Dr Rajwant Singh - Podcast - Ep 05

Dr. Rajwant Singh, A prominent voice for the Sikh-American community

A prominent voice for the Sikh-American community both in the United States and abroad, Dr. Rajwant Singh plans to use all of the remaining time on causes that will positively impact the world for Sikhs and others. Having acted as a bridge between the Sikh community and the White House for over two decades, Dr. Rajwant wants to leverage his platform to help direct Sikh philanthropy and create a society where Guru Nanak’s wisdom is shared with everyone.

We discuss his story as an activist, the trials and tribulations he’s faced, and what he aspires for the Sikh community globally. Not only is he the Co-Founder of the National Sikh Campaign but he also chairs and heads several other efforts that he discusses in detail on the podcast. 

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