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English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 546


Bihaagarraa mehalaa 5 shha(n)th ||
Guramukh piaareyo, Sathiguru Arjun Dev Jee Maharaj is speaking to us in Bihaagarraa raag, in shha(n)ths - in a class of singing in verses. Sathiguru Sahib Jee Maharaj begins the blessed shabad-

An kaaeae raatharriaa vaatt dhuhaeleeraam ||
Why are you raatharriaa, imbued, why are you besotted with, why are you completely fascinated by An - others than Waheguru? Why have you attached yourself to those things that are false and fall away, to temporary pleasures? Sathiguru Sahib Jee says that if you are attaching yourself to temporary pleasures of the world you are giving up on the internal pleasure of God's name. Vaatt dhuhaelee raam, and the path you are walking on, the vaatt, is dhuhaelee - will only give you pain.

Paap kamaavadhiaa thaeraa koe n baelee raam ||
Paap kamaavadhiaa, Why? Because on this path all you can do is kamaavadhiaa, is carry out paap, sins. Thaeraa koe n baelee raam, koe - not even one person will be your baelee, will be your friend on this path. What is Guru Jee Saying? Guru Jee is saying that kaam, krodh, lobh, moh, ahankaar; kaam - desires, krodh - anger, lobh- greed, moh - attachment and ahankaar - ego, these five thieves which live in you, they persuade you, they get you to carry out what they want. Desires get you to do what they want; bad deeds, anger; speaking angry words, greed; taking from others, attachment; being attached to temporary things in this world, ego; thinking of yourself as the greatest and others as low. These five thieves, they are with you, persuading you to do all these bad deeds, but when the time comes and you are called to account for all of these bad deeds, none of them will stand with you. Koe n baelee raam, all of these sins that you commit, none of them will stand with you. And the people that you are committing sins for, sometimes we lie for someone else or sometimes we carry out bad deeds to please other people, Guru Jee says that none of these people will stand with you.

Koeae n baelee hoe thaeraa sadhaa pashhothaavehae ||
Koeae n baelee hoe thaeraa sadhaa pashhothaavehae. No one will be your baelee, your friend. No one will stand with you. Sadhaa pashhothaavehae, and all you will be left in is a state of sadhaa - forever, pashhothaavehae - regret which goes on forever.

Gun gupaal n japehi rasanaa fir kadhahu sae dhih aavehae ||
Gun gupaal n japehi rasanaa, with your rasna, with your tongue you have never japehi - chanted, the gun - the praises of The gupaal, of The creator of the universe, Waheguru. Fir kadhahu sae dhih aavehae, fir, when will kadhahu, when will, fir means again and kadhahu means when, sae dhih means these days aavehae - when will these days come again? What does this mean? When will the blessed days of your human life will come again? You've got the human life, this is the time to meditate upon God. Guru Jee is asking a rhetorical question here. Guru Jee is saying, to make us think that these days won't come again, these days are only here now. We must take the opportunity that Guru Sahib Jee has given us. Guru Sahib Jee carries on

Tharavar vishhu(n)nae neh paath jurrathae jam mag goun eikaelee ||
Tharavar vishhu(n)nae neh paath jurrathae, when paath, when leaves are vishhu(n)nae, are separated from the tharavar, from the tree, they are never neh, never again are they jurrathae. Can they be attached? What is Guru Jee saying? When you lead this human life, that's it, you are back into the 8.4 million life forms, the chauraasee lakh. Jam mag goun eikaelee, the mag, the path of jam, of the messengers of the death, which you are going to have to walk upon one day, you are going have to die, goun eikaelee, on that path you'll only be able to walk alone. No one will be with you.

Binava(n)th naanak bin naam har kae sadhaa firath dhuhaelee ||1||
Binava(n)th naanak, Guru Sahib Jee humbly telling us, bin naam har kae, without The Name of God, sadhaa firath dhuhaelee, forever we will firath - wonder, in the 8.4 million life forms and reincarnation and rebirth again and again, again and again duhaelee - in sadness, in pain.

