The Touch of the Divine Heart


The album contains a collection of four popular Kundalini Yoga mantras, and an instrumental piece as bonus. Accompaining Sajah Singh is the astonishing angelical voice of Teresa Mai, that together with the sensitive melody cherises one’s soul.

Gobinde Mukande transmits in its simplicity a captivating feeling of love which invites to deeply meditate. Together with Sajah Singh’s deep voice a keyboard and a compassionate violin are set as arrangements. Ek Ong Kar is chanted in a soothing rhythm, only broken by Teresa Mai’s voice, which invites to vibrate along. Ra Ma Da Sa again impresses by its simplicity, where the percussion keeps the voice’s tempo.

The entire album vibrates on a calm, relaxed wave which invites you to vibrate along.

Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Track
Sa Ta Na Ma Ra Ma Da Sa 14:34 3,300 1
Gobinde Mukande 21:53 2,615 2
Eck Ong Kar 11:27 949 3
Ra Ma Da Sa 12:37 866 4
Eck Ong Kar (Instrumental) 11:22 2,134 5