English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 438

Gurmukh piareo in the Siri Mukhvaak today there are four stories which are going on. The first is the story of the black deer who is wandering through the forest and one day he went into an orchard where he was hunted down and killed by a hunter. The second story is that of a bee who went and sat upon a flower and in the evening when the flower closed the bee was closed inside. In the morning the gardener came, picked the flower, boiled it in oil along with the bee inside and took out the fragrance from the flower. Third story is that of a fish who is ensnared by the net of a fisherman. The fourth story is of a river that is separated from the ocean. So Gurmukh piaareo each one of these is giving us a message, giving us an updesh. Siri Guru Naanak Devjee Maharaj is using each one of these stories to explain to us about human life. Guru Sahibjee begins,

Ik oankaar sathigur prasaadh |
There is one eternal creator, nourisher and destroyer of all who is found through the prasadh - the grace of the true Guru, of the eternal Guru.

Aasaa mehalaa 1 shanth ghar 3 |
Siri Guru Nanaak Devjee Maharaj, in the Aasaa raag, in the musical measure of chants, in the ghar 3 - to be sung in the third house of beat, rhythm and tune.

Thoon sun haranaa kaaliaa kee vaarreeai raathaa raam |
Sun - listen, O thoon - O you! Harnaa Kaaliaa - O human being you are like a black deer, kee vaareeai raathaa raam - why are you so obsessed with vaareeai - this orchard that you are in. This orchard that you are in is there to ensnare you. You don't know that the hunter is waiting for you. What is the hunter? Death! So Gurujee is telling us O black deer - why is the deer black? - Because of the many sins of our past lives, they are like the blackness and we are like the deer running from orchard to orchard. Finally we've come to that orchard where we are going to be hunted down. Gurujee is using this to explain to us,

Bikh fal meethaa chaar dhin fir hovai thaathaa raam |
The fruit which you are gorging yourself on, which you are eating of bikh - of poison, of this illusion of the world is meethaa - yes it's sweet but for how long? Char dhin - only for four days! What does that mean? Only for a few days, it means that we are on this earth for a small amount of time and there are some transitory pleasures of the world which last for absolutely no time at all. Fir hovai thaathaa raam - then gurmukh piaareo Gurujee is saying that all those pleasure which seem sweet now, they will inflict us, they will thaathaa - they will burn us in the end. What does that mean? That these things that we do now, the illusion and all these transitory pleasure we are intoxicated by, these pleasures of the world end up burning us, they end up hurting us.

Fir hoe thaathaa kharaa maathaa naam bin parathaapeae |
You are maathaa - you are completely intoxicated in these things but they will be thaathaa - they will be things that give you pain, they are things that will burn you in the end. Naam bin parathaapaeae - without meditating upon the naam you will regret, you will sit and regret.

Ouhu jaev saaeir dhaee leharee bijul jivai chamakeae |
These illusions of the world, these illusions of the worldly pleasure; drugs or whatever else it is, they are like jaev saaeir dhaee leharee - they are likes waves in the ocean. They are like lightening in the sky, here now and gone in a minute.

Har baajh raakhaa koe naahee soe thujhehi bisaariaa |
Har baajh raakhaa koe naahee - without Hari, without Waheguru, baajh means without, without Waheguru you have no raakhaa - you have no one to protect you. Soe thujhehi bisaariaa - but you've given up on your only protection: God, bisasariaa - you've forgotten Waheguru.

Sach kehai naanak chaeth rae man marehi haranaa kaaliaa |1|
Guru Naanak Devjee Maharaj speaks the truth, Guru jee says that I am telling you the truth, it may hurt to listen, but I am telling you the truth rae man - O my mind! Guru jee tells, Maharaj jee is talking to us, to our mind, marehi haranaa kaaliaa - O black deer, O human being if you are engaged in the pleasures of the world and you forget that one day you are going to leave, in this part of the shabad Gurujee is stressing that if you forget that these pleasures of the world are only transitory, they pass away, then marehi haranaa kaaliaa - then spiritually you will die.

Bhavaraa fool bhavanthiaa dhukh ath bhaaree raam |
O bee, going from fool - from flower to flower dhukh ath bhaaree raam - you are taking in the essence of all these flowers but there is a great dukh, a great pain which you don't even know about.

Mai gur pooshiaa aapanaa saachaa beechaaree raam |
I've asked my Guru - who is the Guru? Who is the Guru of Guru Naanak? Guru Naanak Devjee Maharaj tells us. If we ask Guru Gobind Singh jee who is your Guru? Aad anth eaikai avtaar soe guru samjeo hamaraa - that One Waheguru is our Guru. Guru of Guru Naanak Devjee is Akaal Purakh. I've asked Akaal Purakh Wahegurujee and Wahegurujee has told me saachaa beechaaree raam - I now have the true understanding, I now realise the truth.

Beechaar sathigur mujhai pooshiaa bhavar baelee raathou |
I asked the true Guru, my eternal Guru, God the beechaar - for the true understanding, bhavar baelee raathau - about the human being who is completely intoxicated in the vines, in the flowers. I asked about this and what are the vines and the flowers the pleasures of the world, yet again.

