English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 426


Aasaa mehalaa 3 |
Sathiguru Amardaasjee Maharaj is blessing us today is aasaa raag. Sathigur Sahib jee is explaining to us through the example of the soul bride. Maharaj Sahib jee is talking about the dhohaaganee and sohaaganee. Dhohaaganee meaning that bride, that being, that soul who has an idea of her husband Lord, knows who her husband Lord is yet strays and wander. Sohaaganee is that soul bride who is truly united with her husband Lord. So when Sathiguru Amardaasjee Maharaj is talking about dhohaaganee, Maharaj Sahib jee is talking about those beings who wander around separated from their Lord God Waheguru. Sohaaganee is talking about those souls who are united through the Guru's Grace. Sathiguru Amardaasjee, Maharaj Sahib jee begins the shabad,

Dhohaaganee mehal n paaeinaee n jaanan pir kaa suaao |
Maharaj Sahib jee says dhohaaganee - those soul brides who are separated from the Lord mehal n paaeinaee - they cannot find the true mehal - the true mansion, the true place of rest, their true abode which is within the Lord, why? Because n jaanan pir ka suaao - they do not know the suaao - the taste, the essence of their pir - of their husband Lord. They do not know the taste of union with God, with Waheguru. why is this Maharaj Sahib jee? Maharaj Sahib jee goes on to say,

Fikaa bolehi naa nivehi dhoojaa bhaao suaao |1|
Because their words, whatever they bolehi - whatever they say they are all fikaa - meaning tasteless, bitter. They speak bitter words naa nivehia - Maharaj Sahib jee, Guru Amardaasjee says they do not nivehi - they do not bow down to the Guru. Nivehi also means to surrender, to accept the advice of the Guru, to surrender all our vices and accept the advice of the Guru. Why is this we ask? Maharaj Sahib jee because dhoojaa bhaao suaao - they have the taste, they are imbued with bhaao - love for dhooja - with duality. They are not in love with the essence of Naam - with the essence of the name of the Lord, they haven't tasted that ras - that divine spiritual taste. Instead they are entrapped and entangled in the tastes of the world, in the taste of desire, in the taste of anger, in the taste of ego, in the taste of greed and attachment. As Guru Amardaasjee Maharaj says to us in Anand Sahib: eae rasanaa thoo an ras raach rehee thaeree piaas n jaae - O tongue you are raach - you are being imbued with an ras - with temporary tastes of the world, thaeree piaas n jaae - in this way your thirst cannot go. Maharaj Sahib jee is talking about those soul brides in the world who are attached in worldly tastes and do not taste this essence of naam - the name of the Lord, meditation upon the naam.

Eihu manooaa kio kar vas aavai |
If we ask this question to Maharaj Sahib jee, O Maharaj Sahib jee eihu manooaa kio kar vas aavai? In which way can this mind come under control? Maharaj Sahib jee, Guru Amradaasjee Maharaj tells us,

Gur parasaadhee thaakeeai giaan mathee ghar aavai |1| rehaao |
Through the Guru's parasaadh - through the Guru's Grace thaakeeai - meaning to be blocked, to be held in place. It can be held in place, it can be blocked from these temporary tastes of the world if the Guru blesses us with this Grace and if the Guru blesses us with giaan mathee ghar aavai - with the Guru's giaan - the Guru's wisdom. If the take on the giaan mathee - the instructions, the giaan of the spiritual wisdom of the Guru then ghar aavai - then this mind Will come into the abode of itself, Will return home, ghar meaning home. It Will return to its true abode in the lotus feet of the Guru.

Guru Sahib jee says pause and think about this, this is the thought for today: Gur parasaadhee thaakeeai giaan mathee ghar aavai. We've always asked this question again and again; eihu manooaa kio kar vas aavai - how can we control this mind and Guru Amardaasjee is telling us today gur parasaadhee thaakeeai - through the Guru's Grace this mind is held. How are we going to achieve the Guru's Grace? How can we be blessed with this? By following what the Guru says, giaan mathee ghar aavai - by following the spiritual wisdom of the Guru and the Guru Will bless us with His Grace because the Guru is dhaeiaal - the Guru is infinitely charitable, infinitely compassionate, and infinitely kind. Rehaao - pause and think about this.

Sohaaganee aap savaareeoun laae praem piaar |
Waheguru jee Himself has savaareeoun - has decorated the sohaaganee - the soul brides who are united with God. Laae praem piaar - Waheguru jee has attached them to His praem piaar - to His beloved love.

Sathigur kai bhaanai chaladheeaa naamae sehaj seegaar |2|
What do those soul brides do? They chaladheeaa - they walk according to the bhaanai - according to the Will, according to the command, according to the Guru's shabad, according to what the Guru has said. Naamae sehaj seegaar - they are adorned with the decoration through the name of the Lord with sehaj - with complete inner peace.

Sadhaa raavehi pir aapanaa sachee saej subhaae |
Forever and ever they raavehi - they enjoy unity with aapanaa -with their own pir - their husband Lord Waheguru. sachee saej subhaae - they have the true saej - the true bed of shardha - of true faith, of love, subhaae - that is the decoration, the decorated bed they lay upon.

Pir kai praem moheeaa mil preetham sukh paae |3|
They are moheeaa - they are completely imbued in the prem - in the love of their husband Lord Waheguru, their Lord God. Mil preetham sukh paae - meeting with preetham - their beloved Lord God sukh paae - they find Eternal peace - sukh.