Thoo(n) valava(n)ch look karehi sabh jaanai jaanee raam ||
Thoo(n) valava(n)ch look karehi, Guru Jee says that you karehi, you do these things, valva(n)ch means deception, evil things, bad things look - you think you are hiding them from the universe, from the world. You may be able to hide them from other human things but you cannot hide them from God, the sins that you do, sabh jaanai jaanee raam. Waheguru Jee is jaanai jaanee, what does that mean? All knowing. Doesn't matter what you are doing. Doesn't matter how many times you try and cover yourself, Waheguru Jee is all knowing.

Laekhaa dhharam bhaeiaa thil peerrae ghaanee raam ||
Laekhaa dhharam bhaeiaa, you will have to give your laekhaa, your account to dharamraaj, to the Judge of Righteousness. Thil peerrae ghaanee raam, and for each sin that you've done you will be peerrae, you'll be ground down like a thil, like a sesame seed, ghaanee - like in an oil presser it gets pressed down to bring the oil out of, that is how your sins will be squeezing you. Because of all these sins you have committed you will have to pay the price, go through the pain.

Kirath kamaanae dhukh sahu paraanee anik jon bhramaaeiaa ||
Kirath kamaanae dhukh sahu paraanee, but the dhukh which you sahu which you will have to undergo is of your kirath kamaanae is of the misdeeds that you have done. Anik jon bhramaaeiaa, and what is this pain that you have to go through, that you have to be bhramaaeiaa, that you have to wonder around in anik, in countless jon - rebirths.

Mehaa mohanee sa(n)g raathaa rathan janam gavaaeiaa ||
Mehaa mohanee sa(n)g raathaa, you are raathaa, you are imbued, you are completely besotted with mehaa mohanee, mehaa mohanee meaning the most attaching thing. And what is that? Maya - This illusion of the world, you are attached to material gains, to material pleasures. Rathan janam gavaaeiaa, gavaaeiaa, you have lost the diamond of this janam, of this life.

Eikas har kae naam baajhahu aan kaaj siaanee ||
Eikas har kae naam baajhahu, without The one Name of the Waheguru, without The Name of Hari, of God, baajhahu means without, aan kaaj siaanee, in aan kaaj, in other things, aan meaning other, kaaj meaning things you are siaanee, you are clever. What does that mean? Then anything else apart from simran, you are first in the line. If it's anything to do with material gain you are there. If it's do with gaining a few pounds, dollars or rupees or whatever it is, you are there, number one. But when it's time to do Simran then you are nowhere to be seen.

Binava(n)th naanak laekh likhiaa bharam mohi lubhaanee ||2||
Binava(n)thnaanak, Guru Jee prays, Guru Jee says with this complete humility, laekhlikhiaa, this is the way your preordained destiny has been written, bharam mohi lubhaanee, that you will be in bharam, in doubt, mohi, in attached to this world lubhaanee, completely in emotional attachment.

Beech n koe karae akirathaghan vishhurr paeiaa ||
Beech n koe karae, no one can advocate for you, no one can help you. Beech means stand between to speak out for, akirathaghan because you are akirathaghan means you have forgotten what God has done for you, you are ungrateful to Waheguru. Waheguru has given you this body, all of these things in the world, vishhurr paeiaa, and you have been separated from Waheguru, vishhurr paeiaa, you have paeiaa, you have become vishhurr, you have become separated from Waheguru through your ungrateful actions and no one will stand up for you in that court. No one can speak out for you.

Aaeae kharae kat(h)in jamaka(n)kar pakarr laeiaa ||
Aaaeae kharae kat(h)in jamaka(n)kar pakarr laeiaa. And then what happens? The day of your death comes, kharae kat(h)in jamaka(n)kar, the kat(h)in, the hard-hearted jamaka(n)kar, messengers of death will come pakarr laeiaa, pakarr means to grab hold of, laeiaa means to take with. They will grab hold of you and take with you on the path of death.