Sooraj charriaa pindd parriaa thael thaavan thaathou |
What will happen is that the bumble bee will be held down in these flowers. When the sun rises, as the sun comes to rise and that bumble bee is entrapped in the flower when it closes at night the gardener will come and pindd parriaa - it will cost the bumble bee's body. Thael thaavan thaathaou - he will break the flower and then he will boil the flower in boiling hot tael to get out the fragrance. What does this mean? Sooraj charriaa - when the day, when the sun of death comes, when the sun of death rises upon us then the pindd parriaa - then the pindd of body will break upon us. All of those worldly pleasures which we engrossed ourselves in, in which we had forgotten God tael thaavan thaathou - they will be boiling us just like that bee in the boiling hot water.

Jam mag baadhaa khaahi chottaa sabadh bin baethaaliaa |
We will be baadhaa - bound up on the path of jam - on the path of death. Khaahi chottaa - you will recieive punishments. Sabadh bin - without the Guru's shabad, without the Guru's mantar, without meditating upon Satnaam Waheguru we are baethaaliaa - we are mad!

Sach kehai naanak chaeth rae man marehi bhavaraa kaaliaa |2|
O mind, Siri Guru Naanak Devjee Maharaj is telling us the truth! Marehi bhavaraa kaaliaa - O black bumble bee, O human being you will also spiritually die if you are simply engaged in the pleasure of this world.

Maerae jeearriaa paradhaeseeaa kith pavehi janjaalae raam |
O maerae jeearriaa - O my stranger soul, why do you fall into entanglements?

Saachaa saahib man vasai kee faasehi jam jaalae raam |
The True Lord abides within your mind; why are you trapped by the noose of Death?

Mashulee vishunnee nain runnee jaal badhik paaeiaa |
When the fish is separated from the water it cries out, nain runnee - means to cry from his eyes. Jal badhik paeiaa - why is it removed from the water? Because it is ensnared by the net of the badhik - the fisherman. Just like the fish so does our soul cry when we leave this world. Even thinking about death we sometimes cry, jaal bakhik paaeiaa - that we will be ensnared by the fisherman of death.

Sansaar maaeiaa mohu meethaa anth bharam chukaaeiaa |
We think that the mohu - that the attachment to this maaeiaa - to this world is meethaa -is sweet, but anth - in the end this bharam will be chukaaeiaa - will be removed.

Bhagath kar chith laae har sio shodd manahu andhaesiaa |
Perform bhagathee - meditate upon God, chith laae har sio - attach your consciousness to God. Shodd manahu andhaesiaa - give up all of the doubts of your mind.

Sach kehai naanak chaeth rae man jeearriaa paradhaeseeaa |3|
Guru Naanak Dev jee Maharaj speaks the eternal truth jaearriaa paradhaeseeaa - to our soul who has become a stranger to the truth.

Nadheeaa vaah vishunniaa maelaa sanjogee raam |
The streams are separated maelaa sanjogee raam - they can only be united through maelaa sanjogee - through blessed fortune, through the grace of God.

Jug jug meethaa vis bharae ko jaanai jogee raam |
Jug jug - not just in one lifetime, in cycles of time, one jug after the other, age after the age meethaa - we think that those things which are full of poison are sweet. Ko jaanai jogee raam. What does a jogee here mean? Someone who is attached to the truth - that who a true jogee is. That jogee who is attached to the truth, to the true understanding has realised that all of these things in the world are full of poison, that they are transitory. The true eternal naam is Satnaam - God's name.

Koee sehaj jaanai har pashaanai sathiguroo jin chaethiaa |
Only a few people reach that avasthaa - reach that stage of sehaj - that state of complete understanding, har pashaanai - they've realised God. Sathiguroo jin chaethiaa - only those people can do this who have remembered their true Guru at all times.

Bin naam har kae bharam bhoolae pachehi mugadh achaethiaa |
Those people who do not meditate upon the name of God they are bhoolae - they are deluded by bharam - by doubts. Pachehi mugadh achaethiaa - they will be ruined, why? Because they are mugadh, they are achaethiaa, they are ignorant of truth.

Har naam bhagath n ridhai saachaa sae anth dhaahee runniaa |
Those people who do not have naam bhagathee within their ridhai - within their heart sae anth dhaaee runniaa - in the end they will cry out, dhaahee means to wail.

Sach kehai naanak sabadh saachai mael chiree vishunniaa |4|1|5|
Sathiguru Naanak Devjee Maharaj speaks the eternal truth, sabadh saacahi - only through the true shabad, only through the true mantar, only through meditation upon the naam mael chiree vishunniaa - can you be united, that who has been separated for many lifetimes be mael - be united with God.

Har naam bhagath n ridhai saachaa sae anth dhaahee runniaa |
Sach kehai naanak sabadh saachai mael chiree vishunniaa |4|1|5|

Waheguru jee ka Khalsa, Waheguru jee ki Fateh!