English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 497

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. Shabad today is on Ang 497 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji by Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj in Goojree Raag.

goojree mehlaa 5 panchpadaa ghar 2 ||
Satgur Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj is speaking to us today in Goojree Ragini. Satgur Ji has written this Shabad in panchpadaa, padaa literally means feet, five feet of the Shabad, five parts of this Shabad; ghar 2 - second house of sur and taal of musical measure and beat.

ik-oNkaar satgur parsaad ||
Guru Sahib Ji begins with the introductory manglacharan. ik there is one eternal God, AkaalPurakh, there is one and no other; onkaar there is one who brings life, nourishment and destruction to the whole world and who is forever sat, who is found through parsaad the grace of the Guru, through the grace of Guru Nanak.

parathmay garabh maataa kai vaasaa oohaa chhod Dharan meh aa-i-aa ||
Guru Sahib Ji begins with parathmay when you first came onto this earth,where you lived at first place, where you spent your life isgarabh, in the womb, maataa kai vaasaa that is where you lived, within the womb. For those nine months your was formed, that you lived in that womb. oohaa chhod when you left Dharan meh aa-i-aa you came into this world. What happens is, Guru Sahib Ji is saying and He tells us again and again, those Guru Piaaray who read Anand Sahib in Nitname every day, they read the words of Guru Amar Das Ji Maharaj,jaisi agan udar mai just as there is fire in the womb, just as there is intense heat within the womb, taisi baahar maaya in the same way there is this heat outside, this burning fire outside the walk of Maya, this illusion of the world. Maya is anything which is breaking you from connecting you with the Lord. That is what Maya means. Maya just does not mean money or possessions, Maya means anything that is standing between you and the Lord, any attachment to that. Guru Sahib Ji tells us just as there is fire in the womb. just as there is heat within the womb, so there is heat outside, there is this fire outside. But in the paurhee before this Guru Ji has told us maataa kay udar mai prithpaal karai so kyon maneh visaari-ai Why are you forgetting that Lord God, waheguru who looked after you even in the womb of the mother. Guru Amar Das Ji maharaj is telling us , Gurmukh Piaaria, O human being, just as there is heat within the womb, and the God saved you from that heat, so there is heat outside, so there is fire outside and God can save you from that fire as well. what is the fire? In the next line Guru Sahib comes to tell us:

chitar saal sundar baag mandar sang na kachhhoo jaa-i-aa ||1||
sundar baag - beautiful gardens, chitar saal means houses which are painted beautifully with ,murals inside and paintings inside - beautiful houses, but Guru Sahib Ji tells us this is the fire outside. sang na kachhhoo jaa-i-aa None of this will go with you in the end, all which you are attached to, these outward things, they will not go with you. Guru Arjan Dev ji waking us up today.

avar sabh mithi-aa lobh labee ||
labee means o greedy one, all this lobh, greed, attachment you have got going,avar with all these things apart from what you got from Waheguru is sabh mithi-aa, mithi-aa means literally and it is very closely related to the word myth. mithi-aa means something which is not true, it is false, not even that it is false, it does not even exist to that level, we are just saying. That is what mithi-aa means something which does not exist. Guru Sahib Ji is saying that in reality these things don't even exist, they are not going to go with you.

gur poorai dee-o har naamaa jee-a ka-o ayhaa vasat fabee ||1|| rahaa-o ||
Guru Ji says that pooraa, the perfect Guru has dee-o, given me, blessed me with har namaa, the name of Waheguru, Hari. To my jee-a, to my soul, ayhaa vasat, this is the true treasure which is fabee, which has pleased me, which is going to go with me. Guru Sahib Ji tells us bhaj man mayray aikoo naam jee tayray kai aavai kaam this is what is going to be with your soul, jee meaning soul. The name of God is going to remain with you and Guru Sahib Ji tells us again and again that this is the only thing which is goig to go with our souls. rahaa-o Guru Sahib Ji is telling us to pause and think about this today.

