English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 515


Salok ma 3 |
Sathguru Amardaasjee Maharaj, the embodiment of selfless service in the house of Guru Nanak, is blessing us today with the hukamnama. In this shabad today Sathguru Maharaj uses the expression vaahu vaahu - there are two interpretations of this. The first interpretation that vaahu vaahu stands for the Gurmantar - Vaheguru. The second interpretation that vaahu meaning wonderful, meaning great, meaning 'all hail! Bravo! Amazing!' It's an expression of amazement, of wonder. So as we look through the shabad, with the Grace of the Guru, we will be looking at the lines with both of these interpretations. Sathguru Amardaasjee Maharaj begins the shabad,

Vaahu vaahu baanee nirankaar hai this jaevadd avar n koe |
'All hail, all hail!' Amazing! Wonderful! Is the bani of nirankaar - of that formless Lord this jaevadd avar n koe - there is no other as great as Waheguru. Vaahu vaahu is talking about that point when we have no other words left to describe the greatness of something, all we can say is sit back and say Wow! In this case Maharaj sahibjee uses the expression Vaahu - in amazement, in wonder, in spiritual ecstasy all hail, great, amazing is that Waheguru, the Nirankaar - amazing is His baani, amazing is Siri Guru Granth Sahib jee Maharaj - their words are amazing, they are wonderful, they are beyond all expression, the Words of the Guru, the Words of Waheguru, the Words of the Lord, this dhur ki baani - this bani of the primal Lord, of God - Siri Guru Granth Sahibjee Maharaj. There is no other like Siri Guru Granth Sahibjee Maharaj - this jaevadd avar n koe - avar means other, there is no other like Siri Guru Granth Sahibjee Maharaj. Waheguru Waheguru is the baani - is the speech of Nirankaar - of the formless Lord. This jaevadd avar n koe - there is no other greater than this, there is no other mantra, there are no other words as greater as Waheguru. Guru sahibjee goes on to says,

Vaahu vaahu agam athaahu hai vaahu vaahu sachaa soe |
That Waheguru is agam - is beyond the access of the mind, athaahu - cannot be fathomed, cannot be measured by the mind. Vaahu vaahu sachaa soe - that Waheguru, that Lord God is sachaa - is eternal and is soe - He is the only One. Vaahu vaahu meaning to cry out in spiritual ecstasy, Waheguru is the only One! Lord God is the Only one who is beyond all access, who is inaccessible, who is unfathomable by the mind, who is Eternally True!

Vaahu vaahu vaeparavaahu hai vaahu vaahu karae s hoe |
Crying out in ecstasy; that Waheguru, that Lord God is vaeparavaahu! Vaeparavaahu means a state of being that is not affected by any other. Paravaahu meanas to be pulled down by the anxieties of the world and by the anxieties of other; by worrying and stressing. Maharaj sahibjee says Waheguru is beyond all of these stresses, beyond all of these anxieties, beyond all of these attachments. Vaahu vaahu karae s hoe - again in that spiritual ecstasy vaahu vaahu - all hail to that God Waheguru, to that Lord karae s hoe - whatever he does s hoe - that happens.

Vaahu vaahu anmrith naam hai guramukh paavai koe |
All hail, amazing, wonderful, beyond all other words is Waheguru. Waheguru is the anmrith - immortal naam - name of the Lord. Guramukh paavai koe - Maharaj sahibjee says that very few paavai - find this. What do you have to do if you want to find this? Maharaj sahibjee says you have to become a guramukh - you have to become Guru centered, your life must be centered upon the Guru and you'll find this immortal name.

Vaahu vaahu karamee paaeeai aap dhaeiaa kar dhaee |
All hail to that Lord God Waheguru who is paaeeai - who is found through karamee - through the Grace of the Guru. Aap dhaeiaa kar dhaee - Waheguru Himself sits in the Guru and blesses us with dhaeiaa - with mercy and through dhaeiaa dhaee - He gives us the immortal name of the Lord. Sathguru Amardaasjee Maharaj says,

Naanak vaahu vaahu guramukh paaeeai anadhin naam leaee |1|
Maharaj sahibjee says, all hail to that Lord God Waheguru, to that immortal name of the Lord who is paaeeai - who is found by becoming guramukh - by becoming Guru-centered, by centering our life around the Guru. Anadhin naam leaee - those Guru-centered beings, anadhin - day and night they leaee - they meditate on the name of the Lord.

Ma 3 |
Sathgur Amardaasjee Maharaj goes on to says,

Bin sathigur saevae saath n aavee dhoojee naahee jaae |
Maharaj sahibjee says that saanthi - that peace which you are looking for in material goods, which you are looking for in other human beings, which you are looking for in travelling across the whole globe, Maharaj sahibjee says, bin saevae - without serving the Sathiguru - the True Guru, without serving the True Guru with your mind, body and soul, meditating upon Akaal Purakh, serving humanity saath n aavee - there can be no peace. Dhoojee naahee jaae - because without serving the True Guru, this sense of duality within, this attachment to material goods, this attachment to this illusion of maya, to this temporary world naahee jaae - it doesn't go from within. Maharaj sahibjee is telling us that that love for duality, that love for dhoojee will not leave without serving the true Guru.

