Universal Prayer


The Album
This album is a collection of 6 Shabds or spiritual songs from Guru Nanak; the spiritual masters who elevated themselves and LIVED in mastery and liberation. There are 5 chants or mantra?s that are woven into the Shabds to give the listener a simple opportunity to sing along. These mantra?s are from the Yoga sutra?s of Patanjali. The arrangements are from the musical genius of Thomas Barquee who is truly a channel of the spiritual realm of music.

The music is based on Indian Raga?s. (A Raga is a powerful musical scale format that deepens the feeling and intention of the prayer). You will hear Eastern instruments: sitar, bansuri flute, tabla, tamboura, harmonium as well as Western intruments: piano, violin, guitar, bass, and percussive instruments. Then there are female and male voices blended to a unified experience of the oneness of creation. My Intention
The time was 33 years ago that I was blessed with the technology of the Shabd Guru, as my spiritual master. My gratitude is to Yogi Bhajan who always said to me, every answer that you seek is in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib ( Shabd Guru). The recitation and singing of these songs has served to uplift me and has guided me through every challenge of my life.

Now my intention is to share the universal impact of SHABD GURU. I want to share the upliftment and inspiration with you. I would like you to be carried as I have been carried, above the darkness and confusion of these times to a place of internal steadiness and clarity.

How To
The shabds or songs are presented in the form of prayers. Listening to these sound currents will bring peace of mind. Absorbing yourself deeply, singing along with concentration will bring a depth of understanding to your life. This album is based on the premise that all humans need a spiritual base to complete themselves. The voice is the most direct connection to the soul. The spiritual language of Gurbani is a sound current of permutation and combination of sounds that raise the human consciousness to the place of each individual?s highest destiny?.or even just to a calm and happy place.

My work with the dedicated people of the United Nations has brought me to a constant awareness of the vast challenges that face humankind. The premise is simple ?A heartfelt prayer is more powerful than an atomic bomb?.

My Experience
Daily absorbing myself in the Shabds, sometimes for hours, lifted me above my self doubt?..and brought me to a place where I felt a deep connection with other women, other souls? longing for transformation. I sincerely believe that humankind has a bright future through the development of the human spirit. God bless you all with happiness and the ability to rise above any and all challenges to the place of your human excellence and majesty.

Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Track
Akhan Jor 10:03 5,257
Bisara Ga-ee 11:09 8,704
Guru Meray Sang 4:26 2,140
Mera Man Loche 10:29 5,556
Mu Laalan 12:30 2,824
Namo Namo 8:50 2,744
Sat Nam Medley 6:41 3,417
Simara Simara 8:49 2,265