Arjan Singh Bhullar UFC Fighter - Ep 3

Outside of equality and the turban, Sikhs are most known for their prowess in battle. In the latest episode of the Sikh Meets World podcast, Gurwin Singh Ahuja chats with a real-life warrior, Arjan Singh Bhullar, who represented Canada in the Olympics in freestyle wrestler and the first Sikh fighter signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)— the premier mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion in the world. 

Arjan has a big fight this weekend in Moncton, Canada on October 27th. Sikh Meets World caught up with him before another big fight earlier where he was allowed, for the first time, to wear his turban into the Octagon.

Arjan shared how his family came to Surrey, British Columbia in Canada, his experience as an Olympian, and what about wrestling spurred him to his chosen career path, and why it is so special that he can use his platform to raise awareness of the Sikh faith and wear his turban into the ring. 

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