English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 531


Dhaevagandhaaree 5 |
Guru Piaree Sadhsangat jeo, Sathguru Arjan Devjee Maharaj, fifth Guru is talking to us in Dhaevagandhaaree raag today. Sathiguru Patshahjee begins the shabad,

Maaee jo prabh kae gun gaavai | safal aaeiaa jeevan fal thaa ko paarabreham liv laavai |1| rehaao |
Maaee can mean mother, it can mean brother, it can mean O friends, it can mean O congregation, maaee - Oh world, Oh people of the world jorprabh kae gun gaavai - those people who sing the virtues, the praises, who sing the name of, who chant the glories of prabh - of Waheguru, safal aaeiaa - their birth upon this earth, aaeiaa literally means their coming upon this earth is safal - is satisfied, is blessed, their coming on to this is blessed. jeevan fal thaa ko - their jeevan- their whole life is fruitful, is blissful, Paarabreham liv laavai - for those people who attach their consciousness, who focus their attention, who focus their concentration upon paarabreham - upon One Lord. Rehaao - pause and think about this, Guru Sahibjee says.

Sundhar sugharr soor so baethaa jo saadhoo sang paavai |
Guru Sahibjee says that those people who paavai - who attain the company, the sang of sadhoo - of those people who have conquered their minds, sadhoo means that person who has gone through sadhanaa - meaning to conquer their minds, those gurmukh piarey , those beloved Sikhs, those beloved spiritual followers of the Guru who have found the sangat, who have found the company of the holy gursikhs, of those gursikhs who have conquered their mind they are sundhar - they are beautiful, they are sugharr - they are the most wise, soor - they are the true warriors on this earth, beathaa - they are the most clever. Sundhar - why are they sundhar? Because they are beautified by Waheguru on their tongue, those people who meet them say how beautiful they are, who great are they who at all times chant Waheguru Waheguru. Sugharr - gharr means to be molded, su in front of it means into divine virtues, they are molded into divine virtues, soor - they are the most brave - why? - Because they've conquered their worst enemy which is this mind. Baethaa - they are the most clever, why? - because they've realized what is the true meaning of this life.

Naam ouchaar karae har rasanaa bahurr n jonee dhaavai |1|
Naam ouchaar - day and night they chant the name of the Lord, karae har rasanaa - with their tongue, with their rasanaa they repeat the name of Har, of Waheguru. bahurr n jonee dhaavai - again and again they do not dhaavai - they do not plunge into the cycle of birth and death.

Pooran breham raviaa man than mehi aan n dhrisattee aavai |
They've realized that that perfect brehem - that perfect creator Waheguru is raviaa - is pervading through their man - their mind, their than - their outer body. They've realized that Sathiguru Patshah is inside them and outside them at all times. Aan n dhrisatte aavai - those gurmukh piaarey cannot see any other with their eyes.

Narak rog nehee hovath jan sang naanak jis larr laavai |2|14|
Those people who find the sangat - the company of the jan - of the beloved, humble servants of Sathiguru narak rog nehee hovath - they do not go into hell, they do not get affected by any diseases. What does this mean? Narak rog means those diseases which will take you into hell? What are those diseases? Lust, ego, anger, desires - those rogs - those diseases which will take you into the deepest, darkest parts of hell and rebirth, they are saved from them by sitting in the sangat - in the company of the holy. Naanak jis larr laavai - Siri Guru Arjan sahibjee says that those people who are laavai - are attached to the hem of the robe of those gursikhs, those saints, of those beloved beings by Waheguru Himself they are blessed.

So Sathiguru Maharaj jee is telling us today gurmukh piareeo if you want this life to be fruitful, if you want this life to be blessed, if you want this life to be approved by Waheguru then make sure you sit in the sangat - sit in the congregation of those who meditate upon Waheguru.

Pooran breham raviaa man than mehi aan n dhrisattee aavai |
Narak rog nehee hovath jan sang naanak jis larr laavai |2|14|

Waheguru jee ka Khalsa, Waheguru jee ki Fateh!


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