Sat Nam! Songs from Khalsa Youth Camp



Sat Nam! is a fun-filled album of songs and mantras for children of all ages. Join Snatam Kaur, Siri Nam Singh and the vibrant children on this album as they share favorite songs from Khalsa Youth Camp. Snatam Kaur`s band brought flavors of bluegrass, jazz, blues, folk and some special sounds every kid will love to the different tracks on this album, making it a childhood musical adventure every step of the way! Proceeds from this album are donated to Khalsa Youth Camp.
Gratitude and love to the beloved children and staff of Khalsa Youth Camp. It is through your joy, strength, humor, and clarity that this album manifested so beautifully. My prayer is that this incredible energy of Khalsa Youth Camp goes to all four corners of this earth to serve every child in every walk of life! Sat Nam and Blessings, Snatam Kaur

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Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Track
As We All Sit Down To Eat 2:09 4,261
Driving With Aad Guray Nameh 3:50 3,229
Forever and Ever Mul Mantra 4:22 4,683
I'd Rather Be Me 2:44 1,483
Oh Guru Ram Das 3:21 2,083
Share It All 3:42 1,238
Siri Wahe Guru Ji 5:17 1,867