Satinder Singh, Sardara Singh, Sandeep Singh

Many people out there know nothing about Sikhism and Sikh youth is going away from Sikhism because of lack of knowledge about this beautiful religion. Our mission is simply to provide the facilities in the state of Colorado for learning and practice of Sikh Faith, and to share information about Sikh people with the people of Colorado.

"Gurus" and "Heroes" categories are created so that people can actually learn about Sikh Gurus and rich heritage of sacrifices Sikhs made for freedom. No other religion has produced these many heroes. Only Sikhism, the youngest religion, has more heroes than any other religion. Reading about Sikh heroes would surely touch the hearts of the Sikh youth and would make them proud to be Sikhs.
Members of our community are professionals in many fields including medicine, engineering, information technology, and education, among others. Our children attend various local univeristies, technical colleges, and grade schools.
If you would like more information about Sikh Faith, please feel free to visit our Gurdwara Sahib during any of the regularly scheduled programs.

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Shiri Har Krishan 2:13 2,086
Moli Dharti Molia Aakaas 7:53 1,490
Mohan Ghar Aavo 13:20 1,369
Shiri Har Krishn Dhiyaye 6:12 1,275
Satgur mere Ki Wadai 2 9:11 1,153
Satgur Ki Sayva 10:32 1,098
Aarti 4-Man Tan Antar Vas 22:10 1,086
Math Dekh Bhulaa 20:05 893
Mo Ko Tu Na Bisar 10:20 859
Aarti (End) 2:31 809