English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 529

Dhaevaga(n)dhhaaree ||
Arjun Dev Jee Maharaj Sahib Jee is blessing us today in Raag Dhaevaga(n)dhhaaree. Guru Sahib Jee begins the shabad -

Man sagal siaanap rehee ||
Rehee means to be left behind, to be extinguished, to be forgotten. I have given up on all the siaanap, on all the cleverness , sagal means all. Not one or two, all. All of that siaanap, all of that cleverness, all of my thoughts, all of those thoughts that took me away from Akal Purakh, I've given up on all of those thoughts. How did this happen?

Karan karaavanehaar suaamee naanak outt gehee ||1|| rehaao ||
Waheguru is karan karaavanehaar - he is the cause of all causes, is the Creator of all. Suaamee - my Lord and Master, naanak outt gehee. Sathiguru Jee says that when I took the outt, the support, gehee means to hold on, when I held on to The Name of The Lord. How can we do this? By repeating Waheguru Jee's Name again and again. By reading the Bani, by doing simran, all of these things is taking on the support of God's Name in our daily lives. This is the way of giving up on all of the cleverness of your mind. Rehaao - Guru Jee says pause and think about this.

Aap maett peae saranaaee eih math saadhhoo kehee ||
When I took on the outt, when I took on the support of God's Name at all times, aap maett, maett means to extinguish, to completely eradicate. My sense of self, my sense of aap, my sense of ego, that was eradicated. Only then, peae saranaaee - did I fall into the protection, the saranaaee of The Guru. Falling into The Guru's protection means to give up all of your ego. That is falling into The Guru's protection. Where did I get this math, where did I get this understanding? From the saadhhoo - from the holy saints, from the gursikhs. The gursikhs told me, give up your ego and fall into the protection of The Guru. The Guru will save you.

Prabh kee aagiaa maan sukh paaeiaa bharam adhhaeraa lehee ||1||
how can you find sukh? Sathiguru Jee says I have found sukh, true peace, eternal peace by maan, by accepting, by following, by understanding, by practically carrying out the aagiaa, the will of prabhoo, of Waheguru, the command of my Guru, the command of my Lord. In this way, the adhhaeraa - darkness of bharam, of doubts in my mind has been lehee - has been taken away, has been removed.

Jaan prabeen suaamee prabh maerae saran thumaaree ahee ||
O maerae, O my Prabhoo, my Lord, my Matser, my Suaamee, prabeen - wise, all knowing jaan - Who knows all, jaan prabeen - The One Who knows all. He is The One Who is antarjaami, Who knows all inside and out. I have ahee - come into Your saran, Your protection.

Khin mehi thhaap outhhaapanehaarae kudharath keem n pehee ||2||7||
In a khin, in a second, Waheguru Jee can thhaap - can create, outhhaapanehaarae - can destroy. Waheguru Jee's kudharath, Waheguru Jee's power, no one can out a keem, can put a price on that. No one can out a value on that. It is beyond all conceptions of the world. Sathiguru Maharaj Sahib Jee today is telling us the path of giving up the cleverness of our mind, by grabbing onto that support, the sustenance, the protection of The Guru's Bani, The Guru's shabad, and The Guru's sangat.

Jaan prabeen suaamee prabh maerae saran thumaaree ahee ||
Khin mehi thhaap outhhaapanehaarae kudharath keem n pehee ||2||7||

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh.

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