Dr Marwah 1st campaign manager - Podcast - Season 02 Ep 01

Although lesser known than his contemporaries, Dalip Singh Saund and Bhagat Singh Thind, Dr. Amarjit Singh Marwah has had an extremely interesting and impactful life and career. Not only was he a successful dentist in Malibu, California but he was also the City Commissioner of Los Angeles and the campaign manager behind the election of the first Sikh, Indian, and Asian man to the U.S. Congress. 

Sikh Meets World sat down with him over the course of a few interviews to get an inside look at his life story and why he believes Sikhs in America are now able to make a bigger impact than ever before. A wide-ranging conversation that crisscrosses between his life and his advice, Dr. Marwah shows us how nothing is impossible.

We have a new Sikh Meets World podcast with a living legend, Dr. Amarjit Singh Marwah. 

Dr. Marwah moved to the United States before the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He describes how he went from sitting at the back of the bus due to racial segregation to becoming the campaign manager for the first Sikh, Indian, and Asian Congressman, Dalip Singh Saund. 

Dr. Marwah also happened to be friends with legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor and legendary actor Sidney Portier. 

The discussion includes audio snippets recorded over the course of several days between Dr. Marwah, Dalip Singh Saund fellow: Anumita Kaur & co-host of Sikh Meets World: Gurwin Singh Ahuja — covering Dr. Marwah’s early post-immigration life to his opinions on today’s current political climate and how the life of public service & politics is intertwined. 
Dr. Marwah shows us how nothing is impossible. He emphasizes the immersion of young Sikhs into the American mainstream in order “to be with the political system of the county” as a means to empower the Sikh community and represent ourselves well. 

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