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Gurbani Shabads from Ang 791

To play the Gurbani listed below either click the individual player button next to an audio or click the check boxes to the left of each audio track and then click the "Play" button to load them into a player.

Play Title Album Artistsort descending Length Plays
Nanak Tina Basant Hai Dhadi Akal Academy 5:33 1,865
Nanak Tina Basant Hai Live Bhai Amrik Singh Zakhmi 8:41 2,726
Nanak Tina Basant - Basant Basant Bhai Balbir Singh 7:30 2,527
Pehal Basantai Aagman Har Har Gun Govind Japah Bhai Nirmal Singh 11:28 4,238
Nanak Tina Basant Hai Basant Raga Samagam Unknown 36:44 825
Deeva Baley Andhera Jaaye Deeva Baleeya Bhai Gurdev Singh (Hazuri Ragi) 6:43 5,045
Kis Hi Koi Koye Shabad Gurbani (Giani Surjan Singh Ragi) Giani Surjan Singh 2:57 1,349
Naanak Thinaa Basanth Hai Basant Raga Samagam Warren Senders 36:44 4,687
Nanak tina basant Jasvinder Singh (USA) 6:06 421
Deeva Bale Andera Jaye.. 01 Gurbani Vichar(UK) Bhai Paramjeet Singh (Uttarakhand) 47:02 309
Nanak tina basant hai Neetu Kaur Matharu 4:08 1,089
Nanak Thina Basant Hai Colorado Singh Sabha Satinder Singh, Sardara Singh, Sandeep Singh 6:44 431
Kis Hi Koi Koe Prof Manjit Singh Live in Phoenix Prof Manjit Singh 4:38 2,017
Pahal Basantae Agaman Gyani Darshan Singh Sohal 6:54 1,425
Pehil Basanthai Aagaman This Kaa Karahu Beechaar Bhai Jagjit Singh Yogi (Tandewale), Bhai Harpal Singh USA 8:27 79
Naanak Thinaa Basanth Hai Bhai Jagjit Singh Yogi (Tandewale), Bhai Harpal Singh USA 8:12 702
SIMRAN-Eik Thoo Waheguru Bhai Gurpreet Singh (Amritvela Trust) 17:07 252
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