English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 542

Raag bihaagarraa mehalaa 5 |
Arjan Sahibjee Maharaj is blessing us today, Guru Sahibjee begins in Bihaagarraa raag.

Ath preetham man mohanaa ghatt sohanaa praan adhaaraa raam |
Guru sahibjee is explaining to us about Akal Purkah Sahibjee, how great Akal Purkah Wahegurujee is: ath preetham - the most dearest to me, man mohanaa - who fascinates, whom I am completely in love with, who is the center of my mind, who fascinates me, ghatt sohanaa - who is the decoration of my heart and soul praan adhaaraa raam - that Lord is the support of my praan - of my breath, source of life.

Sundhar sobhaa laal gopaal dhaeiaal kee apar apaaraa raam |
Of that laal - that beloved Waheguru, gopaal - that creator, noursiher of Waheguru, dhaeiaal kee - that merciful Waheguru, Wahegurujee's sobha - Wahegurujee's glory, Wahegurujee's praises are sundhar - are embellished, are amazing, apar apaaraa raam - Waheguru jee's glorious praises are beyond all limits, apar apaaraa - are beyond all limits, they are limitless, breaking past all barriers.

Gopaal dhaeiaal gobindh laalan milahu kanth nimaaneeaa |
My Waheguru jee is gopaal - the nourisher of this world, dhaeiaal - is merciful, gobindh - is the seed of this world, the creator of this world, laalan - is beloved, milahu kanth nimaaneeaa - O my Husband Lord please milahu - unite with this humble soul bride who is offering You this prayer.

Nain tharasan dharas parasan neh needh rain vihaaneeaa |
Naina tharasan - my eyes cry out, dharas parasan - Waheguru jee my eyes are longing, we are crying out for your beloved vision, dharas parasan - to meet with You, for your dharasan - for Your beloved vision. Externally the Sikh, the follower of the Guru, his/her eyes, every morning should be yearning to have the physical dharsan of Siri Guru Granth Sahibjee Maharaj and internally to have that unity with Waheguru. That Guru ka sikh who has both of these longings inside he/she is very blessed: to have that internal thirst and longing to be united with Waheguru and have the external longing too, to have dharsan of Siri Guru Granth sahibjee. Neh needh rain vihaaneeaa - rain means night, vihaaneeaa - as it passes, neh needh - I cannot go to sleep, I have no sleep.

Giaan anjan naam binjan bheae sagal seegaaraa |
Waheguru jee bless me with the anjan - with the ointment on my eyes, with the cream for my eyes, the decoration on my eyes of giaan - of spiritual understanding, naam binjan - please give me the food, the sustenance, the support of Your Naam. Bheae sagal seegaaraa - if you give me this Waheguru jee then I have all decorations, sagal means all, seegaaraa - means decorations - I have all decorations of the world: I have everything.

Naanak paeianpai santh janpai mael kanth hamaaraa |1|
Nanak paeianpai - paei means my beloved Husband Lord and anpai means my own, Waheguru jee You are my own beloved Lord and I am offering this prayer in front of You that santh janpai - that I may meditate upon the saint of all saints, Siri Guru Naanak Dev Jee Maharaj. What else does this mean? That all saints are janpai - are meditating upon You, O Waheguru jee. Mael kanth hamaaraa - please unite me with my husband Lord.

Laakh oulaahanae mohi har jab lag neh milai raam |
There are laakh - there are countless, laakh means thousands of oulaahanae - means people pointing the finger, reprimands, people looking at me and saying look she hasn't been united with the Husband Lord - that life is so hard to endure, mohi - there are countless reprimands of the people upon me. Jab lag neh milai raam - in that time that I am not united with Hari, with You O Waheguru -

Milan ko karo oupaav kish hamaaraa neh chalai raam |
I try and oupaav - I try and make many efforts, do many things to unite with You Waheguru kish hamaaraa neh chalai raam - no effort of mine works Waheguru.

Chal chith bith anith pria bin kavan bidhee n dheejeeai |
My chith - my focus, my consciousness, my concentration is chal - is unsteady, it moves this way, it moves that way, Waheguru I try and meditate upon You but my mind is entangled in anith - transitory bith - wealth. This transitory wealth of maya Waheguru jee - my mind is just stuck in that, I cannot think outside of that. That is why my mind finds no peace. Pria bin kavan bidhee n dheejeeai - without You O Waheguru, My Husband Lord kavan bidhee n dheejeeai - there is no bidhi - no way that I can find peace.

Khaan paan seegaar birathae har kanth bin kio jeejeeai |
Khaan - eating, paan - eating, seegar - decorations, any of these things are birathae - are useless without You O Lord, har kanth bin kio jeejeeai - how can I live, how can I survive without my Hari, without my Waheguru jee.