Pakarrae chalaaeiaa apanaa kamaaeiaa mehaa mohanee raathiaa ||
Pakarrae chalaaeiaa, pakarrae, they grab you and chalaaeiaa, take you with them. Apanaa kamaaeiaa, and they will punish you for apanaa kamaaeiaa, for the deeds which you, misdeeds which you have done, the sins which you have done, mehaa mohanee raathiaa, for all of those things, all of those misdeeds which you have done raathiaa, imbued with attachment for mehaa mohanee, for this illusion, for material gains.

Gun govi(n)dh guramukh n japiaa thapath thha(n)mh gal laathiaa ||
Gun govin(n)dh guramukh n japiaa. When we are talking about attachment to these material gains, we are not talking about earning for your family or spending things on your parivaar, your families to look after them. No! Material gains and Maya are those things which separate us from God. When we become greedy, when we become entangled in desires, when we doing things out of anger, when we doing things out of greed, when we doing things out of attachment. What we need to do to survive and to look after our families, they are not misdeeds. But those are misdeeds which hurt people, those are misdeeds which we do just to show our ego, those are misdeeds which we show just for our desires. And those are our misdeeds which break us from God, gun govi(n)dh guramukh n japiaa, you have not become guramukh, Guru-centered, you have not put The Guru in the centre of your life, you have not japiaa, you have not meditated upon the gun, the virtues of God though the praises of God, of Waheguru, thapath thha(n)mh gal laathiaa, and Guru Sahib Jee says that if you do not meditate upon the praises of god, that is like gal laathiaa, like pressing against your neck, pressing against your chest, thapath thha(n)ma, thapath means hot, thha(n)mh means a wall, it can mean a stone, it can mean burning hot metal. It's like hugging a piece of hot metal. But what does that mean? We're holding onto so dearly all of these material things and they are like pieces of burning hot metal, all they can do is burn us inside if they make us forget the virtues, the praises of God.

Kaam krodhh aha(n)kaar moot(h)aa khoe giaan pashhuthaapiaa ||
Kaam krodh aha(n)kaar moot(h)aa, we've been moot(h)aa, we've been robbed by kaam, by desires, krodh-anger, aha(n)kaar-ego. Khoe giaan pashhuthaapiaa, khoe and all of our giaan, all of our spiritual wisdom is khoe, has departed, pashhuthaapiaa and Guru Sahib Jee says in the end if you're spiritual wisdom has been taken away and your love for god has been taken away by these things and pashhuthaapiaa, you will have to regret.

Binava(n)th naanak sa(n)jog bhoolaa har jaap rasan n jaapiaa ||3||
Binava(n)th naanak, Guru Sahib Jee humbly says, sa(n)jog bhoolaa, that you had the sa(n)jog, you had this human body, you were given this human body but bhoolaa, you have forgotten Waheguru. Har jaap rasan n jaapiaa, and with your rasan, with your tongue you haven't jaapiaa, meditated upon har jaap, upon the mantra, upon the shabad of The Guru, of Hari, of Waheguru.

Thujh bin ko naahee prabh raakhanehaaraa raam ||
Thujh bin ko naahee, Waheguru, Prabhu, prabh raakhanehaaraa raam. O Raakhanehaaraa, O Saviour Lord- Prabhu, O Waheguru, O Raam. Thujh bin ko naahee, without you there is no one who can save me.

Pathith oudhhaaran har biradh thumaaraa raam ||
Pathith oudhhaaran har biradh thumaaraa raam, Your biradh, Your nature, O Ram, O Waheguru, O Hari, O God is pathithoudhhaaran, the oudhhaaran that you liberate, that You save the pathith, the sinners, You are the saviour of the sinners.

Pathith oudhhaaran saran suaamee kirapaa nidhh dhaeiaalaa ||
Pathith oudhhaaran saran suaamee, I've come into your saran, into your protection, O Swaami, O Lord because I know that You are the one who can liberate, who can save the sinners, you are pathith oudhhaaran, kirapaa nidhh dhaeiaalaa, you are the nidhh, you are the treasure of all kirapaa, of all grace, of all mercy, dhaeiaalaa, forever merciful.

