English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 541


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
Hukamnaama sahib today is in Bihaagra Raag by Guru Raam Das Jeeo on Ang541 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee.

Bihaagrraa Mahala 4 ll

Sabh jee-a Tayray Too vartdaa mayray Har Prabh Too jaaneh jo jee-e kamaaeeai Raam ll
SatgurRaam Daas jee Maharaj is blessing us today. Guru Sahib Jee begins today’s blessings ‘sabh jeea tayray’- O Waheguru, ‘sabh-’ all, ‘jeea’-, beings, all souls, everyone and everything upon this Earth ‘tayray’- belongs to You, Waheguru, they are all yours. ‘Too vartdaa’- Not only do they belong to Waheguru, Gurumukh Piaario, there’s a very big difference. The potter, he makes many implements many bowls, many pots out of clay But Gurmukh Piaario, Guru Sahib ji says it’s not in this way that everyone belongs to You Waheguru, not only everyone belongs to you, but ‘too vartdaa’- you are the One working throughout them all, the artist and his painting are two different things the potter and his pottery are two different things but Gurmukh Piaario, Waheguru and his creation are One and the same, Waheguru Ji’s pervading through all of the Creation. They aren’t separate from the painting like the artist, the artist sits and looks at his painting but he’s not permeating through his painting, but Waheguru has created this Earth, and Waheguru ji works through this Earth. Permeates through every being. ‘mayray Har Prabh’- O, My Lord God Waheguru, O Hari, O Prabhu, O Lord of this world, ‘Too jaaneh’- You know , ‘jo jee-e kamaaeeai Raam’- ‘kamaaeeai’- what they are doing, ‘O Raam’ O Waheguru, in their hearts, O Waheguru, You are the One who knows with what thoughts we do things, You are the One who knows our inner thoughts, You are the One who knows what’s going in our hearts.

Har antar baahar naal hai mayree jindurreeay sabh vaykhai mann mukraaeeai Raam ll
‘Antar’- within each and every being, ‘baahar’-surrounding each and every being, ‘Hari’, Waheguru Is ‘naal’- is with us at all times, ‘mayree jindurreeay’- remember this my soul. ‘Sabh vaykhai’- God knows everything, God, ‘sabh vaykhai’-all, sees, He is all seeing, He can see everything. ‘mann mukraaeeai -Raam’- but my mind, why you still ‘mukraaeeai?, - why are you still not ready to accept that Waheguru is with you at all times. Satgur Paatshaah is saying that in your mind, O human being, you think ‘mukraaeeai’ you think that God isn’t with you, but this Shabad is telling us Waheguru ji is with us at all times.

Manmukhaa no Har door hai mayree jindurreeay sabh birthee ghaal gavaaeeai Raam ll
If God is with us at all times, why has Guruji written this ‘manmukhaa’- those people who follow their mind, those mind-centred beings, not Guru-centred, Guruji is far away from them. What does this mean? Gurmukh Piaario, the Sun could be shining brightly outside, but if you’ve got the blinds or the curtains closed, then there’s darkness. In the same way, Gurmukh Piaario, God’s light is pervading through all, God’s glory, God’s greatness is pervading through all. Gurmukh Piaario, but if we’ve got the blinds of our ‘mann’ closed, and then there’s going to be darkness. Therefore in this darkness of spiritual ignorance, ‘manmukhaa’- those who follow their mind feel that God is far away, but God is always there. The sun is always shining throughout the day, Gurmukh Piaario, but the blinds, the curtains are what separate us, and in Gurbani, Guru sahib Ji tells us this ‘koorr dee paal’- This ‘paal’- this, as Guru Nanak Dev Ji talks of, ‘kiv koorrai tutai paal’- this wall of falsehood, which is blocking out the light of God’s glory, Gurmukh Piaario, ‘sabh birthee ghaal gavaaeeai Raam’- in this darkness, this spiritual ignorance, all of our ‘ghaal’ all of our efforts, in this world, become ‘birthee’-become useless, wasted. Why? Because we’re not acting consciously, Gurmukh Piaario, the mind centred beings are only doing things to fill their stomachs, or to gain worldly pleasures, and all of these thing waste away.

Jan Nanak Gurmukh dhiaaia mayree jindurreeay Har haajar nadree aaeeai Raam ll1ll
SatgurRaam Das ji says that those people that have meditated upon Waheguru, with humility and love, Gurmukh, those who are Guru-centred, those who have meditated upon Waheguru, ‘dhiaaia’-. ‘mayree jindurreeay’, and those Gurmukh Piaaray who have meditated upon God, and who, with the Guru’s grace have removed this blind of ignorance, this wall of ignorance has been knocked down, ‘Har haajar nadree aaeeaa Raam’- they see ‘Hari’. They see Waheguru to be ‘haajar’, to be with them at all times, ‘nadree aaeeai’- they’ve seen this, they feel it, they know it.

Say bhagat say sayvak mayree jindurreeay jo Prabh mayray man bhaanay Raam ll
‘Say bhagat’- that person is a true devotee, ‘say sayvak’- that person is a true servant of Waheguru, ‘mayree jindurreeay’-, O, my soul. ‘jo Prabh mayray man bhaanay Raam’- those who ‘bhaanay’- who are pleasing to my Prabhu, my Lord, my Waheguru. Those who follow what my Waheguru ji says, they are true servants-they are true devotees.

