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The Hukamnama Sahib today, is by Satgur Amardas Maharaj, in Ang 510 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

l Salok Mahala 3 l

Satgur sio chit na laaio, naam na vasio man aa-ay.
Satgur maharaj ji is blessing us today with the Hukamnaama. Maharaj ji begins this shabad with "Satgur sio chit na laaio," people that have not attached their chit, their consciousness, their focus to Satgur sio, the Satgur, to the Eternal Guru, those who have turned away from Akaal Purakh, Waheguru ji, and from the Satguru, from Sri Guru Granth sahib Maharaj. Satgur ji says naam na vasio man aa-ay. If we do not attach our consciousness, our focus to the guru, Naam , the Name of the Lord, cannot come to abide, man aa-ay, within our minds, within our spiritual bodies, within us. The Name of the Lord can only abide if we attach our focus to the Guru.

Dhrig ivayhaa jeevia, kiaa jug meh paiaa aa-ay.
Guru Amardaas Ji says that those who are not connected to the Guru, who have not focused their attention upon the Guru, 'dhrig' - Maharaj Ji 'sach', a life passes by not like a blessing, but like a curse. That way of living is a curse in itself, that way of living brings only pain and anxiety. That way of living weighs us down. 'Kia jug meh paiaa aa-ay'. Guru Amardaas Ji says to us, a question here, what has in this world, in this time, in this space, what have you gained? What has that person gained, who hasn't focused their attention upon the Guru? Who hasn't found the naam, come on to this earth to meditate upon the Naam, to merge in with the Akaal Purakh. And if we haven't found, if we haven't accomplished the mission that we're here to do, then what have we done? What have we got together? Guru Amardaas Ji discusses that in the next few parts of the shabad.

Maaia khottee raas hai, ayk chasay meh paaj leh jaa-ay. Hathhu chhurrkee tan siaah hoay, badan ja-ay kumla-ay.
If we say we've got a lot of maya - and maya does not just refer to money, maya means that which will pass away, anything transitory - that is maya. So our house, it's been here for some years, it may crumble away. Our body is maya, it's transitory. Yesterday, we saw the same person, in twenty years we see the same person. We call him or her the same name, yet that person's body has changed. Transitory and always travelling towards destruction. Maharaj Ji says if you've got together maya - cars, wealth or whatever else - 'khottee raas hai', this is false profit. It looks as if you've got together a lot but Maharaj Ji says we actually haven't. 'Ayk chasay meh paaj leh jaa-ay' - 'paaj', the veil covering all of this, all of our understanding, within a small amount of time, is removed. What instant is that when we realize that all these things that we've called our own, falls away within seconds?

And when this 'chhurrkee', when this slips away from your hands, at that time of death, 'tan siaah hoay', our body turns a dark colour of red. 'Badan jaay kumla-ay', our whole face, our whole appearance withers away. At that point of death we wither away, but if we lose something, let's say tomorrow we have an accident; we lose our car or house. When we lose that maya, material good, we also wither away then. We worry and we're put into anxiety. Guru ji says if this is all we've got together - Guru Ji's not saying to live in the jungles and to give everything, no - live in the world, participate with everything, but remember, the true capital which we're here to gain- and what is that true capital? Guru Amardaas Ji says:

Jin Satgur sio chit laaia tin sukh vasia mann a-ay.
Those who have attached their consciousness to the Satguru, the Eternal Lord, 'tin such vasia man a-ay', they've got true such, true peace and it is applied within their minds, wherever they go.

Har naam dhiaaveh rang sio, har naam la-ay liv la-ay.
They are covered in love of God. They meditate upon the Name of Hari, of the Lord. They remain for their whole lives, with a consciousness focused on upon the Naam, whether it's getting up, sitting down, being anywhere - 'Oothat baithat sovat naam, Kaho Nanak jan kay sad kaam'. Getting up, sitting down, sleeping, 24 hours a day, the consciousness is focused on the Naam.

Nanak Satgur so dhann saupia, jay jee-a meh rahiaa samaa-ay.
Guru Amardaas Ji says 'Satgur so dhann saupia', the True Guru has given me this dhann, has given me this true wealth which will remain with me. Guru Amardaas Ji says 'jee-a meh rahiaa samaa-ay' - and this dhann, this wealth, will stay with your soul, no matter where your soul goes. When your soul has to leave this world that Naam will be there, protecting.