isat meet banDhap sut bhaa-ee sang banitaa rach hasi-aa ||
We sit in the sang, company of our meet - friends, banDhap - many relatives, sut - children, bhaa-ee - siblings, banitaa - our partners, our spouse, and isat our attachment to demi gods. No attachment to Waheguru but worshipping the energies which are created by Waheguru. Guru Sahib Ji says attach yourself to creator and not to the creation and sitting with our families and everybody else we hasi-aa, we laugh. What Guru Ji is saying that we not mourn all the time, that you forget Waheguru. Guru Ji is telling us how, the way people forget Waheguru and are living their lives. A Gurmukh, Guru centered follower of the Guru he or she still lives within her family, but they center themselves upon their Guru, they focus upon the Guru, they all are trying to achieve their goal of Gursikhi.

jab antee a-osar aa-ay bani-o hai unH paykhat hee kaal garsi-aa ||2||
When the end comes, antee a-osar the time of death,unh paykhat hee in front of their eyes, kaal garsi-aa death takes away the being. No one can do anything about it. Guru Sahib Ji is trying to tell us that in the end we have to leave alone.

kar kar anrath bihaajhee sampai su-inaa roopaa daamaa ||
anrath means oppressive action, crimes, falsehood, through many falsehoods, through much oppression, bihaajee sampai, sampai many possessions, much money we get together as much as we can, su-inaa - gold, roopaa - silver, daamaa and money;

bhaarhee ka-o oh bhaarhaa mili-aa hor sagal bha-i-o biraanaa ||3||
bhaarhee means the labourer, what does the labourer get, oh bhaarhaa mili-aa Guru Sahib Ji says whatever you eat, whatever you have worn, that is all that you have got. hor sagal bha-i-o biraanaa, hor everything else that you have got when you die it passes on to someone's hands. What you have eaten, what you have worn, apart from that everything that you have earned passes on to someone else. Someone's brother takes it, someone's sister takes it, someone's son takes it, someone's relatives take it. And we know that whilst we are alive, we write wills so that we pass our money to someone else but we don't realize that we are going to leave it but we say that we do but we have not come to that realization really. If we had come to that realization really we would look at the truewealth.

haivar gaivar rath sambaahay gahu kar keenay mayray ||
haivar gaivar many horses, rath - carriages, and we can translate that today into many cars, gahu kar hangs on to them, takes them and clings on to them and says these are all mine, these horses, chariots, these cars, all of these vehicles they belong to me; all of this money belongs to me, all of this gold, silver belong to me; all of whatever it is belongs to me.

jab tay ho-ee laaNmee Dhaa-ee chaleh naahee ik pairay ||4||
But when you set off to laanmee Dhaa-ee - long journey; what is the long journey? What is the longest journey when we die. chaleh naahee ik pairay They will not take even a single step with you. Those vehicles which took you from A to B, those airplanes that took you across continents, cannot save you in the end, cannot go with you, cannot take even one step with you. So what can go with you? jehen maat pitaa sut meet na bhaa-ee when no mother or father, brother or sister can go man oohaa naam tayray sung sahaa-ee o my mind, the name of God will be with you then.

naam Dhan naam sukh raajaa naam kutamb sahaa-ee ||
In the end Guru Arjan Sahib Ji says naam Dhan - naam is the true wealth, naam sukh raajaa - naam is the peace, naam is my kingdom. If I have name of God I have everything. naam kutamb sahaa-eesahaa-ee, which will remain with me. Not a family which will leave me but a family which will remain with me forever, a relative who will remain with me forever, beyond the end.

naam sampat gur naanak ka-o dee-ee oh marai na aavai jaa-ee ||5||1||8||
Guru Arjan Dev Ji tells us that the Guru has blessed me with thesampat - treasure of God's name. oh marai na aavai jaa-ee And that wealth cannot marai die or fall away, and , it does not come and go. Worldly wealth comes and goes sometimes we are poor sometimes we are rich but the wealth of God's name cannot come and cannot go. And those Gurmukh Piaaray, those beloved Sikhs of the Guru who attach themselves to the naam, the name of the Lord,. oh marai na aavai jaa-ee They do not die either and they do not come into the circle of rebirth onto this earth.

naam Dhan naam sukh raajaa naam kutamb sahaa-ee ||
naam sampat gur naanak ka-o dee-ee oh marai na aavai jaa-ee ||

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !


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