Shuniya is a deep, meditative state of consciousness where the 'separate' self identity softens into stillness. This state of being is so pure and clear that it is often referred to as a state of 'zero'. In shuniya, the greater aspect of 'self', or the 'higher self', is available and the experience of oneness is realized.

The Album "Morning" is over 5 years in the making. What originally started as playing music for sadhana at 3HO Men's Camp, took on a life of it's own after joining with Satya, Lyle, Donna and John. It's been an experiment, a labour of love and a learning process every step of the way. 

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Wah Yantee 7:42 12,460
Mul Mantra 7:36 6,686
Adais Tisay Adais 9:29 5,278
Third Pauri 7:57 4,325
Guru Ram Das 5:48 3,570
Wahe Guru 22:19 3,259
Rakhay Rakhan Har 7:06 2,078
Ong Namo 10:32 1,759
Sat Siri 7:17 1,635
Ang Sang 10:24 904


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