Jae bahuthaeraa locheeai vin karamai n paaeiaa jaae |
Maharaj sahibjee says jae - even if bahuthaeraa - meaning as much as we want, locheeai - meaning to wish, if we wish as much as we want, Maharaj sahibjee says, vin - without karamai - without the blessings, without the Grace of Guru n paaeiaa jaae - we cannot paaeiaa - we cannot find the Lord.

Jinaa anthar lobh vikaar hai dhoojai bhaae khuaae |
Without the Guru Maharaj sahibjee says, anthar - inside we have lobh - greed and vikaar - desires. Dhoojai bhaee khuaae - through this love of duality, through this love of the world, through this love of material gains and goods we are khuaae - we are ruined.

Janman maran n chukee houmai vich dhukh paae |
In this love of the worlds, in this love of the material, in this love of the materialistic way janam maran n chukee - cannot be removed, what? Janman maran - the pains of being born and dying, the cycle of reincarnation cannot be cut. Houmai vich dhukh paae - vich - inside, living within houmai - ego dhukh paae - we find only pain.

Jinaa sathigur sio chith laaeiaa s khaalee koee naahi |
Those gurmukhs - those Guru-centered beings who have chith laaeiaa - chith meaning consciousness and laaeiaa meaning to attach; who have attached their consciousness to the Sathiguru - to the True Guru s khaalee koee naahi - koe - not even one of them goes empty handed. What does that mean? That if we were to focus our attention, at least try to focus our attention on the Guru we will receive something, everyone of us, according to how much we have focused our attention on the Guru we fill find something. The Guru never lets us leave empty handed.

Thin jam kee thalab n hovee naa oue dhukh sehaahi |
Those who have focused their attention on the Guru they are not afflicted by the thalab - by the sermons of the jam - by the messengers of death. When they die they are not called to death by the messengers of death instead they are received by the saintly beings. Naa oue dhukh sehaahi - they do not suffer the pains of reincarnation.

Naanak guramukh oubarae sachai sabadh samaahi |2|
Sathiguru Maharaj jee says the guramukhs - the Guru centered beings are oubarae - are liberated, sachai sabadh samaahi - because the merge in with that sachai - that Eternal Lord through the sabadh - through the words of the Guru, through the Gurmantar - Waheguru.

Pourree |

Taatee this no aakheeai j khasamai dharae piaar |
Maharaj sahibjee says taatee this no aakheeai - that person can be called a taatee - one who sings the praises of the Lord, a minstrel of God, a true keertaniaa, a true taatee - each one of us, Maharaj sahibjee is saying, every Sikh, every follower of the Guru should be a taatee - should be singing the praises of the Lord. Maharaj sahibjee says to sing the praises of the Lord, who can be called that taatee, that minstrel of God, that singer of praises of Lord j khasamai dharae piaar - if that being enshrines Love for True Lord, Master Lord within his/her heart.

Dhar kharraa saevaa karae gur sabadhee veechaar |
To stand at the dhar - at the Lord's door, what does this mean? - in the saadsangat, kharra - means to stand to attention, to be fully focused, to be fully focused and to be in the saadhsangat saevaa karae - serve the Guru. Maharaj sahibjee says along with this what do we do? Gur sabadhee veechaar - we veechaar - we are meant to take in understanding and reflect upon the guru's Word, guru's shabad, guru's baani - Siri Guru Granth Sahib Maharaj jee's Words.

Taatee dhar ghar paaeisee sach rakhai our dhaar |
Such a singer, such a minstrel of the Lord dhar - finds the door and ghar - the home. What is the door? - spiritual knowledge. What is the home? - sachkhand - that eternal state of merger with the Lord. Such a singer, such a minstrel finds both of these. Sach rakhai our dhaar - what does he/she has to do? He/she has to rakhai our dhaar - our means the heart, dhar means to enshrine; to enshrine sach - the Eternal Lord Waheguru within his/her heart then he/she will find Waheguru.

Taatee kaa mehal agalaa har kai naae piaar |
The mehal - meaning house, palace, mansion, agallaa means beyond all others. The taatee - the true singer of God's praises finds the true house of rest which is the Lord God, merger in with Lord God, union with Waheguru which is agalaa - which is beyond all others. From this state there is no coming and going again - complete merger. How is this found? Maharaj sahibjee tells us that it's found through piaar - through loving the naae - the name of the Lord.

Taatee kee saevaa chaakaree har jap har nisathaar |18|
The selfless seva which this minstrel, which this singer is to carry out and the chaakaree - with chaa - with hopes, with happiness; to carry out service with happiness. What is this seva that she is meant to carry out with happiness? - Har jap - to meditate, to jap upon the name of Hari, har nisathaar - in this way whoever meditates upon Waheguru, Waheguru jee nisathaar - liberates them from the cycles of birth and death.

Taatee kaa mehal agalaa har kai naae piaar |
Taatee kee saevaa chaakaree har jap har nisathaar |18|

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh!