Sat Nam

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This is the terrific debut album of the russian artists Taran Kaur and Gandharva. Through the inspiration and sacred teachings of Kundalini Yoga, and blessed with a beautiful voice and exceptionally-virtuosic musical skills, arise soulful and devotional mantras and songs which will fascinate you from the start. Taran Kaur’s lovingly presented devotion touches your heart, relaxes your mind and soothes the yearning of the soul.

Taran Kaur’s and Gandharva’s music is versatile, rich and full of surprises: traditional and acoustic instruments take fluent turns with more modern, groove-ambient-beat-soundscapes and create a mix, so unique and brilliant, that you have hardly ever heard before. Taran’s wonderful voice is the link, the luminous speech of the soul, the joyful-loving expression, the devotional strength, which interfuses all tracks and breathes soul into them.

What we like especially is the free-spirited handling of the many musical treasure-boxes which are revealed here. Through this, the music becomes so lively and diversified while staying on a level of excellence, that you can listen to this CD a couple of times in a row without even noticing it. The core spirituality carried by the two artists is present in the music like a jewel, resplendently shining and taking you on a wonderful journey into the Light.

Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Track
Guru Ram Das 8:30 2,527 1
Waah Yantee 7:00 1,167 2
Ong Namo 8:40 1,060 3
Rakhe Rakhanahar 7:20 1,118 4
Mul Mantra 7:00 4,077 5
Sat Narayan 6:00 966 6
Sat Nam (Long Time Sun) 7:20 1,620 7
In Your Eyes 6:20 648 8