Sacred Kiss

Sacred Kiss is a modern East-West kirtan fusion album....


Sacred Kiss is a modern East-West kirtan fusion
album. Combining traditional Gurmukhi prayer with inspiring English
lyrics, it is an album dedicated to sharing the teachings of Yogi
Bhajan. SatKirin and her producer Thomas Barquee utilize a wide range
of world music styles in this album, from the island drums on All Things
Come From God, to the western piano on All For You, to the traditional
Northern Indian vibe on So Purkh Nirinjan. Profound, inspiring,
uplifting and enjoyable…Sacred Kiss is SatKirin Kaur at her finest.

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Album Tracks

Title Lengthsort descending Plays Track
Guru Ram Das Guru 11:26 11,674 5
All Things Come From God 5:54 2,956 1
Sopurkh Nirinjan 6:08 5,068 7
Hargobinda Mahan Hai 7:22 1,472 2
Mean Man 7:32 1,299 8
Guru Ram Das Guru ( 7 min) 7:45 1,852 8
Beautyful Soul 8:09 1,895 3
Aap Gavaa-ee-ai 8:10 2,817 4
All For You 8:17 1,725 6