Giaan apaar seegaar hai sobhaavanthee naar |
Maharaj Sahib jee tells us that the apaar - the greatest seegaar - the most infinite, the never ending, the incomparable seegar - decoration is giaan - is the spiritual wisdom which the Guru blesses us with. For a Sikh, Maharaj Sahib jee is saying, there is no greater decoration than following what the Guru says. Sobhaavanthee naar - those naar - those soul brides who are blessed with this decoration are sobhaavanthee - meaning full of virtues.

Saa sabharaaee sundharee pir kai haeth piaar |4|
That soul bride is subharaaee - sa meaning with, bharaaee meaning brothers, she has the brothers of sravan - listening, Manan - accepting and nidhiasan - practicing throughout her life. Sabharaaee - sa meaning out of all, bharaaee meaning queen - she is the queen out of all. Guru Naanak Devjee tells us man jeethai jag jeeth - the one who wins the mind through the Grace of the Guru and through following the Guru's wisdom is the ruler of all. Siri Guru Granth Sahib jee tells us: raajaa sagalee srisatt kaa har naam man bhinnaa - that person who has the name of the Lord within is the king of all. Saa sabharaaee - amongst all she is the beauteous queen of all, sundhaaree - most beautiful decorated with this seegaar - with this decoration of spiritual wisdom. Pir kai haeth piaar - she is attached to the the haeth - to the love of her beloved Lord, she loves her Lord and she loves the Will of her Lord Waheguru.

Sohaaganee vich rang rakhioun sachai alakh apaar |
- within the sohaaganee - within the happy soul bride God has rakhioun - has infused, has put rang - the true love, the true rang, the true taste of anand - of infinite bliss within them. Sachai alakh apaar - that Waheguru is sachai, who is Eternal, alakh - who cannot be known through any clever tricks, who is beyond worldly knowledge and who is apaar - infinite.

Sathigur saevan aapanaa sachai bhaae piaar |5|
They saev - they serve the Guru - the True Guru as aapanaa - as their own. What does this mean? We are very easy to call our mother, our father, our friends our own but it is very hard for us to look at our Guru as our own, to have that relationship, to have that link but those sohaagaanees they look at the Guru as their father, as their mother, as their true friend. Sachai bhaae piaar - in this way they have true love and affection for the Guru.

Sohaaganee seegaar banaaeiaa gun kaa gal haar |
The happy soul bride, the united soul bride has banaaeiaa - has adorned herself with this seegaar - with this decoration. What is that? Gun kaa gal haar - the decoration of wearing virtues in gal - in her neck. What virtues? Sat - the truth, santokh - contentment - these types.

Praem piramal than laavanaa anthar rathan veechaar |6|
She has the piramal - the perfume of praem - of love which she laavanaa - which she attaches to herself at all times, through her tongue she speaks loving words, that soul bride speaks loving words, that Gurmukh piaaraa - that beloved being speaks loving words. With his/her eyes that soul bride sees love where ever they go. Whatever they speak is through the love, whatever they do is through the love, their whole body is imbued with this. Anthar rathan veechaar - within them they have the rathan - the diamond of veehchaar - understanding of Guru's shabad, of reflection upon the Guru's shabad; reflecting again and again, thinking again and again of the shabad.

Bhagath rathae sae oothamaa jath path sabadhae hoe |
Maharaj shibjee says, bhagath rathae sae oothamaa - those who are rathae - with devotional worship of the Lord they are oothamaa - they are the highest of the high. Jath path sabadhae hoe - through the shabad they have jath - social status, and path - honor. They've given up all the social status and honor of this world and only through the shabad they have social status and honor. That is for them, those bhagats, those devotes the shabad - the Guru's words is their honor, is their status, is everything to them.

Bin naavai sabh neech jaath hai bisattaa kaa keerraa hoe |7|
Without the name of the Lord sabh - all is neech jaath - all is low cast. Maharaj Sahib jee is saying that cast is not to do with which family you are born into, which clan you are born into. Maharaj Sahib jee says that without the name of the Lord we are all lowly! Bisattaa kaa keerraa hoe - without true understanding we live our life like a keerraa - like an insect in bisattaa - in manure, in filth. Simply if we are not attached to the name of the Lord then we are living our lives in this darkness, in this dirt.

Ho ho karadhee sabh firai bin sabadhai ho n jaae |
Maharaj Sahib jee says that everyone walks around ho ho karadhee - in ego, firai means to wander around. Bin sabadhai ho n jaae - without the Guru's word, without the Guru's mantra, without the Guru's understanding ho n jaae - this ho - this sense of ego cannot go.

Naanak naam rathae thin houmai gee sachai rehae samaae |8|8|30|
Those who are rahtae - who are imbued in the love of the name of the Lord, thin houmai gee - their ego has been removed. Sachai rehae samaae - they remain samaae - merged in with that Eternal Lord God Waheguru.
So through this shabad today Maharaj Sahib jee is telling us that if we want to control of this mind, Eihu manooaa kio kar vas aavai - how can we control this mind? Gur parasaadhee thaakeeai - through the Guru's Grace, the Guru Will hold it in check, in balance giaan mathee ghar aavai - through the Guru's understanding, through that giaan - through that understanding, through that spiritual wisdom this mind Will come to abide within the Lord. The Guru's Grace, what is the Gurpasaadhee? The Guru's Grace is that the Guru has given us the shabad, the Guru has given us rehat, the Guru has given us all these understandings and the Guru has drawn out this line around us. If we stay within that then Maharaj Sahib jee says mind Will come to control, eventually, bit by bit, step by step.

Ho ho karadhee sabh firai bin sabadhai ho n jaae |
Naanak naam rathae thin houmai gee sachai rehae samaae |8|8|30|

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh!

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