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Goojaree mehalaa 1 |
Sathiguru Maharaj Guru Naanak Devjee Maharaj blesses us today in the Goojari ragini. Sathigurujee Maharaj begins the shabad,

Ai jee naa ham outham neech n madhim har saranaagath har kae log |
Ai jee - O my Lord, O Waheguru, jee talking to the beloved, respected Akaal Purakh. Oh Waheguru jee naa ham outham - Waheguru jee I am not attached into the ego, into the pride of being outham, of being satoguni, Satoguni meaning someone who has qualities such as humility and other things. I've given up the ego of having these qualities. Sometimes people may have a quality of speaking sweet words but even then we can get ego over this: Oh I speak the most sweet words out of everyone, oh look at me I get at such time, oh look at me I do this, I do that. Guru sahibjee says I've given up on that ego of being higher than anyone. Neech - the ego which comes within me when I perform lowly deeds, neech also refers to tamoguni, those deeds done in inertia, in the dark energy, n madhim: madhim being the rajogun - the princely energy and deeds connected to that like gathering material wealth or power - all of these egos I've given up on. It is also saying, Maharaj sahib, Oh God, Oh Waheguru I do not have a place amongst anyone else in the world, har saranaagath - I've come into your protection Oh Hari, Oh Waheguru. har ke log - I am Your being, I am Your log, I am Your slave Oh Waheguru, I've no one else. I have no place amongst the high, low and the middle of the world.

Naam rathae kaeval bairaagee sog bijog bisarajith rog |1|
Naam rathae - I am imbued, in am entwined with Your name, kaeval bairaagee - I am detached from the world and attached to You. Sog bijob bisarajith rog - I've given up on, I've forgotten all of my rog - my illnesses of this body, mind and soul and my bijog - I do not long for the world anymore, sog - any sadness of the world - I've given up all of these. I am looking only up to you.

Bhaaee rae gur kirapaa thae bhagath thaakur kee |
O brother, O sister, O people of the world, gur kirapaa thae bhagath thaakur kee - only with the Guru's kirapaa - with the Guru's grace can we be joined into the divine worship of the thaakur - of the Lord God, of the devotional worship of the Lord God.

Sathigur vaak hiradhai har niramal naa jam kaan n jam kee baakee |1| rehaao |
The Guru's Words, the eternal Guru's vaak - the eternal Guru's Words are what can make our hiradhai - make our heart pure. The Guru's words purify our hearts. The Guru's words are what can purify the heart and the soul. With the Guru's word naa jam kaan - I no longer have kaan - I no longer have to worry about the jam - about the messenger of death. Jam also means to be born, I don't have to worry about being born again. Naa jam kee baakee - I do not have to worry about the baakee - the account with the messenger of death, the account of good and bad because that has been ripped up, torn away with the Guru's grace. With the Guru's grace by meditating upon the Guru's Words, by meditating what the Guru says I no longer have an account, that account has been ripped away. Rehaao - pause and think about this, the Guru says.

Har gun rasan ravehi prabh sangae jo this bhaavai sehaj haree |
Those who chant the gun - the virtues of Hari, of Waheguru with their rasan - with their tongue and enjoy this - ravehi, Guru Sahibjee says that know that prabh sangae - that Waheguru jee is with them at all times. If you are meditating upon God, God is with you at all times, realize this that Guru is with you at all times. Now this isn't saying that God isn't with you at all times anyway, God is always with you but you can only realize this by meditating upon God and that realization removes the veil of ignorance from your mind and you realize yes, Waheguru is with me at all times. Jo this bhaavai sehaj haree - Sathiguru Sahibjee Guru Naanak Devjee Maharaj tells us that that being spends his life in state of sehaj - in the state of celestial peace, balance and poise, this state of no sadness, no happiness just staying in one constant level of bliss. That being only does jo this bhaavai - one does whatever pleases God.

Bin har naam brithaa jag jeevan har bin nihafal maek gharee |2|
Guru Sahibjee says bin har naam brithaa jag jeevan - jag within this world, jeevan - life passes away brithaa - uselessly, passes away in vain, passes away wasted. Har bin - without remembrance of Waheguru nihafal maek gharee - even one gharee - even one instant, even one moment, even one nihafal is wasted.

Ai jee khottae thour naahee ghar baahar nindhak gath nehee kaaee |
Ai jee - Oh my beloved Lord khottae thour naahee - Gurujee is talking to us as well, Ai jee - Oh beloved ones khottae thour naahee - those people who are khottae - who are false they have no place to abide. Ghar - within their own soul, because the mind is always wondering, it is always setting passions on fire inside, baahar - outside they find no place of rest. If your soul is on fire then where can you find place of rest? Nowhere! Nindhak gath nehee kaaee - those people who engage in slander gath nehee kaaee - there is no liberation for that person.

