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Gurbani Shabads from Ang 627

To play the Gurbani listed below either click the individual player button next to an audio or click the check boxes to the left of each audio track and then click the "Play" button to load them into a player.

Play Titlesort descending Album Artist Length Plays
Apna Guru Dhiyaye Mil Kusal Bhai Lakhwinder Singh (Hazoori Ragi Amritsar) 10:29 44,856
Bani Aayee Bhai Gurmel Singh 10:21 595
Dhur Kee Bani Ayee Bhai Baljit Singh & Gurmeet Singh 14:17 2,252
Dhur Kee Bani Ayee Jasbir Singh Fakkar (Patiala) 15:35 264
Dhur Kee Bani Iee Bhai Gurmail Singh (Amritsar) 5:55 807
Dhur Ki Banee Aaee Bhai Dharam Singh Zakhmi 7:32 566
Dhur Ki Banee Ayee Bhai Maharaj Singh 8:52 2,080
Dhur ki bani aayee Gurbani Sangeet Surinder Singh Matharoo 5:57 484
Dhur Ki Bani Aayee Soee Soee Devai Bhai Dalbir Singh (Hazoori Ragi) 8:00 21,143
Dhur Ki Bani Aayee Tum Ho Sab Rajan Ke Raja Bhai Kulbir Singh (Damdami Taksal) 8:23 2,631
Dhur Ki Bani Aayi Guru Maneyo Granth Bhai Joginder Singh (Riar) 9:13 49,687
Dhur Ki Bani Aayi Bhai Gurmail Singh (Amritsar) 9:52 2,272
Dhur Ki Bani Aiyee Gurbani (Vol 2) Various Artists 9:16 911
Dhur Ki Bani Ayee Summer Solstice 2011 Ustad Narinder Singh Sandhu 4:45 1,070
Dhur Ki Bani Ayi Bhai Amrik Singh Zakhmi 9:14 900
Maeraa Maath Pithaa Har Raaeiaa Bhai Jagjit Singh Yogi (Tandewale), Bhai Harpal Singh USA 10:49 847
Maeraa Prabh Paroupakaaree Bhai Jagjit Singh Yogi (Tandewale), Bhai Harpal Singh USA 11:21 334
Mera Maat Pita Har Raya Bibi Ashupreet Kaur 10:34 745
Mera Maat Pita Har Raya Bhai Lakhwinder Singh (Hazoori Ragi Amritsar) 10:21 21,968
Parmesar Dita Bana Sant Amar Singh (Nanaksar) 17:59 2,736
Parmesar Dita Banaa Maata Preet Kare Put Khaye Bhai Amarjit Singh Taan 12:34 762
Parmesar Ditha Buna (short) Bhai Avtar Singh 10:13 985
Parmeshar Ditha Baana Dukh Rog Ka Dera Phana Bhai Balwinder Singh Rangila 11:17 4,996
Parmeshwar Ditta Bunna The Partap Brothers: Ravinder, Bhai Davinder & Mohinder Partap Singh 7:57 505
Prabh Dori Haath Tumhare Sri Har Krishan Dhiyaaiye Bhai Surinder Singh Jodhpuri 12:27 5,848
Santo Sukh Hoa Sab Thhai Unknown 8:55 311
Santoh Sukh Hoaa Sabh Thayee (Sorath M 5) 31 Raags Prof Paramjot Singh 9:15 981
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