English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 513

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. Shabad today is on Ang 513 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji by Guru Amar Das Ji Maharaj.

salok ma 3
SatGuru Amar Das ji Maharaj explains to us today the attachment and illusion ofmaya. Satgur Sahib Ji says:

houmai mamathaa mohanee manamukhaa no gee khaae ||
houmai mamathaa mohanee, houmai and mamtaa, houmai happens to one's ego, egotism- ego connected to one's self,mamtaa ego connected to one's belongings, to one's worldly possessions and mohanee are both entices. They have been enticed and entangled the human beings. Satgur Ji says which beings are entangled? manamukhaa no gee khaae, khaae means to eat out, to completely destroy, to completely engulf. That is eaten away those who aremanmukhs - who follows their own minds.

jo mohi dhoojai chith laaeidhae thinaa viaap rehee lapattaae ||
jo mohi dhoojai chith laaeidhae , Those who attach theirchith, their consciousness to mohi anddhoojai - in love of duality, in this false love of duality of material goods, Satgur Ji says thinaa viaap rehee lapattaae, thinaa , those who follow the manmukhs - who follow their own minds;viaap means to attack. It literally means to be attacked, to be engulfed by this enticement of the illusion of the world, rehee lapattaae, lapattaae means completely surrounded by this, they are completely stuck in the swamp of this illusion. But Guru ji says :

gur kai sabadh parajaaleeai thaa eaeh vichahu jaae ||
gur kai sabadh parajaaleeai We can burn away parajaaleeai, all of these attachments by gur kai sabadh through Guru's Shabad, Guru's words, the Guru's mantar, Waheguru, through the Guru's blessings. thaa eaeh vichahu jaae, thaa - then,eaeh this love and attachment; this love of illusion, this false love of duality vichahu jaae, jaae means to leave, vichahu means from within, it leaves from within the being.

than man hovai oujalaa naam vasai man aae ||
than man hovai oujalaa, than - the body, man - the mind, havai oujalaa become pure naam vasai man aae , in whose mind, vasai means to abide, in whose mind abides the Naam. Their physical body and mind are purified where Naam abides. Their actions and thoughts are purified, that is what this means than man. The body, the physical actions and man the mental thoughts, they are both purified.

naanak maaeiaa kaa maaran har naam hai guramukh paaeiaa jaae ||1||
naanak maaeiaa kaa maaran har naam hai O Nanak, Satgur Paadshah Ji says, maaeiaa kaa maaran har naam hai Hari's name. Waheguru Ji's name ismaaran medicine formaaeiaa - the illusion to wake us up.maaran literally means to kill off. The thing which will kill off the illusion is the name of Waheguru. Which will bring consciousness to the unconscious soul, the hole which is stuck in the unconsciousness of this illusion of the Maya of this physical world. guramukh paaeiaa jaae And following the Guru, paaeiaa jaae this can be obtained, this can be found.

ma 3 ||

eihu man kaetharriaa jug bharamiaa thhir rehai n aavai jaae ||
eihu man kaetharriaa jug bharamiaa, kaetharriaa means many, eihu man - this mind, bharamiaa has wondered kaetharriaa jug, many ages, jug, not one, two years but thousands, millions without even counting, thhir rehai n aavai jaae , this mind is never thhir stable in one place, and aavai jaae comes and goes in many lives, comes and goes in many reincarnations.

har bhaanaa thaa bharamaaeian kar parapa(n)ch khael oupaae ||
har bhaanaa thaa bharamaaeian This happens in bhaanaa in will of Hari, of Waheguru. thaa bharamaaeian that is why the soul comes and goes. kar parapa(n)ch khael oupaae , Because Waheguru has made this, kar parapa(n)ch means a stage, Guru Ji has made this a stage, a playkhael, oupaae Waheguru Ji is the creator of this play.

jaa har bakhasae thaa gur milai asathhir rehai samaae ||
jaa har bakhasae thaa gur milai Waheguru Jibakhasae blesses us thaa then,gur milai we meet milai the true Guru, Satguru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj, Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj. asathhir rehai samaae Then when listening through the Guru's shabad, listening to the Guru's Hukam- command, wesamaae merge in with the Guru. asathhir rehai, rehai means to remain,asathhir stable, nonmovable. Complete stability comes through Guru's words, when we merge within the Guru's words.

naanak man hee thae man maaniaa naa kishh marai n jaae ||2||
naanak man hee thae man maaniaa O Nanak, the first man means here through the Guru's words, Guru's mantar, man maaniaa my mind has accepted the teachings of the Guru and my mind is now beyond all instabilities. naa kishh marai n jaae, kishh means nothing, now marai n jaae , comes and goes, everything is completely stable.

pourree ||

kaaeiaa kott apaar hai milanaa sa(n)jogee ||
kaaeiaa kott apaar hai, kaaeiaa means this body, kott - a fortress, a castle, apaar with no limits, limitless, it is a fortress of Waheguru Ji, meaning of limitless Waheguru. milanaa sa(n)jogee It is only found through sanjogee, Grace, blessed destiny. Another meaning of this is milanaa meeting God can only happen throughsanjogee, san meaning the Grace of true Guru, who is above and beyond all. jogee means he joins us with AkaalPurakh, with Waheguru.

kaaeiaa a(n)dhar aap vas rehiaa aapae ras bhogee ||
kaaeiaa a(n)dhar aap vas rehiaa, andhar Inside this kaaeiaa, inside this body, aap Waheguru Ji himself vas rehiaa, God himself abides in this body. aapae ras bhogee , Waheguru himself is the one who creates this ras within, all of essence within, all of the pleasures within, of Naam Simran. Guru Ji is the one who has created that pleasure and bhogee he himself is the one who enjoys this pleasure as well.

aap atheeth alipath hai nirajog har jogee ||
aap atheeth Waheguru Ji is atheeth alipath hai Satgur Ji Maharaj is saying that Waheguru Ji is beyond any attachment,alipath and is unaffected by Maya. He is not under the illusion of Maya. nirajog har jogee Waheguru Ji nirajog unattached to anyone, har jogee but pervading through all. Therefore attached to all and also unattached.

jo this bhaavai so karae har karae s hogee ||
jo this bhaavai so karae Whatever jo this pleases, bhaavai, so karae that is what Waheguru Ji does. har karae s hogee Whatever God does s hogee that happens.

har guramukh naam dhhiaaeeai lehi jaahi vijogee||3||
har guramukh naam dhhiaaeeaiWe shoulddhhiaaeeai meditate upon the name of Hari, Waheguru. Follow what the Guru says. Become Gurmukhs. Follow Guru's instructions and meditate upon the name of God and then what happens lehi jaahi vijogee All of our pains will separatevi means negative;jogee means join; putting it togethervijogee means the opposite of doing so, separation. Guru Ji says har guramukh naam dhhiaaeeai we must meditate upon the name of God and therefore while meditating upon God's name all of our separations will end.

jo this bhaavai so karae har karae s hogee ||
har guramukh naam dhhiaaeeai lehi jaahi vijogee ||

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !


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