Acapella Jatha

Acapella Jatha are a group of sisters (Gurbinder Kaur, twins - Gurpal and Rupjit Kaur) from the UK that sing gurbani and simran with a harmonious blend of voices to form a unique acapella sound.. They learnt kirtan and participated in school choir from a very young age which helped develop their acapella sound. Their unique acapella sound has inspired many young people to listen to gurbani and simran around the world.

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Vaheguroo Sweet 4:23 1,808
Akand Jaap 19:05 1,787
Jo Mangai 4:57 1,386
Vaheguru Harmony 3:01 1,331
Simran Pure 5:44 1,324
Darshan Dekh 4:40 1,314
Hau Bal Bal Jaho 7:43 1,312
Raam Japo Jee 6:59 1,169
Vaheguroo Soul 3:14 1,142
Ham Sar Din Dayal Na Tum Sar 5:58 1,115