A(n)dhh koop thae oudhhar karathae sagal ghatt prathipaalaa ||
A(n)dhh koop thae oudhhar karathae, O karathae, O Creator- Waheguru, oudhhar, please rescue me from this koop, this well of a(n)dhh, this well of darkness that I'm in, this well of spiritual ignorance which I live in. Sagal ghatt prathipaalaa, You are the one Who prathipaalaa, Who nourishes all hearts, sagalghatt means all hearts. You are the one who nourishes all.

Saran thaeree katt mehaa baerree eik naam dhaehi adhhaaraa ||
Saran thaeree, I've come into Your saran, into your protection, katt mehaa baerree, please katt, katt means to cut away, please cut away mehaa baerree, the great shackles which I wear in my arms. Of what? Of desires, anger, greed, attachment, ego. These shackles which I'm wearing, please cut them away, eik naam dhaehi adhhaaraa, and give me the adhhaaraa, the support of your one name, of Iko(n)kaar, of Satnaam Sri Waheguru. Please give me the support of your Name.

Binava(n)th naanak kar dhaee raakhahu gobi(n)dh dheen dhaeiaaraa ||4||
Binava(n)th naanak, Guru Sahib Jee says that I humbly pray, kar dhaee raakhahu, please dhaee give me your kar, your hand, raakhahu, save me gobi(n)dh dheen dhaeiaaraa, O Waheguru you are the one who is dhaeiaaraa, who is merciful upon the dheen, upon the meek, upon the lowly.

So dhin safal ganiaa har prabhoo milaaeiaa raam ||
So dhin safal ganiaa, that dhin, that day is safal, is satisfactory, is blessed, har prabhoo milaaeiaa raam, on which day O Guru Nanak DevJee that you milaaeiaa, that unite me with Waheguru, with God.

Sabh sukh paragattiaa dhukh dhoor paraaeiaa raam ||
Sabh sukh paragattiaa, all sukh, all happiness paragattiaa, blossoms forth, dhukh dhoor paraaeiaa raam, and on that day, all dhukh, all pain is dhoor, is removed far away.

Sukh sehaj anadh binodh sadh hee gun gupaal nith gaaeeai ||
Those that have been united with God, what do they have in their life? Sukh, complete peace, complete spiritual balance, anadh - complete ecstasy, binodh - complete happiness, sadh hee, forever and ever. Not for one day, not for two days, forever. Gun gupaal nith gaaeeai, how does this happen? If nith, everyday we get up and we gaaeeai, we sing the gun, the praises of gupaal, The creator of this universe Waheguru.

Bhaj saadhhasa(n)gae milae ra(n)gae bahurr jon n dhhaaeeai ||
Bhaj - run into the saadhhasa(n)gae, and in the saadhsangat bhaj, meditate upon The Name of God. Milae ra(n)gae - meet with those people who are ra(n)gae, who are coloured in God's Name. This is the way of meeting ra(n)gae, That Waheguru Who is coloured in love. Bahurr, and forever and ever you will not have to dhhaaeeai, you will not have to come into jon, into rebirths.

Gehi ka(n)t(h) laaeae sehaj subhaaeae aadh a(n)kur aaeiaa ||
Waheguru Jee blessed me with sehaj subhaaeae. First Waheguru Jee took me into Their ka(n)t(h), into Their embrace. Sehaj subhaaeae - and They blessed me with subhaaeae, with nature of complete balance and poise. Aadh means my primal destiny, the a(n)kur, the seed of that has blossomed forth. Binava(n)th naanak aap miliaa bahurr kathehoo n jaaeiaa ||5||4||7||
Binava(n)th naanak, Guru Jee humbly prays, aap miliaa. It wasn't me who met God, it was God Who united me with Himself, it was God Who was merciful upon me, Who am I to meet God? God is The one Who united me with Himself. Now that I have been united, bahurr, again and again, I will not have to, kathehoo n, at no point will I have to jaaeiaa, go anywhere else. I am united with my Lord.

Gehi ka(n)t(h) laaeae sehaj subhaaeae aadh a(n)kur aaeiaa ||
Binava(n)th naanak aap miliaa bahurr kathehoo n jaaeiaa ||5||4||7||

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh.