English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 527


Dev Gandhaareee.

Mayray man, mukh Har Har Har boleeai.
Gurmukh Piaario, Satguru Raam Daas Sahib Ji is blessing us today. And Guru Sahib Ji in the shabad today begins, mayray, O man and mukh. Many times we read in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jis bani, mannmukh - is written together as one word, meaning someone who follows their mind. But here, Gurmukh Piaario, mann and mukh are to be read separately. And Guru Sahib Ji says, mayray mann, mukh Har Har Har boleeai. Many times we talk about talking, when this topic of speaking comes up, of chanting - when we think of the tongue doing the chanting, when we think of the vocal chords, our voice doing the speaking. But Guru Sahib Ji says, mayray mann, first mentions their mind, first mentions their inside - O my mind! Chant - mukh and my tongue chant, Har Har Har boleeai. And Gurmukh Piaario, this mystery, this magic, this Grace, this baksheesh, this Gift, which Guru Sahib Ji has blessed us with in this first line, Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj, also blesses us with this same Grace, with this same Gift, in Sukhmani Sahib.

And Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj tells us, on Angs 295 and 296 of Guru Granth Sahib Ji in Sukhmani Sahib, Khem saant rid nav nidh, budh giaan sarab teh sidh. Bidhia tap jog Prabh dhiaan, giaan sraestt ootam eisnaan. Chaar padaarath kamal pragaas, sabh kai madh sagal tae oudaas. Sundar chatur tat kaa baytaa, samdarsee ek dristtayta. Eh fal tis jan kai mukh bhanae, Gur Nanak naam bachan mann sunae. Guru Sahib Ji talks about gifts, khem, comfort, peace, tranquillity, wealth, the nine treasures of the world, wisdom, spiritual wisdom, knowledge, all types of powers, learning, true internal penance, true meditation upon the Lord - all of these things, all of these gifts Guru Ji goes through in these lines, and you can read them on Angs 295 and 296 of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Guru Sahib Ji goes over nearly twenty blessings. And Guru Sahib Ji says, Eh fal tis jan kai mukh bhanae - that that person can have all of these blessings, Gur Nanak naam bachan mann sunae, that person who bhanae, who speaks the name of God with his mouth and with his mann, with his mind listens to that. So Gurmukh Piaario, thats the same thing that Guru Sahib Ji is telling us to do today. Guru Sahib Ji says, mayray mann, mukh Har Har Har boleeai. Guru Sahib Ji is saying, in childhood, in youth, and in old age, Har Har Har, three times, Guru Sahib Ji is saying Har with your tongue, Har with your heart and Har with your mind. Guru Sahib Ji is saying mayray mann, mukh Har Har Har boleeai, chant the name of the Lord internally and externally. Chant it externally, to awaken your inner soul, the beginning stages to chant with our tongue. Guru Ji says chant with your tongue again and again and again and again and again, until your inside is awoken. And you chant with your mind, your soul and your tongue and your body.

Gurmukh rang chaloolai raatee, Har prem bheenee choleeai. Rahaao.
Gurmukh, keep the Guru as the centre of your life, follow what the Guru says and you will be raatee, you will be coloured in the chaloolai, in the deep, dark, never-fading colour of Gods love. Har prem, the love of God, bheenee choleeai, this is the way of colouring yourself in Gods love and you will choleeai. Many scholars have given many different interpretations. Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji gives the interpretation of choleeai as budhee, as your conscience, as your intellect, as your discerning thought, that your thoughts are coloured. If you follow the Guru, you keep the Guru as the centre of your life, you become a Gurmukh and with your tongue, you chant the name of God again and again, you chant the name of God so much that it filters into your mind and internally and externally youre chanting upon Gods name. Sant Ji says that your intellect will be coloured in that love and Bhai Veer Singh Ji, they say, that your intellect will be coloured and so will your body. That each of your actions will have a fragrance of that grace, the forehead of a Gursikh will not be full of worries, and the Gursikh will always have that sehaj, that peace. And it doesnt matter whether that Gurmukh, whether that blessed soul is sitting on a royal seat in a palace, like Raja Janak, or whether that soul is being cut in half like Bhai Mati Daas Ji; that composure is always there, that grace is always there, because the mind, body and soul are all coloured in that love. Har prem bheenee choleeai- choleeai literally means dress. And Guru Sahib ji is saying, this souls dress which is the intellect, this souls dress which is the physical body. Rahaao. Guru Sahib Ji, Guru Raam Das JI Sahib is saying pause, and think about this today.