Ros karai prabh bakhas n maettai nith nith charrai savaaee |3|
Ros karai - those people who engage in ros - in anger, in resentment, in hate prabh bakhas n maettai - even if you are to be filled with hatred for someone prabhu - Waheguru jee is bakhas - Waheguru jee's grace upon that person cannot be maettai - Waheguru jee's gifts cannot be taken away, Waheguru jee's blessing cannot be taken away. Nith nith charrai savaaee - in the opposite the more you get angry, the more that person is blessed with blessings. Nith nith charrai savaaee - day and day it gets greater and greater.

Ai jee gur kee dhaath n maettai koee maerai thaakur aap dhivaaee |
Ai jee gur ke dhaath n maettai - Oh jee no one can maettai - no one can take away the daath - the gift of the Guru. Maerai thaakur aap dhivaaee - because maerai thaakur, Waheguru jee Himself sits within the Guur and dhivaaee - blesses that gift on the person.

Nindhak nar kaalae mukh nindhaa jina gur kee dhaath n bhaaee |4|
The slanderers, those nar - those beings who engage in slander, mukh kaalae - their faces are blackened. What are they blackened by? Mukh nindhaa - by that nindya, by that slander upon their lips. Jina gur kee dhaath n bhaaee - Guru sahibjee says they engage in slander because they do not accept, they do not acknowledge the Guru's daat - the Guru's gift. If the Guru has given someone a gift they burn inside when they see that, they cannot take it, they cannot stomach it that someone has got a gift, that someone is blessed by the Guru.

Ai jee saran parae prabh bakhas milaavai bilam n adhooaa raaee |
Ai jee - Oh beloved ones saran parae - those who fall onto the protection of the Guru prabh bakhas milaavai - Guru jee blesses them, forgives them and milaavai - unites them with Themselves. Bilam n adhooaa raaee - there is not even a bilam - a delay, there is not even a wait of adhooaa raaee - of half an instant, adhooaa means half, raaee means an instant.

Aanadh mool naath sir naathaa sathigur mael milaaee |5|
Waheguru is the mool - is the source of all eternal bliss, naath sir naathaa - He is the Lord of all Lords, highest of high. Sathigur mael milaaee - we can only be milaaee - united into Waheguru through the eternal Guru. There is no other way of being united into Akaal Purakh.

Ai jee sadhaa dhaeiaal dhaeiaa kar raviaa guramath bhraman chukaaee |
Ai jee - O beloved beings sadhaa dhaeiaal - Waheguru jee is forever dhaeiaal - forever merciful, dhaeiaa kar raviaa - through His greatness He is raviaa - He is pervading through all, guramath bhraman chukaaee - people who follow the Guru's math - Guru's wisdom their bhraman - their illusions, their wonderings, their doubts are chukaaee - are removed.

Paaras bhaett kanchan dhaath hoee sathasangath kee vaddiaaee |6|
Paras bhaett - by touching, by being united with the philosopher's stone, paras, kanchan dhaath hoee - all metals are changed into gold. Sathasangath kee vaddiaaee - this is the glory, this is the vaddiaaee of sitting in the sathasangath - of sitting in the congregation of the eternal Guru. We are all like raw metal and Guru is the philosopher's stone, touching the Guru we are all transformed into Gold.

Har jal niramal man eisanaanee majan sathigur bhaaee |
O bhaaee - O brothers Waheguru is the niramal jal - the immaculate water, man eisanaanee - the mind is the one who is going for this bath, the one who is being cleansed, the one who needs to take away the filth of many lifetimes. Majan sathigur bhaaee - Guru is the one who pours this water upon us and takes away all of our sins.

Punarap janam naahee jan sangath jothee joth milaaee |7|
Those who go into the congregation of the jan - of a humble servant of God punarap janam naahee - they do not come again and again in rebirth - punarap means rebirth, nahee means they do not go into. Jothee joth milaaee - their Light is merged into the Eternal Light of God.

Thoon vadd purakh aganm tharovar ham pankhee thujh maahee |
O Waheguru You are vadd - You are the greatest purakh - the greatest being, aganm - You are beyond the workings of our mind, tharovar - You are like the seed, the tree and the branches of the whole world. You are the root of the world, You are the tree of the world. There is this image, Guru Sahibjee's painting that Waheguru jee is everything, everything comes within the branches of Waheguru. Ham pankhee thujh maahee - I am a pankhee - I am a bird and I take support in Your branches, I take support in You O God. I have the wings of bibek - of true understanding and bairaag - un-attachment.

Naanak naam niranjan dheejai jug jug sabadh salaahee |8|4|
Guru Naanak Devjee Maharaj says please dheejai - please bless me with niranjan - with the Name of the Lord which is beyond the filth of the world, which is immaculate, that Name of God which is completely purifying. Waheguru jee in each times, in all ages may I salaahee - may I praise Your shabad, may I praise Your eternal word, may I meditate upon Your Waheguru mantar, may I meditate upon Your bani, may I meditate upon Your moolmantar, upon Your guramath, upon Your spiritual wisdom.

Thoon vadd purakh aganm tharovar ham pankhee thujh maahee |
Naanak naam niranjan dheejai jug jug sabadh salaahee |8|4|

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh!


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