Meninder Kaur

With the blessings of Guru Maharaj Ji and her parents, Meninder began learning Gurbani at the tender age of 5. It would be just 1 year after, at the age of 6, that she made her Kirtan debut at the various Gurdwaras in Singapore, accompanied by her older brother, Balvinder on the tabla. For over 22 years, Meninder continued honing her musical skills under the tutelage of many Ustads, with the latest being Master Satnam Singh of the Sikh Centre, to become an accomplished Kirtani.

Through Master Satnam, Meninder was introduced to a whole new world of Kirtan that is done in the Gurmat Sangeet tradition and Raags. She realised the great depths of musical expression that lay in this tradition and quickly adjusted to include the ‘raag style’ of the Gurmat Sangeet tradition to her repertoire of ‘light style’ Kirtan tunes which she was previously more accustomed to.

Her first album, Man Jaaphu,is an effort to show that Kirtan done in the Gurmat Sangeet tradition is not boring or ancient as commonly misunderstood and that rather, Kirtan done in this way may better express the true meaning and moods of the Shabads in our beloved Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Our heartfelt thanks goes to Principal Sukhwant Singh Ji (Jawaddi Taksal), Master Satnam Singh Ji and Master Manbir Singh Ji for the inspiration, patience and close guidance they provided to make this album a reality. We hope that this album inspires you to explore this rich world of Gurmat Sangeet - A world created and introduced to us by our beloved Gurus.

Contact Info: [email protected]

Most Played

Title Length Plays
Waheguru Simran (With Davenderpal-Indian Idol) 27:03 11,760
Prabh Jio 5:42 3,588
Man Jaaphu 9:21 2,714
Aaj Morey 5:14 2,209
Hau Firo Divani 8:09 2,036
Mere Lalan Ki Soba 6:36 1,927