Sacred Nectar


The rich tones and the wonderful harmonies provided a soundscape which enable you to immerse your self in an uplifting journey - calming the mind, nourishing the spirit and creating a true sense of well-being within. Highly recommended.

These ancient Sanskrit and Gurumuki mantras are accompanied by soulful and lyrical melodies that transform and uplift. The percussive rhythms take the listener on a mindful journey that uplifts yet soothes the soul, conveying a message of creativity and healing consciousness. Siri Sadhana Kaurs rich vocal tones and harmonies are devotional and expressive penetrating the senses whilst giving an experience of dynamic joyful connection.

This CD can be used to support yogic practice, healing massage and meditation or enhance any enviroment.  

Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Tracksort ascending
Ra Ma Da Sa 7:07 1,992 7
Sat Siri Mantra 6:23 7,100 6
Sa Re Sa Sa 5:28 1,638 5
Ang Sang Wahe Guru 7:17 2,512 4
Gobinday Mukanday 8:58 3,545 3
Mul Mantra 6:20 2,849 2
Ad Guray Nameh 6:15 3,273 1