English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 502

Goojaree mehalaa 5 |
Arjan Sahibjee Maharaj is speaking in the Goojaree raag today. Sathiguru Maharaj jee begins the shabad,

Thoon samarath saran ko dhaathaa dhukh bhanjan sukh raae |
Waheguru You are samarath - all knowing, saran ko dhaathaa - You are the One who gives protection from kaam, krodh, lobh, moh and ahankaar: from lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. Dhukh bhanjan - You are the destroyer of all pains: physical, spiritual and mental. Sukh raae - raae means king, sukh means peace - You are the king who forever gives out peace.

Jaahi kalaes mittae bhai bharamaa niramal gun prabh gaae |1|
All arguments and all problems are jaahi - are removed. Mittae bhai bharamaa - all doubts, all bharamaa are removed by niramal gun prabh gaae - by singing Your praises which are niramal - which are without any type of filth. Your virtues are beyond the filth of the world, O God! They are immaculately clean, immaculately pure.

Govindh thujh bin avar n thaao |
O Creator of this world, this universe thujh bin avar n thaao - I have no other place without You.

Kar kirapaa paarabreham suaamee japee thumaaraa naao | rehaao |
Please bless me with Your Grace paarabreham - the greatest Creator of all, suaamee - my Lord, Master Waheguru that japee thumaaraa naao - that I may recite Your name. Rehaao - pause and think about this today, Guru Arjan Sahibjee says.

Sathigur saev lagae har charanee vaddai bhaag liv laagee |
Serve the True Guru, Sat - the Eternal Guru who will remain forever. Lagae har charanee - this is how you will be attached to the feet of the True Guru. If you want to find the feet of the Lord then serve the True Guru, Siri Guru Granth Sahibjee. Vaddai bhaag liv laagee - those who have great fortunes their consciousness is attached to the Siri Guru Granth Sahibjee.

Kaval pragaas bheae saadhasangae dhuramath budh thiaagee |2|
In the company of the saints, those who meditate upon the Great Guru, your kaval - the Lotus of the Heart will blossom forth then the fragrance of love, the fragrance of naam, the fragerance of amrit which is inside, immortality within will blossom forth. Dhuramath budh thiaagee - in this way, in the company of the saints, give up your thinking of duramath - your thinking which is based on dhur - far, which takes us far away from Guru's math - gurmat.

Aath pehar har kae gun gaavai simarai dheen dhaiaalaa |
Aath pehar - day and night, 24 hours har kae gun gaavai - they sing the praises of Lord. Simarai dheen dhiaalaa - they meditate upon that Waheguru who is merciful upon the dheen - the lowly ones.

Aap tharai sangath sabh oudharai binasae sagal janjaalaa |3|
In this way, those who meditate upon the Guru aap tharai - they save themselves sangath sabh oudharai - all the people who sit with them, who listen to them, they are all oudharai - they are all saved as well. Binasae sagal janjaalaa - all of their janjaal - all of the entanglements of the world will melt away.

Charan adhaar thaeraa prabh suaamee outh poth prabh saath |
O Waheguru Your charan - Your lotus Feet are the adhaar - are my support. O God You are my support, I have no other support than You. Outh poth - outh, in this world, poth - in the next world prabh saath - You are with me forever.

Saran pariou naanak prabh thumaree dhae raakhiou har haath |4|
Sathiguru Guru Arjan Devjee says that saran pariou naank prabh thumaree - I've come into Your protection and dhae raakhiou har haath - the day I came into Your saran - into God's protection, God saved me, God protected me with His own hand. What does that mean? That Waheguru Himself is the protector. He doesn't send any demi-Gods or anyone else to protect His servants. He protects them Himself with His own hands.

Charan adhaar thaeraa prabh suaamee outh poth prabh saath |
Saran pariou naanak prabh thumaree dhae raakhiou har haath |

Waheguru jee ka khalsa ! Waheguru jee ki Fateh !!

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