Nitnam PM

Dya Singh's fourteenth album compiles all Sikh dawn and dusk prayers in one convenient set - featuring two CDs. The dawn prayers are set to modern rhythms and accompanied by western drums and guitar, while the evening prayers are recorded in traditional Sikh styles, with classical 'ragas' and melodies accompanied with harmonium and tabla. This set, featuring Dya Singh's daughters, includes the complete Akal Takhat prescribed Nitnam banis - JapJi, Jaap, Sawaiyay, Rehras (with Chaupayi) and Sohila; Ardaas in Punjabi and English, plus a bonus Sikh lullaby in English.

Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Track
Ardaas 11:13 4,375
Kirtan Sohila 6:35 43,259
Lullaby 3:33 8,917
Rehras Sahib 34:05 97,640
Waheguru Simran 8:35 24,076