Bhai Hajara Singh (UK)

Bhai Hajara Singh is a UK born, self-taught singer/composer of shabad kirtan. Combining a western touch with Gurbani, he is on a musical journey singing from a young age and is inspiring many youth till today.

Hajara Singh has travelled all over UK and covered Canada, America, Europe and Asia, taking part in camps, being involved in workshops, physical activities and kirtan events.

The love and passion for music continues to grow with Guru Ji’s blessings. With a strong vision to spread the message of love around the world and inspire all to sing the praises of Waheguru.

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Tooti Gadanehar Gopal 22:16 8,529
Tu Karta Sachiar 8:31 5,288
Waheguru Simran 13:21 4,443
Koi Aan Milave 14:07 4,375
Aad Guray Nameh 3:22 4,232
Chaupai Sahib 9:06 4,046
Dhan Guru Nanak 13:07 3,674
Mittar Pyare Nu 3:54 2,169
Poota Mata Ki Aasees 3:46 1,959