Say Har dargah painaaiaa mayree jindurreeay ahinas saach samaanay Raam ll
‘say Har dargah painaaiaa-‘- they are the ones who are ‘painaaiaa’- who are honoured in the ‘dargah’- in the court of Waheguru, O my soul. ‘Ahinas saach samaaiaa Raam-‘’ahinas’- day and night, they ‘samaanay’- they merge into the Truth. Day and night, what does that mean? Means that day and night they are remembering that Eternal Waheguru.

Tin kai sang mal outrai mayree jindurreeay rang raatay nadar neesaanay Raam ll
Even those people who go in to their ‘sang’, and their company, ‘mal outrai’- the ‘mal’- the filth of many lifetimes in your mind, the filth of many sins ‘outrai’- is removed by going into the company of those Gurmukh Piaaray, O my soul. ’rang raatay nadar neesaanay Raam’- and if you enter into the company of these humble beings, you get blessed with ‘rang ratay’- they are coloured in ‘rang’- in the colour of God’s Love, they colour you as well. ‘nadar neesaanay’- they have the ‘nadar’- the glance of Waheguru, the grace of God, and if you sit with them, the Guru glances with Grace upon you as well. The Guru blesses you with his Grace as well.

Nanak kee Prabh bayntee mayree jindurreeay mil saadhoo sang aghaanay Raam ll2ll
‘Nanak kee Prabh bayntee’- Satgur Raam Das Ji offers this prayer, this ‘bayntee’, to God, ‘mayree jindurreeay’,-O my soul, ‘mil saadhoo sang aghaanay Raam’-give me the ‘sang’- the company of ‘saadhoos’- of those who are working to conquer their mind, ‘aghaanay’- this is the way my mind can find satisfaction, this is the way that I can truly be fulfilled in life.

Hay rasnaa jap Gobindo mayree jindurreeay jap Har Har trisnaa jaaay Raam ll
O my tongue, ‘jap Gobindo’, meditate in the name of God, chant the name of Waheguru. O my soul, ‘jap har har’, by meditating upon the Hari, internally and externally, with your tongue. By meditating upon Hari, upon Waheguru, ‘trisnaa jaay raam’, your ‘trisnaa’, all of your greed, all of your burning fire of desire inside, of ‘trisnaa’, will go.

Jis dayaa karay mayraa Paarbrahm mayree jindurreeay tis mann Naam vasaa-ay Raam ll
O my soul, ‘mayraa Paarbrahm’, my Waheguru, whoever he blesses with his dayaa, with his Grace, ‘tis mann Naam vasaa-ay Raam’ – in that person’s mann, in that person’s mind, Waheguru Ji ‘vasaa-ay’, enshrines, Waheguru Ji embeds, Waheguru Ji implants Naam. Waheguru Ji embeds the joy and the effort to meditate upon the Name of God.

Jis bhaytay Pooraa Satguru mayree jindurreeay so Har dhann nidh paa-ay Raam ll
O my soul, those people who’ve ‘bhaytay’, who’ve met with ‘Poora’, the perfect Eternal Satguru, they ‘paa-ay’, they find, they’re blessed with, by the True Guru, with the ‘nidh’, with the treasure, with the ‘dhann’, the wealth of Hari, of God. What is the wealth of God? The name of God. What is the wealth of God? The virtues of God.

Vadbhaagee Sangat milai mayree jindurreeay Nanak Har gun gaa-ay Raam ll3ll
O my soul, ‘vadbhaagee’, only those with great fortunes, ‘milai’, unite with, meet with the Sangat – the company of those Gursikhs who meditate upon God’s name. Satguru Raamdaas Ji says, what do we do in the Sangat? ‘Har gun gaa-ay’, we sing the praises, the gun, the virtues, the glories of Hari, of Waheguru.

Thaan Thanantar rav rahiaa mayree jindurreeay Paarbrahm Prabh Daataa Raam ll
‘Thaan’, in all places, ‘thanantar’ – within all places, with the human beings as well, ‘rav rahiaa’, Waheguru ji is pervading through all. O my soul, remember this! That ‘Paarbrahm’, that limitless God, that Prabhoo, that Lord, ‘Daataa’, that giver of the whole world.

Ta kaa ant na paaeeai mayree jindurreeay Pooran Purakh Bidhaataa Raam ll
We cannot find the ‘ant’, the limits of Waheguru, O my soul! Waheguru Ji is ‘pooran’, is perfect, and ‘bidhaataa’, Waheguru Ji is the one who creates all destinies. Waheguru is the one who writes all fortunes – that’s what ‘bidhaataa’ means.

Sarab Jee-a pratipaaldaa mayree jindurreeay jio baalak pit maataa Raam ll
O my soul, Waheguru Ji is ‘pratipaaldaa’, is nourishing, is cherishing, is looking after ‘sarab’, all ‘jee-aan’, all beings. Like the ‘pit’, meaning father, ‘maataa’, meaning mother, like father and the mother, looking after their child in the same way God is looking after all.

Sahas siaanap nah milai mayree jindurreeay Jan Nanak Gurmukh jaataa Raam ll4ll6ll
O my soul, we cannot find God through ‘sahas siaanap’, through thousands, ‘sahas’ means thousands, of our mind’s ‘siaanap’, of our mind’s cleverness. Through our own thoughts, we cannot find God. Satguru Raamdaas Jis says, the only way you can ‘jaataa’, you can come to know God, the only way you can come to be one with God, is being putting the Guru in the centre of your life. By following what the Guru says – if you follow what the Guru says, then you will be blessed with knowing God, you’ll be blessed with merging into God


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