Haon firao divaanee aaval baaval tis kaaran Har dholeeai.
Haon firiou divaanee- I firo- I walk across this Earth and firo literally means to wander; divaanee- means crazed in love- completely in love. aaval baaval- aaval baaval, in modern Punjabi language, we say aoulee baoulee- means someone who is completely crazy, who has no sense of the world. And Gurmukh Piaario, those people, who, instead of putting themselves first, who instead of thinking about their own pocket, those people who instead of thinking about their own selves, completely devote themselves to the Beloved, to Waheguru, the world does start to call them crazy. Saints of the world, and we can read the many life stories of Saints and blessed souls within the Sikh tradition. But also other saintly souls such as Mansoor Alahalaj, and other great saints and souls-how they have been called mad. And indeed, in a world where selfishness and ego governs most of our minds, and governs most of what we do- to act selflessly is regarded by many as being crazy- aaval baaval. And gurmukh Piaario, tis kaaran Har dholeeai- well, what is all this love, what is this craze for? Is it running after money, is it running after something for myself? No. For my dholeeai- for my Beloved Lord. That I am united with God.

Koee maylai mayraa preetam piaaraa hum tis kee gul goleeai.
Koee maylai mayraa preetam piaaraa, hum tis kee gul goleeai- Guru Ji says that that person who maylai- who unites me with my Preetam Piaaraa- with my Beloved Lord Waheguru, I will be the slave of their slave. Gurmukh Piaario, what is the Guru saying here today? Guru ji is saying that, O, Guru, I will be the slave of your slaves.

Satguru purakh manaavhu apnaa Har Amrit pee jholeeai.
Satgur Purakh manaavhu apnaa. manaavhu- When we look at Punjabi, it means to please, I please my Guru, I follow what the Guru says. apnaa- and I look at the Guru as my own. I look at the Guru as my own Father, my own Mother; I look at the Guru as my all, in everything. Har Amrit pee jholeeai- Why? Because the Guru has shown me that that Immortal Nectar I was looking for everywhere is inside. The Guru is the one who has showed me that the Immortal Nectar of Gods Name is inside me. Nao nidh Amrit Prabh ka Naam, dayhee may is kaa bisraam- Guru Granth Sahib Ji says. That within the body, there is this Nectar of Immortality. jholeeai- and Bhai Sahib Vir Singh Ji has beautifully explained this. jholeeai means when we go to a pool of water- now many of us dont drink from open water in the current day, but in the Gurus times this was more frequent. People would go to open streams and rivers and drink, and what theyd have to do is, theyd have to put the algae, and all of the green stuff which was on the top of the pond, to one side. When you put all of that green stuff and all of that muck to one side, you will see the water underneath is pure.

And Bhai Vir Singh Ji said all of the vaashnaas- which were inside me, all of the desires, all of the thoughts, all of my ego, which was like the algae blocking the water on top, the Guru skimmed that off for me, the Guru is the one who skimmed that all off for me, so I could drink this Amrit, this Nectar within, of Gods Name. And Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji also says in their katha of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Sant ji talks about jholeeai , how the algae on top of that Nectar is of worldly things, worldly objects. When I removed this pull towards worldly objects, with the Grace of the Guru, when the Guru removed that for me, and I could drink this Amrit, this Nectar, which was inside, the Nectar of Gods Name.

Gur prasaad jan Nanak paaiaa Har laadhaa dayh toleeai.
Gur prasaad jan Nanak paaiaa- only through the Gurus Grace have I, this servant, jan, Guru Raam Das Ji says, have I paaiaa- have I found, have I been united with the Lord. Not through any of my own efforts, but through the Gurus Grace. Har laadhaa dayh toleeai- How did I find God? dayh toleeai- when I searched inside, inside my own body. The peace which we are looking for in money, in cars, in worldly friendships, that peace we cannot find there. Because all of that happiness outside passes away. The happiness of having fifty pounds or fifty dollars or one hundred rupees, whatever it is in my pocket, is only there when I have that money in my pocket. Then once its gone, its gone. The happiness of a new car is only there, as long as the car is new, when it hits another car, theres an accident, or whatever happens, then its gone. But the joy of being united with God can never be taken away. Because Waheguru is eternal, and the joy that Waheguru gives is eternal. The objects of this Earth are all transitory, and the pleasure they can give is only transitory. But Gods Love is forever and forever.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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