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Madhup Mudgal

A blissful classical expression of Gurbani, the source of infinite divine wisdom and truth, this album is a magnificent collection of the enchanting compositions drawn from the sacred scripture.

All the tracks are rendered with such a composure that transcends the listener to experience sheer peace, calm, contentment, joy, bliss...the ethereal voice of Shree Madhup Mudgal and the profound compositions of Gurbani are beautifully woven with Hindustani Classical Music to create the enchanting bouquet of the eternal message of Banis.

With the mesmerizing music, the meaning of the Shabads becomes clear and leads to a heightened spiritual state; they evoke the feelings of devotion and surrender. In the words of Shree Madhup Mudgal, "It is a blissful and elevating experience for me to sing these holy verses and I am sure the audience will also feel this way."

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Jogi Andar Jogia 9:29 3,552
Nirankar Niradhar 5:27 2,457



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