One Creator


 Krishna Kaur is one of the grandmothers of Kundalini Yoga whose soulful music is a mix of gospel and mantra. She has being teaching yoga from Los Angeles to Africa for over 40 years, and her rich music carries the hearts of people all around the globe. This album, produced by Thomas Barquee is her first solo recording. Accompanied by C.C. White, Krishna will take to on a journey. Saxophone, guitars, keyboards, African percussion, tablas, piano and more take you from bluesy songs to ecstatic chants.

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Album Tracks

Title Length Playssort ascending Track
Rakhe Rakhanhaar 7:02 3,975 6/7
Ek Ong Kar 10:52 2,989 2/7
Tuhi 11:10 2,725 3/7
Har Gobinda 7:02 2,188 5/7
Oh My Foolish Mind 5:10 1,540 7/7
One Creator 4:30 1,387 1/7