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Satguru Maharaj, Sachay Patshah, Siri Guru Arjan Devji Maharaj says, Kott bighan this laagathae jis no visarai naao | ...


Satguru Maharaj, Sachay Patshah, Siri Guru Arjan Devji Maharaj says,

Kott bighan this laagathae jis no visarai naao |
This – that person is laagathae – is affected by kot bighan – millions of obstacles, jis no – that person who visarai naao – who forgets His naam. That person who forgets the Naam is affected by many obstacles.

Naanak anadhin bilapathae jio sunnjai ghar kaao |
O nanak, day and night bilapathae – they cry out. Sunnjai means a deserted ghar
– house. Like a crow looking for something to eat in a deserted house –
there is nothing to eat so the crow just cries out in pain and hunger.
In the same way, people who do not meditate upon Waheguruji’s name, for
them this world is just an empty house because everything that is here
they cannot take with them – therefore it’s empty.

Ma 5 |

Piree milaavaa jaa theeai saaee suhaavee ruth |
That time when I milaavaa – meet with my piree – my Husband Lord, Waheguru, saaee suhaavee ruth – that season is beautiful.

Gharree muhath neh veesarai naanak raveeai nith |2|
O Waheguruji, even for a gharee, for muhath – for any amount of time may I never forget You. Naanak raveeai nith – O Nanak meditate day and night upon the Akaal Purakh.

Pourree |

Soorabeer vareeaam kinai n horreeai | fouj sathaanee haath panchaa jorreeai |
Those people who call themselves warriors and brave kinai n horreeai – they haven’t been able to stand up against whom? fouj sathaanee haath – the powerful army of panchaa jorreeai – the fauj that has been brought together by the five – kaam, krodh, lob, moh, ankhar – lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. Their forces, their armies of nindya
– slander, their armies of evil and hatred, none can stand against
them. All these great warriors have fallen. Simply being a warrior
physically doesn’t mean that you will be able to fight against the panj chor. Guruji says, jaa ko har rang laago eis jug mehi so keheeath hai sooraa – that person who is colored in God’s Name in this world, he is known as a warrior. Guru Sahibji says,

Dhas naaree aoudhooth dhaen chamorreeai |
The ten naaree-
the ten organs of sense – the sensory organs which enable us to feel,
speak – these ten organs which enable us to do all these things they dhaen chamorreeai
– they even take people who stay detached from the world. They even
attach those people back into the world. Lust attacks them – their eyes
lustfully look at other people’s wealth and other people’s bodies.

Jin jin lain iralaae eaeho eaenaa lorreeai |
These five chors conquer bit by bit – they are going all the way across the world conquering bits by bits, knocking one person down at a time. Eaeho eaenaa lorreeai – all they want is to overpower the world.

Thrai gun ein kai vas kinai n morreeai |
This world and the three gunas – the three states: rajo gun – the kingly state, tamo gun – the state of inertia, sato gun – simple or saintly way of living. These are all under their control. Kinai n morreeai – no one can stand against kaam, krodh, lobh, moh, ankaar such is their army.

Bharam kott maaeiaa khaaee kahu kith bidh thorreeai |
Because they live in kott bharam – the fortress of bharam, of doubt and maaeiaa khaaee – around them they have the mote, the water of maya, of this illusion of the world. Kahu kith bidh thorreeai – the Sikhs ask, how can we thorreeai – how can we break through this and Guru Sahibji says,

Gur pooraa aaraadh bikham dhal forreeai |
Meditate upon the True Guru, the perfect Guru, the poora guru. Bikham dhal forreeai – and then you’ll be able to take on this bhikham dhal – the force of this enemy.

Ho this agai dhin raath rehaa kar jorreeai |15|
Guru Sahibji teaches us how to meditate upon this Guru, dhin raath
– day and night imagine the Guru to be with you. The Guru is with you.
But focus upon the Guru day and night and live your life like this. Rehaa kar jorreeai
– with your hand folded. What does that mean – with your hand pressed
together? That means follow what the Guru says and accept what the Guru
says and take on what the Guru says and that’s what that means. As if
you are ever standing in ardaas in front of Guru Sahibji, Guru
Sahibji please save me! That’s the only way – If we give up our own ego
and leave everything up to Guru Sahibji.

Gur pooraa aaraadh bikham dhal forreeai |
Ho this agai dhin raath rehaa kar jorreeai |15|

Katha by Guruka Singh ji
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
The Hukam today is from Guru Arjan Dev ji and in this hukam
he talks about the two states of being of remembering your identity as
one with God and of forgetting that identity and being trapped in ego.

He says that when you forget your identity, then everything becomes
an issue, everything becomes a problem; you feel blocked, you feel
frustrated and you are constantly talking about your problems. You are
constantly complaining to anyone who will listen.

Then he says that time when I remember who I am, when I feel I am one
with God and don’t forget my true identity – that is the most beautiful
time and I experience a constant flow of awareness of that identity.

Then he says that even men who are considered to be strong and brave
cannot resist the five passions and that all organs of sensation of the
body, which include not only the five senses, but the internal
sensations of the body, the positions of the limbs, the skin, all these
senses, that they cause sensory pleasure and distract the mind. He says
that the people who are renunciates, who deny their passions, they try
constantly to fight with them and to resist them and the more they do
that the more they increase.

So he says that you don’t master the five passions by fighting them. He says that the three gunas which comprise the world, the three states of being, chatamas, rajas, sakas, that those gunas are under the influence of the five passions.

Then he asks how can you overcome doubt, how can you overcome maya,
which separates you from your understanding of your identity with God.
He says there is only one way to do that, you can’t fight against it,
you can’t deny it, but by bowing before the perfect Guru, the battle is won, in that moment by surrender.

Then he ends by saying that he stands in a state of supplication, he
stands in a state of prayer, devotion and sacrifice before his Guru night and day.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!


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