Rang tisai ko aglaa, vannee charrai charra-ay.
And they are colored with the true 'rang', the true colour of God's Love. Aglaa - a great amount, the greatest love. And this colour of love, day and day increases, there's no decrease. There is an increase day by day, minute by minute, second by second.

l Mahala 3 l

Maiaa hoee naganee, jagat rahee laptaa-ay. Iskee sayvaa jo karay tis hee ko phir khaa-ay.
Satguru Amardaas Ji says 'Maya hoee naganee' - Maya, this illusion of the world around us is like a snake, 'jagat rahee laptaa-ay', and within it's clutch, it's got the whole world. We ask Maharaj, what is it doing, how has it got us in its clutches? Maharaj Ji says, 'Iskee sayvaa jo karay' - that person who sewas, sewa means in this case, who gathers maya together, who only serves maya, who only serves their own material needs. That person who serves only their material needs, 'tis hee ko phir khaa-ay', the love of the illusion eats away at them, through anxiety, through pain, through loss and separation, through all of these things, through depression.

Gurmukh koee gaarrdu tin mal dal laaee paa-ay. Nanak soee ubray, jay sach rahay liv laa-ay.
Satguru Maharaj Sahib Ji says there is only a very rare Guru-centred being, a Gurmukh, who is a professional in the Gararrd Mantra. The Gararrd Mantra, according to the mythology of that region is a mantra which can subdue snake venom, which can take away the venom of the bite of a snake. And what is the Gararrd Mantra that the Guru has given us to combat the bite of this maya, of this serpent of illusion. It is the Naam. And so, there are very few Gurmukh, Guru-centred beings who carry the mantra of the Guru, Gurmantar at all times, which will remove the poison of this snake of illusion. Those Gurmukhs 'mal dal laaee paa-ay'. 'Mal' means like a wrestler.

They've wrestled maya to the ground, 'dal' - maya who has a great army with her of kaam, krodh, lobh, moh, ahankaar - desire, anger, ego, greed and attachment. They have 'mal', they have knocked her down, literally held her down, overpowered her. They have wrestled this illusion to the ground and she is now attached to their feet. What does that mean? How does she serve them? Because the Gurmukh pyaa-ray use their maya, their wealth, their influence for good purposes to serve the poor, the needy and to serve the Guru's causes. Nanak says they are the ones who are saved, who remain attached to the Truth. Those who always remember the Truth of Satnaam, of Waheguru. That the only eternal thing on this earth is the Naam and that is their saving grace.

l Pauree l

Dhaadhee karay pukaar, Prabhu sunaa-ay see. Andar dheerak ho-ay poora paa-i-see.
'Dhaadhee' is someone who sings the praises of the Lord and to sing the praises we don't need any instruments, necessarily, we can sing kirtan with instruments as done in all Gurudwara. But even walking around, singing the Guru's name upon your lips is a walking kirtan. Driving the car you could be singing the Guru's praises, in this way, each Sikh is meant to be a 'dhadhee' and to be singing the praises of the Akaal Purakh. That singer of the praises of the Guru cries out this pukaar, this ardaas and the Prabhu, listens to that pukaar, to that crying devotion. And when Guru Sahib Ji hears this ardaas and blesses this dhadhee, Guru Ji gives him comfort inside. Hearing this ardaas, hearing this prayer, the Guru gives us comfort, holds us in that time of prayer, in that time of need. Through those prayers, cries of love, we find the Perfect Lord.

Jo dhur likhiaa laykh say, karam kama-ay see. Ja hovai khasam daiaal taa mahal ghar paa-i-see.
What has been written in our Pre-Ordained destiny, they are the 'karam', the actions that we are to carry out. When our khasam, our Lord, is Merciful, then we enter into the 'mahal', the Mansion of the Sangat and we find our True ghar, our true place of rest.

So Prabh mayraa at vaddaa, gurmukh milaa-ay-see.
My Waheguru is the Highest of the High, the Greatest of the Great and the way to find him, the way to have union with the Lord is by sitting in the congregation of the True Sangat, the Guru-centred beings. And that is the way of finding Waheguru

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji KI Fateh !


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