English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 483


Hukamnama Sahib today is on Ang 483, by Bhagat Kabeer Ji on Aasa Raag.

Aasa sri Kabeer Jeeo ki, Dupaday.
Bhagat Kabeer Sahib Ji begins the shabad in Aasa Raag in Dupaday- Paday literally meaning feet, two feet in this Shabad meaning two parts.

Ik Oankaar Satgur Prasad.
Bhagat Ji begins with the Manglacharan, Ik Oankaar Satgur Prasad; there is One Eternal Being who is found through the parsaad, the Grace of the Eternal Guru.

Herai heeraa baydh pavan man sahjay rahiaa samaaee.
Bhagat ji says Heerai heeraa baydh pavan man. Now, we all know, Saadhsangat ji, that only an implement, a machine which has a diamond edge, can cut through diamonds. Nothing else can cut through a diamond, but an edge with a diamond on it- only a diamond can cut through a diamond. And in this first line, Bhagat Kabeer Ji is saying that I took the diamond of Gods Name, and with this diamond of Gods Name, I cut into, I merged into that Ultimate Diamond of Waheguru. By taking the diamond of Gods Name, I merged into that diamond of Waheguru, and my mind, which was unstable like the pavan, like the wind, was merged into that One Lord God Waheguru. Sahahjay, and I gained complete spiritual wisdom and intuitive peace, sahjay meaning that complete balance, that spiritual pull is balanced, inner peace, rahiaa samaaee, and merged in to this peace and balance. Another way of looking at this is, the diamond of my mind, the diamond of my soul was pierced through with the Guru's Word, the Guru's Shabad, the diamond of The Guru's Shabad. And when this happened, I samaaee, I merged into Waheguru, Akaal Purakh. Only the diamond of the Guru's Shabad could cut through into the diamond of my soul.

Sagal jot in heerai baydhee Satgur bachnee mai paaee.
Sagal jot, all jot, all of the lights, what does this mean? That the soul, that Light of Waheguru which is permeating through all, this heerai, this diamond of Gods Name, baydhee, cut through all of them, pervades through all of them, permeates through all of them. Satgur bachnee mai paaee- and through the Guru's bachnee, meaning the Guru's Words, the Guru's instructions, the Guru's wisdom, through the Guru's wisdom, through the eternal Satguru wisdom, mai paaee, I have realised, I have found this diamond within me. Within the diamond of my soul I have realised the diamond of the Guru's Shabad.

Har kee kathaa anaahad baanee.
The katha, the sermon of the Lord, the stories of the Lord, anaahad baanee, never ending, eternal, eternal vibration of Gods Name, going through all.

Hans hu-ay heeraa lay-i pacchhaanee. IRahaaoI
Become a swan, and pacchhaanee, recognise the Diamond. What does this mean? In the Indian culture, it is said that there is a certain type of swan called the hans, and the hans it is said, with its beak, can separate milk and water, and it is said that the hans will drink milk, and that it eats diamonds. Bhagat Kabir Ji says become a hans, give up looking in the manure of the world, give up looking in the dirt of the world, give up looking in slander, hatred and anger, and instead take up the diamond of the Lords Name as your sustenance. pacchhanee, recognise it. Rahaao. Bhagat Ji says, pause, and think about this today.

Keh Kabeer heeraa as daykhio jag mah rahaa samaaee.
Bhagat Kabeer Ji says I have seen this heeraa, a diamond of the Guru's Shabad, the Guru's Words. Jag mah rahaa samaaee, and I have seen that Waheguru, that True Diamond, samaaee, permeating throughout this whole jag, throughout this whole world.

Guptaa heeraa pragat bhaio jab Gur gam deeaa dikhaaee.
And that diamond which was inside me of Gods Name, it was guptaa , it was hidden, but it became, pragat, it became visible to all. How? jab Gur gam deeaa dikhaaee, when the Guru dikhaaee, showed me- when the Guru revealed to me that this diamond is within. So Gurmukh Piaario, the Gur Shabad is what reveals us inside- what shows us inside. The Guru is the One who can show us this diamond is within you - to not be looking outside, this diamond is within you. And that is Bhagat Ji's message today.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa ! Waheguru Jee Kee Fateh !!


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