002. Hemkunt to Sachkhand


Track 2 to 5 are about Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s time at Sri Hemkund Sahib. Here Guru Sahib is got vision about His duty to go to this World to make an ideal person. He also saw the miserable position of India. He shared His vision with other saints from all faiths. Other saints did not agree before but then Guru Ji explained that this is true Hukam and He has to go. And those saints got vision from their respective prophets that Guru Ji is right and they should let Him go. Those prophets included Budh, Mohammad Sahib , Jesus, Shiv, Krishan and Gorakh. (Track 4 & 5) From Hemkund Sahib, Guru Ji go to Sri Sachkhand, talk to Waheguru Ji and then take birth at Patna Sahib. These are very wonderful tracks.

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