Nina Virdee

From a very early age, Nina showed considerable aptitude and with the keen support, commitment and determination of her parents, Sardar Hari Singh and Bhupinder Kaur Burmi, Nina began rigorous training under the guidance of Surjit Singh Raja. Her present style, classism, and maturity can be attributed to the taleem she has been receiving from the distinguished Sangeet Martand Ustad Dilshad Khan - a feat made all the more commendable by the sheer distance between herself and her teacher. She embodies the complexity and creativity of Ustad Dilshad Khan’s style. This is matched with the unique charm and presentation of Sangeet Samraghini Begum Parween Sultana.

In 1995, Nina gave her debut performance in Bombay - a commemorative concert held in the name of the late Ustad lkramul Majid Khan, father of Begum Parween Sultana. In 1997, she gave a much-acclaimed UK debut performance at the prestigious ‘Nehru Centre’ in London. Since then, she has performed in India, Kenya and the UK. Recent performances include performing for the international ‘Africa and Globalisation for the Common Good’ conference in Kenya and notably at Whitehall for Her Majesty, The Queen.

In these compositions, Nina applies her naturally gifted melodious and resonant voice to capture the spiritual, soulful emotions of Gurbani Keertan. These shabads or Sikh spiritual poetry recite man’s suffering on earth, the preciousness of life, stories from the time of the Gurus as well as the eternal majesty of the Almighty.

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Title Length Plays
Fareedhaa Than Sukaa Pinjar Thheeaa 11:51 8,219
Hum Bheekhak Bhikhari 6:53 7,340


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