Aasaa piaasee rain dhineear rehi n sakeeai eik thilai |
Aasaa piaasee - I am thirsty, I am hopeful day and night, rain dhineear - rain meaning during the night, dhineear - during the day rehi n sakeeai eik thilai - even one instant, thilai means the smallest amount of time like a sesame seed, even that amount of time I cannot rehi - I cannot live without You O Waheguru.

Naanak paeianpai santh dhaasee tho prasaadh maeraa pir milai |2|
Nanak paeianpai - Naanak jee offers this prayer in the presence of beloved Husband Lord, santh dhaases - I am the humble saints of the saints. Tho prasaadh maeraa pir milai - O Guru Nanak Devjee - the saint of all saints through Your grace I can milai - I will be united with my Husband Lord.

Saej eaek prio sang dharas n paaeeai raam |
There is One bed within me, what is that? O the soul inside the spiritual body, prio sang - Waheguru is with me at all times but dharas n paaeeai raam - but I do not find the dharsan - I cannot have their blessed vision. Why is that?

Avagan mohi anaek kath mehal bulaaeeai raam |
Because I have avagan mohi anaek - I have countless avagan - countless misdemeanors, countless vices, countless paaps within me, countless sins within me that kath mehal bulaaeeaai raam - how can I be called by my Husband Lord to the mehal - to the house of peace within me, how can I be united with Lord? All these sins within me are stopping me. I have no gun.

Niragun nimaanee anaath binavai milahu prabh kirapaa nidhae |
Niragun nimaanee - I have no honor, anaath - I have no other binavai - I cry out and do this prayer that milahu prabh kirapaa nidhae - O treasure of all kirpa, of all grace, O prabhu - O Waheguru please unite me with You.

Bhram bheeth khoeeai sehaj soeeai prabh palak paekhath nav nidhae |
Please knock down the bheeth - the wall of bhram - of doubt so that sehaj soeeai - so that I may find the rest of sehaj, the rest of peace - that state of being where there is no happiness, no sadness. Give me that state Waheguru! Prabh palak paekhath nav nidhae - even seeing You for one second O Waheguru, even for an instant Waheguru I can nav nidhae - I get all nine treasures of the world.

Grihi laal aavai mehal paavai mil sang mangal gaaeeai |
That day when my laal - when my beloved Waheguru comes into my soul then mehal paavai - then I will find that true mehal - that true mansion of peace, what is that? - Being united with God. Mil sang mangal gaaeeeia - when I meet into the company of Waheguru I will sing mangal - I will sing praises of Waheguru. I will call out in happiness and say anand paea meri maae - I am in ecstasy, sathiguru main paaea - I have found the true Guru.

Naanak paeianpai santh saranee mohi dharas dhikhaaeeai |3|
Sahiguru Sahibjee if offering up this prayer, santh saranee - I come into the protection of the saints mohi dharas dhikhaaeeai - please bless me with Your blessed vision O Waheguru.

Santhan kai parasaadh har har paaeiaa raam |
With the grace of the saints, har har paaeiaa raam - I've found that Lord.

Eish punnee man saath thapath bujhaaeiaa raam |
My desires have been fulfilled man saath - my mind has become completely full of peace, thapath bujhaaeiaa raam - the fire within me of greed, of anger, of desires, this fire has been put out.

Safalaa s dhinas rainae suhaavee anadh mangal ras ghanaa |
Safalaa s dhinas - that day is blessed, rainae suhaavee - that night is beautiful anadh mangal ras ghanaa - I am full of spiritual ecstasy, I am singing out Lord's praises, ras ghanaa - I've countless treasure of God's praises inside me.

Pragattae gupaal gobindh laalan kavan rasanaa gun bhanaa |
That day when my gupaal - the creator of this universe, the sustainer of this universe, gopaal gobind laalan pragattae - is revealed to me inside, kavan rasanaa gun bhanaa - how can I? With which tongue can I talk of the praises of that Waheguru, that God? That day when I am given that blessed vision how can I put it into words?

Bhram lobh moh bikaar thaakae mil sakhee mangal gaaeiaa |
Bhram lobh moh bikaar thaakae - all of my doubts, all of my lobh - all of my greed, all of my moh - all of my attachment, all of my bikaar - my sins which were attacking me have thaakae - have fallen away. Mil sakhee mangal gaaeiaa - I joined with the saints, my friends and sing the praises of Lord.

Naanak paeianpai santh janpai jin har har sanjog milaaeiaa |4|2|
Guru Naanak Dev Sahibjee offers this prayer santh janpai - I meditate upon the saints and Waheguru jee the saints meditate upon You, jin har har sanjog milaaaeiaa - through whose grace I've been united with Waheguru.

Bhram lobh moh bikaar thaakae mil sakhee mangal gaaeiaa |
Naanak paeianpai santh janpai jin har har sanjog milaaeiaa |4|2|

Waheguru jee ka khalsa, Waheguru jee ki fateh!

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