor. Waheguru You are sarab mai niranjanaa - You are pervading through all but You are niranjanaa - niranjanaa are two words, nir and anjan; nir means blackness, soot, filth - You are without any filth Waheguru jee, You are completely pure. Even though You are pervading through all, You are completely pure, completely unattached to all.

Sunath paekhath sang sabh kai prabh naerehoo thae naerae |
You are sunath - listening, paekhath - seeing, sang - You are with everyone - pervading through all. prabh naerehoo thae naerae - You are closer to me, my prabhu, my Waheguru, than anything else.

Aradhaas naanak sun suaamee rakh laehu ghar kae chaerae |1|
Sathguru sahibjee is saying, this is our aradhaas sun suaamee - listen O lord, rakh laehu ghar kae chaerae - please save Your humble servants.

Thoo samarath sadhaa ham dheen bhaekhaaree raam |
Waheguru jee You are always, forever and forever all knowing, all powerful. Ham dheen bhaekhaaree raam - we are forever lowly and beggars. We are always begging, we are always crying out for something. Sathguru sahibjee then says,

Maaeiaa mohi magan kat laehu muraaree raam |
We are completely magan - engrossed in the mohi - in the attachment to this illusion, to this maya, to this material world. Kat laehu - please take me out, please take me out of this; O muraaree - O destroyer of evil, my Waheguru, my muraaree, my lord. Please save me from this, please take me out of this cycle.

Lobh mohi bikaar baadhiou anik dhokh kamaavanae |
I am baadhiou - I am tied down by lobh - greed for material possessions, mohi - attachment to family, friends and other, bikaar - these are creating bikaar - sins within my mind. Anik dhokh kamaavanae - I've carried out many dhokh, many mistakes, many sins.

Alipath bandhan rehath karathaa keeaa apanaa paavanae |
Wahegurujee You are the creator, You are bandhan rehath - You are tied down by nothing. You are alipath - unattached to all. Keeaa apanaa paavanae - Waheguru I understand that I receive what I've done, I receive the fruits of what I've done but guru jee is doing ardaas in front of Waheguru. Even though I know that my karams are lowly, just like we say in Rehraas Sahib every day Guru Arjan Sahibjee says, kahu naanak ham neech karanmaa - Sathguru jee says that I know that I am lowly and that my fortune is lowly but saran parae kee raakhahu saramaa - You are the greatest and the most amazing, please save me, please save my honor. So what guru Sahibjee is trying to do in these three parts of the shabads is to teach us that we must become lowly. Look at the simple nature of gravity and look at the world. This world is orbiting around the sun, around this world, is orbiting the moon. What does this mean? Realizing that we are the smallest, we will be pulled towards the biggest, it is the nature that the bigger ones pulls the lower one towards Himself. In the same way if we lose our ego, we would be pulled towards Waheguru. The pull, the love is always there we just need to lose our ego just like Maharaj jee is showing us in this shabad. Maharaj jee is saying that even though I know that I have no high karams, no high fortunes but still save me as we've said Guru Arjan Sahibjee also says in Reharaas Sahib da paath. So Sathguru jee Maharaj in the next line says to us,

Kar anugrahu pathith paavan bahu jon bhramathae haaree |
Please bless me with Your anugrahu - with Your mercy, pathith paavan - because You are the One who makes sinners pure, even sinners You purify. Bahu jon bhramathae haaree - I've been wondering for many lifetimes and now I've given up on my ego, on my greed and all these things. My own siaanap - my own cleverness cannot get me out of this.

Binavanth naanak dhaas har kaa prabh jeea praan adhaaree |2|
Sathgurujee is showing us, this should be our prayer; dhaar har kaa - make me Your slave, O Lord Waheguru, O Hari. Prabh jeea praan adhaaree - may I realize that prabhu You are the One who brings me to life and You are the support of my breath.

Thoo samarath vaddaa maeree math thoree raam |
You are the all knowing Waheguru maeree math thoree raam - this is where that realization is breaking in, that realization that Waheguru jee is greatest and that I am nothing. Thoo samarath vaddaa - O Waheguru jee You are the greatest, You are all knowing, maeree math thoree raam - my understanding is always inadequate, is always too little.

