Damdami Taksal

The Damdami Taksal is a Sikh educational organization in India. Its headquarters are located in the town of Chowk Mehta, approximately 25 miles north of the city of Amritsar.

In 1706, after the Battle of Muktsar, Guru Gobind Singh camped at Sabo Ki Talwandi. The place became known as Damdama i.e. a halting place (or breathing place), this place is now referred to as Damdama Sahib (In 1737, Damdama Sahib was considered to be the highest seat of learning for the Sikhs). Damdami Taksal claims to be over 300 years old and names Guru Gobind Singh as its founder.

The word taksal (literally 'mint') refers to an education institute or community of students who associate themselves to a particular sant or prominent spiritual leader. "In 1706..... Gobind Singh...... is said to have founded a distinguished school of exegesis". It was later headed up by Baba Deep Singh. According to the Damdami Taksal, it was entrusted with the responsibility of teaching the reading (santhyia), analysis (vichar) and recitation of the Sikh scriptures by Guru Gobind Singh.

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Kirtan Sohila 4:32 50,864
Japji Sahib 16:03 13,386
Jaap Sahib 15:49 11,539
Rahiras Sahib 17:51 10,170
Tavprasad Svaiye 3:13 7,103
Anand Sahib 12:01 7,035