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Gurbani Shabads from Ang 1

To play the Gurbani listed below either click the individual player button next to an audio or click the check boxes to the left of each audio track and then click the "Play" button to load them into a player.

Play Titlesort descending Album Artist Length Plays
Jaagat Jot Jappay Bhai Dharam Singh Zakhmi 11:56 446
Jaap Sahib Jaap Sahib, Chaupai Sahib & Shabad (2015) Bhai Surinder Singh (Patna Sahib) 55:34 30,235
Jaap Sahib Part 1 Jaap Sahib, Chaupai Sahib & Shabad (2015) Bhai Surinder Singh (Patna Sahib) 27:27 1,724
Jaga Ta Jota Bhai Ajit Singh 5:34 1,220
Jagat Jot Japae Nis Basar Har Joo Harmandar Aawaegae Tej Pratap Singh 6:15 1,126
Jagat Jot Japae Nis Basur Tej Pratap Singh 6:16 2,926
Jagat Jot Japae Nis Basur (Raag Todi) Bhai Didar Singh 7:30 2,130
Jagat Jot Japay Nis Bas Malaysia 2005 Chardikala Jatha 12:05 2,662
Jagat Jot Jape Nis Basar Bhai Chattar Singh 16:28 1,534
Jahan Tahan Toom Dharam Bitharo Baisakhi 2000 Bhai Preet Singh 7:08 507
Jap Ji (Musical) Song of the Soul Sat Hari Singh & Hari Bhajan Kaur 34:26 42,269
Jap Ji - In Naad Jap Ji Meditation of the Self (Recitation in the Original Naad) Yogi Amandeep Singh 58:01 26,323
Jap Ji Sahib Jap Ji Sahib Viakhiya & Santheya Gyani Sahib Singh (Markanda) 27:00 5,927
Jap Ji Sahib Jap Ji Sahib Viakhiya & Santheya Gyani Sahib Singh (Markanda) 11:26 3,995
Jap Satnam Hey Gobind Hey Gopal Bibi Nihira 5:39 634
Japji - for All Japji for All Prof Surinder Singh 52:15 27,038
Japji Sahib Damdami Taksal 16:03 10,230
JapJi Sahib JapJi Sahib The Message of Guru Nanak Siri Shabad Singh 18:31 44,919
Japji Sahib Japji Sahib Rehraas Sahib Bibi Jaskiran Kaur 24:17 19,273
Japji Sahib Bhai Rajinderpal Singh Raju 19:56 56,861
Japji Sahib Nitnem - Bhai Sahib Singh Bhai Sahib Singh 23:00 47,881
Japji Sahib Morning Nitnem Santhya Giani Gurdev Singh (Southall) 20:57 13,861
Japji Sahib Bhai Harjinder Singh (Srinagar) 25:18 180,129
Japji Sahib Along (2003) Dya Singh (Australia) 5:54 4,653
Japji Sahib Guru Nanak Nishkam Sevak 15:39 39,265
Japji Sahib Bhai Jaspal Singh (USA) 19:38 22,570
Japji Sahib Chardikala Jatha 17:29 73,032
Japji Sahib Nihang Singh Nitnem Sant Baba Nihal Singh Ji (Harianvela wale) 23:29 52,195
Japji Sahib Chardikala Jatha 19:47 325,415
Japji Sahib (Full track) Sing along Nitnem for Kids - Japji Sahib Bhajneet Singh 44:08 60,317


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