English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 517


Raag goojaree vaar mehalaa 5
Guru Arjan Devjee Maharaj is speaking to us today through the Goojaree Raag. In the beginning of this vaar, in the Goojaree raag Guru Arjan Devjee says,

Ik oankaar sathigur prasaadh |
There is One creative, nourishing, destructive being who is found through the Satguru - the true Guru's Prasad - the grace and blessing of the true Guru.

Salok ma 5 |
In the Salok Guru Arjan Devjee says,

Anthar gur aaraadhanaa jihavaa jap gur naao |
Anthar means within yourself, deep inside your soul aaraadhaanaa - meditate upon the Guru. Jihavaa jap gur naao - with your tongue chant the name of the Guru, the mantra of the Guru. Within yourself dedicate yourself to the Guru and with your tongue chant Guru's word.

Naethree sathigur paekhanaa sravanee sunanaa gur naao |
Naethree sathigur paekhanaa - with your eyes see the true guru in all and in everything around you. If you enshrine the Guru within yourself according to as the first line says then naturally you'll see true guru in all. Sravanee sunanaa gur naao - with your ears listen to Guru's word, the Guru's name. What does this mean? Listen to the Guru speaking, not just in the Gurdwara but hear Waheguru singing in the birds at the amritvela. Hear the sound of God as the wind rustles through the trees. Hear Waheguru speaking as the wave laps against the shore.

Sathigur saethee rathiaa dharageh paaeeai thaao |
If you are rathiaa - if you are tuned, if you are completely imbued in love for the Satguru - for the true Guru, then what will happen? Dharageh paaeeai thaao - in the court of Waheguru you'll find a place of honor.

Kahu naanak kirapaa karae jis no eaeh vath dhaee |
Says Nanak upon whom this kirpa - this blessing is bestowed, jis no eaeh vath dhaee - only those people are blessed with eaeh vath - this treasure, only people who have got the greatest fortune are blessed with the treasure of falling in love with the true Guru. Then Guru Arjan Devjee says,

Jag mehi outham kaateeahi viralae kaeee kaee |1|
Amongst this world they are known as outham kaateeahi - known as the highest beings. But Guru Arjan Devjee also says viralae kaeee kaee - they are rare, very rare indeed. Those people who are completely imbued with Guru's love hear the Guru everywhere, see the Guru in all. Guru Arjan Devjee says they are few, there are only a few like Bhai Khanayaa who see the Guru in all, there are many of us who cannot.

Ma 5 |
The Guru Arjan Devjee says,

Rakhae rakhanehaar aap oubaarian |
The Rakhanehaar - the savior has saved us and aap oubaarian - Himself God has liberated us.

Gur kee pairee paae kaaj savaarian |
Gurujee says in you want your kaaj - if you want all your works, all your jobs, everything in your life to be savaarian, to be protected, to be beautiful then what do you have to do? You have to fall at the feet of the Guru - Gur kee pairee paae.

Hoaa aap dhaeiaal manahu n visaarian |
When Waheguru becomes dhaeiaal - becomes merciful, manahu n visaarian - from our minds we don't forget him. Guru Arjan Devjee is saying that only when Wahegurujee blesses us do we get the gift of remembering God at all times, only when Wahegurujee blesses us are we blessed with that gift.

Saadh janaa kai sang bhavajal thaarian |
Gurujee says, if you want to be liberated from this ocean of fear which is around you then there is only one way Saadh janaa kai sang - through the company of the sadh janaa - of the holy ones, of the holy beings. One's that serve Waheguru join with them. Don't join with people who break you from God. Guru Sahibjee says, naanak kacharriaa sio thorr toot sajan santh pakiaa - O Nanak break yourself from the fake ones and find the ones who are truly in love with Guru and make friendships of those people, have sangat of those people.

Saakath nindhak dhusatt khin maahi bidhaarian |
Guru Sahibjee says, one we join the Saadh sangat, what happens? Khin maahi - within an instant the saakath - the faithless ones, the nindhaks - the slanderers, the dhusatts -the enemies khin maahi bidhaarian - are destroyed within an instant. Why are the enemies destroyed? Because once we become one with Waheguru, we become Nirvair - we have no enemies - which means by default our enemies are destroyed because we have no enmity.

This saahib kee ttaek naanak manai maahi |
Guru Arjan Devjee says, within His mind Nanak has but one ttaek - has one support. Whose is that? Guru Arjan Devjee says, this saahib kee - that is the support of the sahib - the Lord and master Waheguru. Why does Guru Arjan Devjee hang on to this one support? Because

Jis simarath sukh hoe sagalae dhookh jaahi |2|
By meditating upon Wahegurujee we receive eternal peace and sagalae dhookh jaahi - all our dookhs, all our pains vanish away. Because for us everything becomes happiness. Even in pain they are happy, even when Bhai Mani Singh is being cut into bits he is still smiling, even when Bhai Taru Singh's scalp was removed he was still meditating upon the Guru.

Pourree |
In the last part of the Shabad, in the Pauree Guru Arjan Sahibjee says,

Akul niranjan purakh agam apaareeai |
Wahegurujee is akul - He has no relatives, no generations, niranjan - Wahegurujee is above all dirt, He is completely immaculate, completely pure, purakh - being, agam - unapproachable by anyone. Apaareeai - O Waheguru You are so infinite, You are so great and pure. Waheguru You are..

Sacho sachaa sach sach nihaareeai |
Waheguru I've seen that You are Sacho sachaa sach - truly Waheguru You are the truest of the true! Everything else will vanish on this earth but not You.

Koorr n jaapai kish thaeree dhaareeai |
O Waheguru, anything which is thaeree dhaareeai - is created by You is not koorr - is not false.

Sabhasai dhae dhaathaar jaeth oupaareeai |
Everything which You've created, Waheguru, You are Sabhasai dhae dhaathaar - the giver to everyone.

Eikath sooth paroe joth sanjaareeai |
You've strung everyone as if beads on one thread. Everyone is strung along on this one bead of God, everyone has this pulsation of Waheguru running along them. Joth sanjaareeai - You've infused Your jot - Your light into them all, from the smallest to the largest whale.

Hukamae bhavajal manjh hukamae thaareeai |
By Your hukam - Your Will, some manjh - some drown in the ocean of fear of this world and in Your Will O Waheguru, hukamae thaareeai - some are carried across, some are liberated.

Prabh jeeo thudh dhiaaeae soe jis bhaag mathaareeai |
O Waheguru thudh dhiaaeae soe - only that person meditates upon You, only that person concentrates His focus on You jis bhaag mathaareeai - who on his fortune has such great fortune - has such great bhaag.

Thaeree gath mith lakhee n jaae ho thudh balihaareeai |1|
O Waheguru, Your gath - Your condition, Your state lakhee n jaae - cannot be known by anyone. How great You are cannot be known by anyone. In the end Guru Arjan Devjee says, ho thudh balihaareeai - I am a sacrifice, I am balihaareeai to You Waheguru who has created this world.
Guru Arjan Devjee is saying to us that meditate upon the Guru, see the Guru in all. See God's Light in all and then you've truly won everything that there is to win on this world.

Anthar gur aaraadhanaa jihavaa jap gur naao |
Naethree sathigur paekhanaa sravanee sunanaa gur naao |

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh!


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