Paalehi akirathaghanaa pooran dhrisatt thaeree raam |
How great are You, O Waheguru? paalehi akirathaghanaa - even the ungrateful who don't even believe that You exist, You still look after them and You nourish them. Pooran dhrisatt thaeree raam - Your glance of grace is completely perfect. Why? - because even those who don't believe in Waheguru, Waheguru jee is still looking after them, that's why they are perfect.

Agaadh bodh apaar karathae mohi neech kashoo n jaanaa |
O lord creator Waheguru, You are agaadh - You are beyond our mind's understanding, Your wisdom is beyond our mind's understanding - apaar. Mohi neech kashoo n jaanaa - but me, I am lowly, I know nothing! I am full of vice and I know nothing.

Rathan thiaag sangrehan kouddee pasoo neech eiaanaa |
Sathguru Patshahjee is saying, we beings what have we done? We have rathan thiaag - we have given up the jewel of naam - of sangat, of the name of the lord, of amrit. What have I done? Sangrehan kauddee - I've gathered together worthless pebbles. Pasoo neech eiaanaa - I am just like an animal. How am I like an animal? Animals eat, sleep and procreate. If that's all we do then we are limiting ourselves to the life of an animal. I am neech - I am lowly because I am afflicted by the low habits of lust, desire and anger, I am eiaanaa because I've no gyaan - I've no understanding of You O Waheguru.

Thiaag chalathee mehaa chanchal dhokh kar kar joree |
That maha chanchal -that thing which always leaves us and thiaag chalathee - that which has left me again and again. Dhokh kar kar joree - by doing many sins I've got it together - Maharaj is talking about money and talking about material possessions.

Naanak saran samarath suaamee paij raakhahu moree |3|
Sathguru patshahjee says, Gursikho, O king listen, O Sikhs this is the way to do ardhaas - I've entered into Your protection, O all knowing great lord, suaamee paij raakhahu more - please save me and please save my honor. When we go in front of the lord we shouldn't say that I know this, I know that - that is not the way of receiving the grace, this is the way of receiving the grace; by saying that we know nothing, by actually falling down. Now gurujee is talking to the king;

Jaa thae veeshurriaa thin aap milaaeiaa raam |
The one from who you were separated, from understanding of the true lord thin aap milaaeiaa raam - has united you. Maharaj is talking to us, if we are listening to Maharaj jee's words now that Waheguru who we have been disassociated from, who we've been separated from for lifetimes is calling out to us now through,

Saadhoo sangamae har gun gaaeiaa raam |
The guru is calling out to us now through the society of saints like Bhai Kalyaanaa jee har gun gaaeiaa raam - through them now you are singing the virtues of lord, singing the praises of god. Through the gursikhs, through the sadhsangat, through they company of holy ones we've been brought together to sing the praises together through this hukamnama by gurujee's kirpaa themselves.

Gun gaae govidh sadhaa neekae kaliaan mai paragatt bheae |
Those people who gaae - who sing the praises of govind - of that creator of the universe are sadaa neekae - are forever beauteous, they have true beauty. Kaliaan mai paragatt bheae - those gun are what blessed him with kalian - with liberation and they become paragatt bheae - they become liberated and they merge within that one Waheguru who is kalian saroop, with the form of all liberation, with the true liberator.

Saejaa suhaavee sang prabh kai aapanae prabh kar leae |
This Saejaa, this bed of the mind, this internal bed is blessed with the sang - with the company of my sang - of my Waheguru. aapanae prabh kar leae - Waheguru jee has made me His own.

Shodd chinth achinth hoeae bahurr dhookh n paaeiaa |
Now is the time to give up all anxiety and become achinth hoeae - become stress-free. Bahurr dhookh n paaeiaa - pain will not affect you again if you follow what the guru says.

Naanak dharasan paekh jeevae govindh gun nidh gaaeiaa |4|5|8|
Sathguru Patshahjee is saying that by beholding the beautiful darshan - the beloved vision of Waheguru, I am brought to life, I am blessed with jeevan mukhathee - liberation whist being alive. Govindh gun nidh gaaeiaa - I've come to sing the praises, the virtues, the gun of that nidh - of that treasure of all virtue, Waheguru, my govindh, my lord.
Just as Maharaj was talking to that king all those years ago, so Maharaj is talking to us now and may we learn through their immortal words the path of humility, the path of gursikhi.

Shodd chinth achinth hoeae bahurr dhookh n paaeiaa |
Naanak dharasan paekh jeevae govindh gun nidh gaaeiaa |4|5|8|

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh!